Thursday, June 11, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 20

Needless to say the nursery was redecorated for twins instead of just one baby and Carrie had a blast. Sidney was getting more into the idea of twins and then joked that if they had four more kids they could start their own hockey team. Carrie gave him a death stare and he shut up very quickly and then Carrie suggested that if he wanted to give birth to the other four then she was all for more kids. Sidney was not interested in that idea so that was the end of that conversation.

Meanwhile Sidney was in playoff mode big time and Carrie just stayed out of his way.

"Hey Carrie have you seen my favorite hat anywhere?" asked Sidney as he searched frantically around the condo.
Carrie enjoyed watching Sidney running around like a crazy person looking for his hat. She had found it easily on her dresser with a couple of her hats.
"Is this what you are looking for, Sid?" Carrie asked casually holding it in her hand. Sidney looked at Carrie with relief and walked over to get it from her.
Carrie moved the hat behind her back and then moved around so that Sidney had to try and get it from her. Sidney looked at her with a sneaky smile.

"Oh so you want to play, Carrie?"
"No not really."

Sidney tried to get it from Carrie and she climbed onto the bed and stood looking down and Sidney with her arms folded in front of her with his hat. Sidney climbed onto the bed and grabbed Carrie so she could not get away. He picked her up and she struggled but he had a tight grip on her.

"Sidney put me down. I don't want to fall and hurt myself or the babies" Carrie shouted.
"I won't let you or the babies get hurt" Sidney said as he gently put her down and grabbed his hat and then jumped off the bed. He held out his hand and help her down off the bed. Sidney put his hat on and smiled in triumph. Carrie just rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"Ok that was insane. What possessed me to get up on the bed is beyond me" laughed Carrie.
"Hey you were just trying to see what its like to get the upper hand and have some height on me" joked Sidney as he hugged Carrie.
"Yeah sure whatever you say dude" Carrie said as she held on tight to Sidney.

Sidney had to head off to practice but promised that he would be back with dinner for the two of them. Carrie was cool with that because she wanted to talk with Vero, Marc Andre's girlfriend, about the plans for Carrie's baby shower that Vero was having the next weekend. Sidney left and Carrie called Vero for the main thing to tell Vero about the twins.

"Hey Carrie, what's up?" asked Vero.
"I have huge news" said a very excited Carrie as she put her hand on her slight showing pregnant belly.
"Oh my god, Sidney proposed!" Vero practically screamed into the phone which cause Carrie to take the phone away from her ear.
"I can hope he will at some point but actually I or should I say, Sidney and I are expecting twins!" Carrie exclaimed.
"Holy cow are you serious, Carrie. Twins that's so awesome. Congratulations."
"Thanks Vero, it was not expected by either of us but I am excited knowing that I am having two babies."
"Luckily I have not sent out the invitations so I will make sure everyone knows that you are having twins."
"Thanks Vero you are the best. Oh did I tell you that Sidney's mom and sister are supposed to be coming to the shower?" asked Carrie.
"Yeah I remember that you told me to add them so its cool" said Vero.
"I can't wait for the shower and thanks again for hosting it and I know that the guys are having some sort of guy shower for Sidney after the playoffs. I think it is actually the day before mine and his dad is going to that. Its going to be a immediate Crosby family reunion next weekend" Carrie explained.
"Yeah and you will survive because you have the most precious cargo that everyone is celebrating."
"Yeah I know and they made sure I am exhausted and hungry all the time."
"I bet they do."
"Speaking of sleep, I am getting kinda tired so I am going to go. Thanks again Vero and I will talk to you later" Carrie said.
"Bye sweetie" Vero said as she hung up.

Carrie headed into the bedroom for a nap before Sidney got home with dinner. Carrie slept for a few hours until she heard Sidney call her name. She looked up and Sidney was laying next to her with a smile.

"Hey sleepyhead you have a good nap?" asked Sidney as he leaned in for a kiss.
"Yeah I did and what did you get for dinner because I am seriously hungry and so are the crazy Crosby babies?" asked Carrie as she smiled at Sidney.
"I got Italian. I hope that works for you."
"That sounds great. Lets go and eat" Carrie said as she got up and Sidney followed her to the kitchen table. They had a nice dinner and talked about their afternoons. That night they laid next to each other in bed and talked about the future which made Carrie think of what Vero had said about getting married. Not that it really mattered when or if they did, she just wondered where Sidney thought when he started this relationship would they be walking down the aisle at some point.

"Carrie you are thinking really hard now. What's on your mind?"
"When I was talking with Vero she said something that made me wonder about our future as a couple" Carrie said as she bit her lip.
"What did she say?"
"Well I told her I had huge news and she thought that you had proposed to me but I told her actually I was having twins and so I was just wondering...." Carrie said as her sentence faded out.
"Well..uhm...I have kinda been thinking about us down the road because of the fact that we are starting a family but I think I want to do something special and make it a surprise for you so you will just have to wait and see" Sidney said with that adorable smile that no girl can resist.
"I guess I will just wait and I just hope that you don't surprise me that I go into early labor" joked Carrie as she laughed.
"I love you Carrie Addison" Sidney leaned down for a kiss that Carrie accepted.


  1. wonder what that boy has up his sleeve for the suprise..loved the chapter! :)

  2. Thanks again for reading my story Sidneyluver87!!! I am so excited that they won the 2009 Stanley Cup !!!!!!!!!

    Yeah we shall see what Sidney has up his sleeve for Carrie!!!!!! :)