Monday, June 15, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 22

Sidney finally got to the hospital and tried to find out about Carrie but the nurse at the station had not gotten any formal information yet he had to wait. Sidney decided he needed to call his parents and tell them that he and Carrie were not meeting them for breakfast.

"Hey mom, Carrie and I are not going to meet you guys for breakfast because we are at the hospital" explained Sidney sounded upset.
"Oh my word, Sidney what happened?" asked Mrs. Crosby sounded kinda panicked.
"I am fine but Carrie woke up this morning with pain in her abdomen so needless to say we are at UPMC Mercy hospital" Sidney said quietly.
"I am sure Carrie and the babies will be fine. Sidney, we will be there shortly and try to relax" Mrs. Crosby said.
"Sure mom, I will try. See you soon" Sidney whispered and sank down more in the chair he was sitting on.
"See you in a little bit, son."

Sidney finally got up again to try and find out something about Carrie's status. The nurse was finally able to tell him that she was being checked out by a doctor and they would let him know more when they could. Sidney went back to sit down and waited for his parents to show up. After about half an hour, Sidney's parents found Sidney in the waiting room.

"Sid have you heard anything yet?" asked Mr. Crosby as he and Mrs. Crosby and Taylor walked over to Sidney.
"All I have found out is that a doctor is looking at Carrie right now and that is it because I am not family but I told her I am the father of Carrie's babies" Sidney said sounding so worried and upset.
"Oh I will take care of that, son" Mr. Crosby said sounding extremely mad as he headed over to the nurses station.
Sidney sat with his mom and sister as they waited on Troy Crosby as he talked animatedly with the nurse about the situation. Finally after a few minutes Troy came back over.

"Sid its all taken care of and you will be finding out soon Carrie's status" Troy said as he sat down next to his son.
"Thanks Dad, I really appreciate that" Sidney said as he hugged his dad.
"No problem son. After all those babies are our grandchildren."

After a couple of hours a doctor came over to Sidney and asked him to come with him.
Sidney, his parents and sister followed the doctor over to another waiting room.

"I am Dr. Winston and I wanted to tell you that Ms. Addison is fine and so are the babies."
"Why was Carrie in pain this morning? What happened and are the babies really going to be fine?" asked a very worried Sidney.
"Ms. Addison was under stress and she was kinda had early labor pains but everything is fine now and we made sure that the babies will not come any sooner than they are supposed to Mr. Crosby" explained the doctor.
"Can I see her now?" asked Sidney.
"Yes you can, she is on the maternity ward room 287. Oh and another thing is that Ms. Addison needs to be on limited bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy. She can not be overly stressed or active. We are going to keep her here overnight just for observation too." advised the doctor.
"Thanks sir" Sidney said as he and his family headed upstairs to see Carrie.

They got to the room and Sidney's parents let him go in alone so he could talk with Carrie in private. As Sidney walked in, he saw her resting and looked over and saw Sidney and she smiled. He walked over and sat down on her bed and took her hand.

"Hey you look good after all you've been through this morning doll face" joked Sidney trying to relax the mood.
"Thanks hot shot. I am just so glad the babies are fine. I was so worried, Sidney, if I had lost them. God I don't even want to think about that. It scared me so badly" Carrie said as she started crying.
"I know sweetheart but we are very lucky the babies are ok and so are you. And when you get out of here tomorrow, I am going to make sure you are resting and I am going to take very good care of you too" Sidney said as she held Carrie close and kissed the top of her head. Sidney finally told Carrie that his family was outside waiting to see her so he went and got them and they all came in and everyone was relived that Carrie and the babies were going to be fine. After a while finally Mr. and Mrs. Crosby and Taylor left and headed back to the hotel. Sidney stayed for a little while longer and he really did not want to leave Carrie but he promised he would be back as soon as he could in the morning. They kissed and then Sidney left. Carrie was exhausted and fell asleep pretty quickly.

Then next morning sure enough Sidney showed up and he even brought Carrie outside food for breakfast. She just shook her head but ate the food anyway because it tasted way better than what they had given her from the hospital cafeteria. The doctor came in and checked on Carrie and said that she would be able to leave shortly. They got the check out papers and then Sidney and Carrie headed home. When Carrie got to the condo, Sidney helped her to the couch. All Carrie wanted to do was rest and chill out so that is what they did. They watched television and cuddled together.

That evening when they were laying in the bed, Carrie looked over at Sidney and snuggled closer to him. Sidney pulled her close and kissed her forehead. Carrie knew that Sidney was just like every guy and he was seriously missing out on sex. But there was no way now because of what had just happened but she still felt bad for him and she looked up at him and touched his cheek. He looked at her.

"What's the matter doll face?"
"You are going to think I am seriously batty and crazy" Carrie said as she moved so that she was leaning on his chest.
"I already knew you were batty sweetie and I still love you. Come on spill it."
"Man this is hard to say even though we are having twins but I know that you are...are...uhm"
"Now you are blushing so I am guessing it has something to do with sex and I don't know why when we have been having it for a while now" laughed Sidney.
"Oh bother, I give up" Carrie said as she tried to move away from Sidney.
"Oh no come on what ever it is talk, Carrie" Sidney said as he pulled her back to where she had just been.
"Fine, I know that we have not had sex in a while and I kinda feel bad for you since now it won't happen for at least another month" Carrie spilled out.
"Hey its cool and just making out with you is fine and I will survive doll face. I think I can wait and its all good, baby" Sidney said as he kissed Carrie and then smiled that amazing smile.
"OK as long as you are cool with that" Carrie said as she kissed Sidney again.

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  1. awww Sidney is such an amazing guy :)and im soooo glad she's ok! :D