Monday, June 22, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 27

Sidney was excited to see everyone after their amazing season last year. When Sidney showed up for the first day training camp which was a team meeting in the locker room. Everyone was just joking around and waiting until Coach Bylsma showed up. All of Sidney's teammates wanted to see pictures of Ava and Aaron and he had plenty to show.

"Oh my god those poor babies they look just like you Sid" joked Marc Andre.
"Yeah that sucks that they don't have Carrie's gorgeous looks" Jordan said with a huge grin.
"Hey I think that if any of you guys had kids they would scare themselves if they looked in the mirror" Sidney retorted as he threw a towel at Jordan.
"Whoa Sidney is making jokes now" Jordan laughed as he dodged the flying towel.
"Congratulations Sidney, they are really cute" Sergei said, "Isn't it the most amazing thing to be a parent?"
"Yeah Gonch its unreal and amazing everyday" Sidney said as he sat down.
"I am happy for you Sid" Evgeni said in his slow English and extended his hand to shake Sidney's hand.

Finally Coach Bylsma walked into the locker room and told everyone to settle down so they could get started. Everyone was just sitting around and started listening to what their training camp schedule would involve. Someone was passing around packets for the guys to read.

"OK guys do any of you have any questions?" asked Coach Bylsma.
"Yeah I have one. What this about a surprise proposal on the first day of practice?" asked Jordan looking confused as he read his packet.
"Oh that, I guess I will let Sidney explain that one" Coach Bylsma said giving Sidney the floor. Sidney got up and walked over to where their coach had been standing.
"I plan of proposing to Carrie at the first practice of the season which happens to be at the end of training camp. I hope that you guys will support me in this major step in my life and I want you guys there because you are part of my family too" Sidney explained and then let out a breath as he looked around the locker room.

"Absolutely Sidney were are here for you and I feel honored too" Marc Andre said as he went over to Sidney and gave him a guy hug. Sure enough the whole team was agreeing with Marc Andre and giving Sidney high fives and hugs. Sidney felt so much better with his teammates wanting to be there for him during this life changing step.

Meanwhile back at the condo, Carrie was actually getting a break because the twins had gone down early for their nap so she was getting some laundry finished and cleaning too. After that was all done Carrie went to the bedroom and laid down on the bed to nap too. She slept for a little while until she heard crying from the nursery. Carrie got up and changed each twin and then fed them. They were all playing on the floor of the living area when Sidney showed up.

"Hey doll face" Sidney said as he sat down next to Carrie and leaned in for a kiss.
Carrie kissed Sidney back and leaned against him.
"How was the first day of training camp?" asked Carrie.
"Fine we just had the team meeting" Sidney said as he looked at Carrie and could see she was exhausted.
"That's cool" Carrie said with a yawn.
"Carrie why don't you go back to bed for a little while and I will take care of the twins" Sidney said nodding towards the bedroom.
"Thanks Sidney I think I will take you up on that offer" Carrie said giving Sidney another kiss and then heading off to rest.

Sidney played with the twins for a while and then decided to give them each a bottle. The three of them had fun while Carrie got some much needed rest. After a while Sidney put the twins in their baby seats that played soothing music and he went to check on Carrie. She was still sleeping when he walked in the bedroom. Sidney went over and laid down next to Carrie and just watched her sleep and then he kissed her. Carrie moved slightly and then opened her eyes to see Sidney smiling at her.

"Hey sorry to wake you because I know you are exhausted but I just wanted to talk if that's ok" Sidney said.
"Yeah I actually feel good after that nap so what's up?" Carrie asked with a smile.
"I have been looking at houses for us to move into and I wanted to know if we could check out some of them tomorrow afternoon."
"Yeah that would be fine."
"Cool because I kinda already talked with the real estate agent and he had some time tomorrow afternoon. Plus I already have some houses I have been checking out"
"I can't wait to see what you have found, Sidney. And I have been thinking that we needed more room now that the twins are here."
"I agree and so tomorrow we shall start the house hunt" Sidney said enthusiastically as he kissed Carrie.

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