Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 19

A few days later Carrie had a doctor's appointment about the baby. Sidney was coming along too because they were going to get the first pictures of the baby. Sidney was like a kid in a candy store because the ultrasound pictures were all he was talking about and his teammates were ready to throw him out the window. Carrie had been having extremely bad morning sickness and had become even more tired lately and she hoped that nothing was wrong with the baby but they would find out soon.

Carrie and Sidney got to the doctor's office and checked in and then waited to be called back to see the doctor. As they were sitting in the waiting room, Sidney found some parenting magazines and was looking at them and Carrie was sitting quietly trying to fight another bout of nausea.

"Hey Carrie are you ok sweetie?" Sidney said looking at her with major concern as he put his hand on her back.
"I just feel so nauseous right now, Sidney" Carrie said as she put her face in her hands.
Sidney rubbed her back as Carrie started to feel a little better as the nausea started to subside.
"That feels so good Sidney. Don't stop" Carrie said as she took a few deep breaths.
Sidney continued to rub her back and then the nurse happened to call them back. Sidney helped Carrie up and they headed to the room they were going to be in to talk with the doctor. The nurse took some stats on Carrie and then told her to sit and relax and that the doctor would be in shortly to see her.

A few minutes later the doctor walked into the room.

"Hey Ms. Addison and Mr. Crosby. Its good to see you two. How are you feeling, Ms. Addison?" asked the doctor, Mrs. Taylor.
"I have been fine but just a little bit ago I had a horrible bout of nausea and have been extremely exhausted a lot lately" Carrie said.
"Well let's take a look with the ultrasound machine and see if that can give us any clues" the doctor said as she set up the ultrasound machine. Finally Dr. Taylor put some goo on Carrie's abdomen and then took a wand and moved it around and they got the first pictures of the baby. Sidney and Carrie were excited and then the doctor said something that was a surprised to both of them.

"I think I know why you are even more tired and are having major nausea. You are having twins. You see there is one baby and baby number two is right here" Dr. Taylor explained the picture on the machine.

Carrie and Sidney were both quite in shock! Two babies!

"We are having twins?" asked a surprised Sidney.
"Yes, Mr. Crosby, twins but it makes sense because Ms. Addison is a twin so she has the twin gene more prominent" the doctor said.
"Wow" was all Carrie could say at that moment because she was still processing the whole concept of carrying twins.
"Do either of you have any questions you want to ask me about the babies?" the doctor asked. Sidney asked a million questions and Carrie talked too and they learned a lot and then the doctor had the first pictures made of the twins for Sidney and Carrie. They left the doctor's both happy and surprised. They were in for a huge change in their lives.

The ride home was this slightly different with Carrie talking a mile a minute and Sidney being quiet. He was happy but slightly overwhelmed.

"Hey Sid are you, ok? asked Carrie, "You are awfully quiet. Are you not happy about having twins?"
"Carrie I am fine" Sidney said acting kinda short with Carrie.
"Sorry for asking you anything, Sidney" Carrie said with tears in her eyes. She thought that maybe now that they were having twins that he might not want her or the babies. What could make him so mad? She would be ok and not worry about Sidney because she loved the idea that she was having twins. Carrie ignored Sidney as they got to the condo. She walked straight into the bedroom and slammed the door. Sidney went to the office room in the condo and stayed in there. They did not talk to each other for the next few hours until Sidney finally caved and went to find Carrie so they could talk.

"Hey Carrie can I come in?" asked Sidney as he stood at the door to the bedroom.
"Why you don't seem to be happy about the babies?" Carrie said as sat on the bed.
"Please I really want to talk to you."
"Fine come on in."
Sidney walked in and came over and sat down next to Carrie on the bed. He took her hand and looked in her eyes.

"Sorry for acting like an idiot, Carrie. I am just overwhelmed by the fact that we are having two babies and not one. I know I did not react well in the car ride back home when you were talking. I am so sorry. I am excited about the twins but when you told me back when you were first pregnant that we were going to have one baby not two and it never clicked that because you were a twin that we had a better chance of having twins. I know it sounds kinda naive but it never crossed my mind. I hope that you can forgive me and I know I am losing my chances with all the stupid moves I have been making. God how do you still love me and my crazy ways, Carrie?" explained Sidney with tears in his eyes.
"Hey I know its a big thing that we are having twins and I can understand why you are overwhelmed. I love you too but you are seriously losing your chances you better get your act together, hot shot or else. I forgive you because its not what either of us expected but we love and trust each other and will make it through this adventure" Carrie said as she pulled Sidney to her for a big kiss and a fun make out session.

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