Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 14

Warning Adult Themes :)

Sidney was in series playoff mode and Carrie was busy too with all the media coverage and everything, they really did not have much time together. But Sidney was determined to have a romantic evening with his girlfriend no matter what. One day while Carrie was running around tracking down players for different media interviews, she stopped by her desk at one point and saw a huge bouquet of roses. It was amazing and beautiful and so she looked at the card. It said, 'Carrie, I know I have been busy in playoff mode but I want you to know that I love you more than anything. Hot Shot". Carrie laughed as she read the card and knew that Sidney meant every word.

Carrie realized that ever since she had told him about her past abusive relationship, that Sidney was even more attentive towards her needs and desires. Sidney was also very protective of her and the baby. He was not happy when the reporters and paparazzi tired to get pictures of them sometimes. As Sidney said there is a time and a place when pictures are fine but when they were trying to do personal errands or appointments, there was no need to take pictures.

Carrie was luckily have an easy pregnancy. Sidney was really excited about becoming a father. The nursery in Carrie's condo was slowly coming together and it was fun buying stuff for the baby. They were going to get the first pictures of their baby at the next appointment and they could hardly wait.

That afternoon Sidney was at practice but at the same time when he had a break he would be on his cell phone making his plans for his romantic date with Carrie. Carrie had no idea what Sidney had planned so she was busy thinking about what there was to watch on TV and have for dinner. Then a ringing brought her back to the reality of work and she looked and then realized it was not her work phone but her personal cell phone. Carrie looked at her phone and then smiled.

"Hey loser what do you want?" joked Carrie as she laughed into her phone.
"I hate to lose doll face and you know it" Sidney said seriously.
"Yeah I know. What's the deal with calling me? We are in the same building and you could save yourself a call and find me at my desk."
"Actually I am not in the building."
"Where are you then, Sidney?"
"Meet me at the condo when you are done there" Sidney said mysteriously.
"What have you done to my condo, Mr. Crosby?" asked Carrie worriedly.
"Just meet me there!" Sidney demanded.
"Excuse me, who do you think you are?" asked Carrie seriously
"I am your boyfriend and the father of your child and I love you so when can you be here doll face?"
"I am actually going to be leaving in about 10 minutes, hot shot" Carrie said as she started getting things ready for her to leave for the day.
"Awesome! Can't wait to see you, Carrie."
"See ya very soon."

Sidney had gotten everything ready for their special evening and was really looking forward to being with Carrie especially since they were heading out for a road trip. Now usually Carrie would go with them on road trips but this time, Carrie was going to handle things from Pittsburgh end. Plus she it was just easy for her because of her pregnancy. Sidney hated that Carrie was not going on this trip but it was a short trip and that is why they were having this special date. Sure enough, Carrie showed up about 20 minutes later and he greeted her at the door.

"Hey beautiful" Sidney said as he took her bags from her and set them down and then pulled her into his arms and held her as he kissed her deeply. Then Sidney lead Carrie over to the table that had an amazing centerpiece of flowers. Carrie was totally surprised by everything. Dinner turned out to be Chinese food which of course was Carrie's favorite. Sidney and Carrie talked about the upcoming road trip he was heading on, the baby and their relationship. After dinner they cleaned up together.

Then Sidney told Carrie to close her eyes because he had another surprise as he lead her into the bedroom. Sidney finally told Carrie to open her eyes and she looked at the bedroom and it had rose petals everywhere and there were candles all around the room too. Sidney then handed Carrie a box and she was a little suspicious but opened it anyway. It was as she had expected some sexy lingerie and she laughed.

"Are you serious, Sidney?" Carrie said shaking her head and rolling her eyes as she picked up the lacy outfit.
"Oh hell yeah, sweetheart. I suggest that you go and put it on now" Sidney said as he pushed her towards the bathroom.
"Gracious are you in a hurry for something?" joked Carrie as she slowly walked into the bathroom.
"Move that cute little butt of yours now and I am seriously in the need for you" Sidney said seductively as he got undressed until he just had on his boxers.

After a little bit Carrie finally reappeared and looked in Sidney's opinion breathtakingly beautiful. She walked over to the bed where Sidney was laying on his side. Carrie climbed onto the bed and sat down facing Sidney. He pulled her down so that she was laying next to him.

"I love you Carrie" Sidney said.
"I love you Sidney" Carrie said as Sidney then laid her down and moved slightly over her and kissed her deeply.
Sidney then moved his hands to take off the lingerie that Carrie was wearing. Carrie laughed because she was very ticklish and another was because there had been no point for her to be wearing the lingerie except for Sidney to enjoy watching her walk to the bed. Now Carrie was naked, Sidney leaned down to suckle a breasts and then the other one while Carrie worked at getting his boxers off, which she finally accomplished. Then Carrie moved her legs around Sidney's waist so that Sidney would have better access to what she knew he wanted. Sidney then slid into her and it felt so good. Carrie called out Sidney's name as he entered her.

"Oh god Sidney, oh god yes baby yes" Carrie screamed out in ecstasy.
That made Sidney move faster. He thrust in and out of her and then finally Carrie screamed out Sidney's name again as her orgasm hit her hard and it felt so good. After a few more thrusts Sidney's orgasm hit him and he swore under his breath and then collapsed on top of Carrie. Sidney finally moved off of Carrie and she moved into his embrace as they fell asleep snuggled together.

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