Friday, June 5, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 15

Warning Adult Themes

The next morning Sidney and Carrie woke up late and neither one of them wanted to get up so they just snuggled in the bed. It was a lazy Thursday morning and they both had the day off so they were going to enjoy it with each other. Because Friday morning Sidney and the rest of the Penguins were headed to Detroit for game 5 of the Stanley cup finals. Sidney had ideas of what he wanted to do with Carrie for their lazy day together and that was to stay in bed all day and not move. Sidney reconsidered the moving idea when he leaned down and kissed Carrie and moved above her for another round of lovemaking.

"Wow hot shot that was earth shattering" laughed Carrie as Sidney flipped her so that she was laying on top of him.
"But of course I have many talents and one is to make the earth shatter just for you, doll face" Sidney said as he waggled his eyebrows.
"Good grief Sidney. You have other talents too, huh?"
"Yeah and I can play hockey too."
"You can play hockey. Hmmmm, I did not know that about you. I thought you were just this hot guy that the NHL was using as a front and claiming that you were the 'New Face of the NHL' but you could not skate or score to save your life" joked Carrie as she leaned down to kiss Sidney.
"You are such a comedienne, Carrie but I still love you."
"You better love me because I love you too. What do you want to do today since we have a day to ourselves?"
"What we are doing right now, making love and talking" Sidney said as he moved his hands over Carrie's body and smiled at her.
"Sidney, even though that sounds like a wonderful idea, we should get something accomplished" Carrie said even though she was enjoying being in Sidney's arms.
"I think making love is a great accomplishment for a lazy day" said a very content Sidney as he held Carrie tightly to him.
"Dude, you have already gotten me pregnant and on the second time we were together from my calculations. So other than it being amazing which it is, I want to maybe get some things ready for Baby Crosby before you head out on your road trip. What do you say, hot shot?"
"Fine doll face but maybe we can have more fun later on?"
"We shall see if you are a good boy and we actually get some things accomplished. Now I am going to take a shower" Carrie said as she moved off of Sidney and headed into the shower. Carrie was getting herself ready for the shower and then walked into the shower and it felt so good and helped her wake up. Then a few minutes later Sidney walked into the shower too and put his arms around Carrie. She turned to face him and he leaned down to kiss her and pick her up and push her against the wall of the shower. Carrie wrapped her legs around his waist and Sidney slid into her. Carrie cried out as he entered her.

"Carrie are you ok sweetheart?" asked Sidney concerned.
"I am a little sore from earlier so go slow" Carrie said.
"Sorry doll face" Sidney smiled as he kissed her again.

Sidney took his time and was gentle as they made love again in the shower as the water splashed around them. Carrie felt amazing sensations as Sidney thrust in and out of her. Her whole body was on fire and Sidney knew exactly how to make her go crazy. He kissed her neck and under her earlobe and she kissed his shoulders. Sidney was going crazy too but it felt so good. Carrie moved her hands through Sidney's hair and he started suckling Carrie's breasts. That made Carrie go even more crazy because lately her breasts were very sensitive and she loved it.

"God almighty lord Jesus" Carrie screamed out as her orgasm hit her harder than ever before. Sidney was close too and then he felt his orgasm hit him and he emptied his seed inside of Carrie. Carrie collapsed in Sidney's arms as he held her tightly and then he moved out of her and they calmed their breathing and looked at each other. Sidney kiss Carrie again and then they finally finished their shower and got dressed for their day off together.

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