Saturday, June 27, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 31

Warning Adult Content

The next morning Carrie woke up and put her hand with the beautiful engagement ring on Sidney's chest and smiled. She was going to be Sidney's wife and that made her so happy. The moment was officially over when a couple of voices started babbling over the baby monitor and Carrie was up and checking on the twins.

"Hello you two kiddos, I see that you are ready to cause havoc" Carrie laughed as she got Ava and Aaron up and changed. Then Carrie brought each of the twins into the kitchen and put them in their baby seats.

"Let's see what do you guys think Daddy wants for breakfast?" Carrie asked to the twins as she looked in the cabinets. The twins made some cute babbling sounds and Carrie laughed, "Oh so you guys think he wants toast and an omelet."

Sidney woke up alone and then heard Carrie talking to the twins so he got up and headed into the kitchen.

"Good morning, Carrie" Sidney said as he gave her a good morning kiss.
"Morning Sid" Carrie said as she finished putting breakfast on the table.
"Ava and Aaron told me what you wanted for breakfast" as Carrie placed a couple of plates on the table.
"Hey I am impressed that they knew what I wanted for breakfast but what I really want at this moment is to kiss you again" Sidney smirked and then pulled Carrie to him and kissed her deeply, "Now that is what I really wanted for breakfast but the twins made a good guess." Carrie just smiled as Sidney held her tightly.
"That was easy for me so now I have to throw away these amazing omelets that I worked really hard on" Carrie said biting her lower lip.
"Hell no doll face. I want that too but I want something else later when the twins are napping" Sidney playfully said as he waggled his eyebrows at Carrie.
"Crosby don't swear in front of the twins" Carrie said looking annoyed.
"Oops sorry Miss Addison" Sidney laughed as he sat down and ate.
Carrie sat down next to Sidney and fed the twins as well as eating her own breakfast. Sidney helped Carrie with feeding the twins and then he cleaned up after breakfast which Carrie was very appreciative for Sidney's help.

"So hot shot what are your plans for today?" asked Carrie as she sat with the twins as Sidney finished up.
"I plan on hanging out with you and the twins today doll face. And hopefully when the twins are napping we can work on christening more rooms in the house" Sidney said with a huge grin and then he sat down next to Carrie.

The rest of the morning Carrie and Sidney played with the twins and just hung out together. It was nice relaxing morning and then they had lunch and then it was nap time for the twins. Sidney was helping Carrie get the twins settled but Ava and Aaron decided to be stubborn about going to sleep. Carrie was laughing on the inside at Sidney was trying everything to get them to sleep and nothing was working. Finally Carrie ask Sidney to put them both in her lap while she rocked them in the rocking chair. After about ten minutes both Ava and Aaron were out cold and Carrie carefully put both twins in their cribs and then went to find Sidney.

Sidney was sitting in front of the television watching a golf tournament. Carrie went over and sat down next to him and laid her head on his shoulder.

"Hey hot stuff we are alone now" Carrie whispered into Sidney's ear.
"Finally, I figured they would never go to sleep. Now let's see what room shall we christen first" Sidney said as he turned off the television and stood up and held his hand out for Carrie. She took his hand and stood up and followed Sidney into the living room where Sidney proceeded to take of his shirt and then pull Carrie to him.

"Hold up dude, there are no curtains in here and that window is right there for the world to see what's going on in here. And I am not putting on a show for the neighbors" Carrie said as she looked at Sidney.
"I think where we will be no one will see us" Sidney said as he sat down on the floor and motioned for Carrie to come over to where he was sitting. She walked over to where he was and he pulled her down onto his lap. They kissed and then clothes were off pretty fast thrown in every direction possible. Then Sidney laid Carrie down on the carpeted floor and moved above her. Carrie thought thank god there was carpet because a hard wood floor would not be too comfortable to christen a room.

Carrie moved one of her hands into Sidney's hair and the other one along his back as Sidney moved her legs apart and then slid into her. Sidney looked down at Carrie and kissed her as he started moving in and out of her. Carrie moved her legs around his waist and matched Sidney's thrusts. Sidney flipped them over so that Carrie was on top, which surprised Carrie but she sat up and started to ride Sidney. She felt one of his hands move to where they were joined and caressing her clitoris and her orgasm hit Carrie like a lightening bolt and she leaned back down to kiss Sidney. He flipped them back so that he was on top and then his orgasm hit him quickly as he swore under his breath and then emptied himself into Carrie. They lay together for a few minutes and then Sidney moved off of Carrie and he collapsed on his back. Carrie moved so that she was laying on his chest so that she could look at him. Sidney smiled at her and Carrie smiled back.

"Wow Sidney that was unbelievable" Carrie exclaimed with a huge smile.
"Yeah that was pretty amazing" laughed Sidney as he put his arm around Carrie.
"I love you Mr. Crosby."
"I love you too soon to be Mrs. Crosby" Sidney said and then kissed Carrie.


  1. oolala nice chapter! :P loved the twins too. sooo cute :)

  2. Thanks for reading!!! I kinda had a hard time figuring out where on earth to take this chapter but it came together and I love writing about the twins. They are soooo cute!!! Of course writing Sidney and Carrie is fun too. LOL :) ;)