Monday, June 8, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 18

The next morning the team was gathering in a conference room at the hotel before practice to eat breakfast and have a team meeting. While everyone was eating Craig went over to where Sidney was sitting talking with Marc Andre.

"Hey Sidney, can I talk to you for a moment?" asked Craig.
"Yeah sure" Sidney said as he got up from the table he was sitting at with Marc Andre and a few other guys. They all looked at Sidney and Craig as they walked out of the room.

"What the hell were you thinking last night with that girl, dude?" asked Craig.
"She came onto me, Craig and I told her I had a girlfriend" declared Sidney.
"I told you that if you hurt Carrie, I would kick your ass, Sid."
"Kicking my ass is not going to help anything but I called Carrie last night and we have a long talk. I told her everything and that I love her and it will never happen again. She forgave me so you can just chill out!"
"Really she forgave you even though you kissed another girl?" Craig said in shock.
"Yes she did and I am not a player and mess around if I am in a committed relationship, which I am in right now with Carrie and I want to be with her forever" Sidney declared, "And now if you don't mind I would like to finish my breakfast before the team meeting starts" Sidney said as he headed back into the conference room. Craig stood there and decided to call Carrie and hear for himself that she was totally fine with what had happened with Sidney at the bar.

"Hey Craig, good morning" Carrie said as she was getting ready for her day.
"Hey Carrie, morning to you too. I was calling because of Sidney and what happened last night."
"We had a long chat last night and I am fine."
"Yes I am sure mainly because for the main reason he took responsibility for what happened last night. And if it had been Jack he would have used his guilty conscience and put the blame on me for some reason. Sidney has never done that to me and is a good guy and loves me and would never hurt me for any reason. Plus we totally trust each other" explained Carrie.
"Wow Carrie you really are a lot stronger person since that Jack situation. And I am impressed with how much you defended Sidney so I can really see that you love each other and are committed completely. I am just in awe of you right now and am happy for you too!" Craig said with complete admiration for his twin sister.
"Thank you Craig. Now is my gorgeous boyfriend anywhere nearby because I would love to talk to him" Carrie said smiling to herself.
"Hold on he went back into the conference room. I will go and get him if you hold on a sec."
"Sure no problem."

"Hey Sid, Carrie is on the phone and wants to talk to you" Craig said as he handed his phone to Sidney.
"Thanks Craig" Sidney said as he took the phone.

"Hey Carrie, good morning. How are you?"
"I am great now that I am talking with you" Carrie said.
"I miss you and can't wait to get home so I can be with you" Sidney said and then he got looks by his teammates and blushed.
"OK hot shot you need a cold shower. I hope that you have a great practice today."
"Yeah I always do. How are things in Pittsburgh? Is the baby ok?"
"Pittsburgh is fine and the baby is great. I am actually going to have dinner with Vero tonight" Carrie said.
"Oh that's cool, you and Vero will have a good time tonight."
"Oh we will. Hey listen I need to finish getting ready for work so I have to go. I mainly just wanted to say good morning and I love you, Sidney."
"I love you too and will talk to you later doll face."

Sidney hung up the phone and handed back to Craig. And then they all heard their coach trying to get every one's attention to start the meeting.

The meeting was not extremely long and then they were all headed to practice at the arena.

Practice was long and hard but they all knew they needed a serious butt kicking practice after the horrible game they had played the day before. After practicing on the ice, everyone headed to do some off ice working out. Finally they all headed to the showers and got ready to head back to the hotel for rest time. When Sidney got back to his room he called Carrie but got her voice mail so he left a message before taking his nap.

That evening the game was better and they actually won and everyone was in good spirits. The locker room feeling was unbelievable and there was a unanimous decision to leave that night instead of then next afternoon. They headed back to the hotel and pack up and left for the airport and were back in Pittsburgh extremely late but everyone was happy to be home. Sidney jumped into his Range Rover and zipped out of the parking deck and headed straight for Carrie's condo. He could not wait to surprise her.

Sidney crept quietly into Carrie's condo and got into the bedroom where he smiled as he saw her sleeping so peacefully. He quietly crawled onto the bed and kiss her lips. Which surprised Carrie who jumped up to a sitting position and looked at Sidney in shock.

"What are you doing here?" exclaimed Carrie who looked shocked.
"Sorry sweetie but I could not help myself and I had to kiss you" Sidney said giving her a huge grin.
"But you weren't supposed to be here until tomorrow afternoon? What are you doing here at 3am?"
"We decided since we won to head back early. Sorry for scaring you" Sidney said as he pulled her to him and hugged her tightly. Carrie snuggled close and relaxed.
"I am thrilled that you are back early" Carrie smiled happily.
"Me too, now I am exhausted and I know you are so let's go back to sleep and we can talk more later on" Sidney said as he got up and stripped down to his boxers and then got back into bed and laid down next to Carrie and they fell back to sleep.

The next morning Carrie overslept and when she looked at the clock she tried to get up but Sidney pulled her back to him.

"I have to get to work, Sidney. I am already late so I am going to have to call in and let them know" Carrie said as tired again to get away from Sidney.
"Call in sick because I don't want to sleep without you" Sidney said sleepily.
"Sorry dude, I have things that have to get done today."
Sidney grabbed her cell phone and found the number and called Mr. Wilson.

"Hey Mr. Wilson, its Sidney Crosby and Carrie is not feeling so well today so she is not going to make it in today" Sidney said.
"Oh I hope that she feels better. I hope that it has nothing to do with the baby, Mr. Crosby" Mr. Wilson said with concern.
"Yeah I think Carrie has been working really hard and its kinda caught up with her since she is pregnant. Thanks for understand sir."
"OK tell her to rest and I will talk to her later, Mr. Crosby. Goodbye" Mr. Wilson said.
"Goodbye Mr. Wilson" Sidney said and then hung up her cell phone.

"Now go back to sleep doll face" Sidney said as he kissed her and then got comfortable himself.
"What am I going to do with you Sidney?" asked Carrie as she moved closer to Sidney so she could go back to sleep.
"You are going to love me and as I promised you I was going to make it up to you so you have a day off" Sidney said as he went back to sleep.

They slept for most of the morning and when they woke up it was a little after one o'clock. Carrie had slept great and actually felt really good and was glad that Sidney had called in sick for her. She smiled at him and got up and went into the bathroom. Carrie walked out and Sidney was laying on the bed and looked at her.

"Good afternoon lazy butt" Carrie joked as she walked back to the bed and sat down.
"Hey you" Sidney said as he just laid on the bed.
"OK now we have a day off and probably a good day to talk about everything" Carrie said seriously.
"Yeah I know" Sid said as he moved to a sitting position.
"I meant that I forgive you Sidney and I know that you did not mean to hurt me. I told Craig that I trust you and that I know you are not like Jack and would never hurt me on purpose. So he understands that you and I are committed to each other" Carrie explained.
"Yeah he seemed cool with everything after you guys had talked so I truly and committed to you and I am NOT Jack and never will be ever. You are so important to me" Sidney said as he took her hand and pulled her to his lap. Carrie kissed Sidney and they just chilled out. Finally they got up to eat something and ended up having a lazy day in the house watching movies for the rest of the day.

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  1. aww sid is just so cute :) loved that he called in sick for her! lol