Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 24

A few days later Sidney and Carrie flew up to Sidney's house in Nova Scotia for some peace and quiet and get away from the daily bustle of Pittsburgh. They both were happy to just be themselves with no one bothering them. Sidney also wanted to go fishing and ride on his sea-doo. Carrie wanted to just be able to sit and read all the baby books she had gotten.

Carrie was sitting on the dock one day reading one of her many books while Sidney stood next to her fishing. Carrie knew to be quiet so that she would not scare any of the fish. She looked up at Sidney at one point and saw him smiling at her and Carrie smiled back and then went back to her book.

"What are you learning from all those baby books?" asked Sidney as he checked his fishing line.
"I thought I was not supposed to talk because it could scare away the fish" Carrie said slightly confused as she looked up at Sidney.
"I know I told you that but its ok right now because I don't think I am getting bites today" Sidney said with a slight frown and then pulled in his fishing pole and laid it down and then he sat down next to Carrie. She moved closer to him and he put his arm around her shoulders so he could listen as she talked about what she was reading in her book. They sat there for a good while talking about everything and anything about babies, pregnancy, sex, and even possible names for the twins but no major decisions were made. Sidney had some really crazy ideas for names that usually were somehow related to hockey and of course Carrie had to knock them down because as she said she had to carry the twins for nine months and they were not going to have weird names.

That evening they cooked out and had a nice dinner for two outside on the back deck. As they ate they enjoyed a beautiful sunset which was very romantic and Sidney leaned over to kiss Carrie. After dinner they went inside and cleaned up together and Carrie had a small towel and playfully hit Sidney on the butt. Then Sidney looked at her and grabbed another kitchen towel and tried to hit Carrie but she ran out of the kitchen with Sidney chasing her. She stopped behind a chair and was kinda trapped by Sidney who was waiting for her next move. She began to run one way and Sidney started after her but she backtracked and go away for just a moment until Sidney finally caught her around the waist. Carrie started giggling and then turned in Sidney's arms to look at him.

"I think I had my daily exercise with that chasing game just now" joked Sidney as he held Carrie to him.
"Yeah I agree with you on that but it was fun" Carrie laughed as she leaned up to kiss Sidney.
"Yeah it was fun just like everything with you is fun and exciting, doll face."
"Yes exciting is definitely the word to describe being with you Sidney."
"I know this is going to sound crazy but I am so tired and I know its early but do you mind if we hit the sack?" asked Sidney.
"No I was thinking the same thing. I am really tired too" Carrie said as she and Sidney headed to the bedroom.

The rest of their vacation up in Nova Scotia was pretty much the same with no distractions and just being a couple. The vacation was just what both of them needed after all the craziness of earlier so when they had to head back they both hated to leave but life happens.

When they got back to Pittsburgh sure enough life came back to being crazy. Carrie had doctor appointments to deal with and Sidney had sponsor events to deal with. They slowly but surely got back into the swing of things for the most part. Carrie was still on leave from work but she did go with Sidney a few times over to the offices. Carrie checked in with the media department but mainly just to visit and of course Sidney had a few people to talk to about the new season.

Carrie had started to show a while back but now she was getting really big especially since she was having twins. She was tired a lot more and now the doctor wanted Carrie on semi-permanent bed rest until it was time for her to deliver the twins. Sidney was constantly aware of what Carrie was up to so that she would not have any more problems like before.

Craig was helping out too because he wanted his soon to be either nieces or nephews to be healthy. Craig had recently met a girl, named Leslie, whom he was getting to know pretty seriously. Carrie liked her a lot and hoped things worked out for Craig. Everyone was being wonderful to Carrie and that helped her relax which was what she needed.

Sidney and Carrie spent lots of time snuggled together watching movies or the history channel because of Sidney's love for history. Carrie learned plenty about all sorts of historical events during this time of her pregnancy. She even joked that they might end up as history teachers or something like that and Sidney just laughed as the two of them cuddled together.

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