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Best Friends Chapter 7

The next few weeks went by and Carrie was busy with all sorts of media events for different players. Sidney had games and practice as the playoffs continued on. Both of them were exhausted most evenings and they would just hang out together. Sometimes they went out for dinner or movie. One particular day Carrie was out with Jordan Staal and Max Talbot for a autograph signing event at Dick's Sporting Goods store in downtown Pittsburgh. Carrie got up at one point to give Jordan and Max some water and when she got up she felt a little dizzy and had to sit back down. Jordan looked over at her and saw that Carrie did not look so good.

"Hey Carrie just sit and I will get the water. Are you going to be ok?" asked Jordan as he got the water.
"Yeah I just felt a little light headed for a sec but I feel fine" Carrie said as she sat in her chair.
"Its a good thing that we all came over together from the arena here so you don't have to drive back" Max said looking concerned.
"I am fine guys ok" Carrie said even though she wondered in the back of her mind if something was wrong.
They went back to signing autographs for another hour and then they all left the store and headed back to the arena. When they got there Jordan and Max stayed with Carrie until she was back at her desk and then they went to find Sidney.

"Hey Sid, Carrie is not feeling well and I hope that you can get her home" said Jordan.
"Yeah we came in my car so that won't be a problem. I will go and see Carrie now and see if she needs to go home now. It sucks being sick ya know" Sidney said as he headed out to find Carrie.
Sidney found Carrie sitting at her desk with her head on her desk.

"Hey doll face, I heard that you don't feel so hot" Sidney said as he walked around Carrie's desk and knelt down to check on her.
"God I feel so nauseous and tired so can you take me home now please" Carrie pleaded as she looked at Sidney.
"Yeah come on let's get you home and into bed sweetheart" Sidney said as he helped Carrie up and she got her stuff and Sidney let Jake know that Carrie was sick and heading home. Sidney and Carrie got to his car and left the arena and headed home. When they got to Carrie's condo Sidney helped her into bed and pulled the covers over Carrie.

"Do you want anything Carrie?" asked Sidney looking concerned at her resting form on the bed.
"No I just want to sleep Sidney" said a very tired Carrie.
"OK sweetie I will be back later on to check on you. I love you" Sidney said as he headed back to the arena.
"Love you too Sid" Carrie said sleepily and then she was out.

Several hours later Sidney returned to Carrie's condo and walked in and it was quiet. He went into the bedroom and saw that she was still sleeping. Sidney smiled and went over to lay down beside Carrie. He lay there watching her sleep and touched her cheek. Carrie moved slightly and the opened her eyes to see Sidney smiling at her.

"Hey, are you feeling any better? You have been sleeping a long time today" Sidney asked as he looked at Carrie.
"Yeah I feel a little bit better now. I ugh hold on Sid" Carrie said as she jumped up and ran into the bathroom to throw up.
Sid jumped up and followed her into the bathroom and got a washcloth and wet it and gave it to Carrie to wipe her face.
"Are you ok sweetie" asked Sidney looking worried.
"Yeah now I actually feel even better. Sorry about that Sidney" Carrie said looking up at Sidney.
"Maybe we need to take you to the doctor and find out what's going on with you" Sidney said.
"OK let's go then" Carrie agreed.

They headed to the walk in medical clinic near Carrie's condo. They walked in and Carrie went to the desk and filled out a piece of paper and then they sat down to wait to be called in to see the doctor. A few minutes later the nurse called Carrie to go back to a room.

"Do you want me to go with you?" asked Sidney looking concerned at Carrie.
"No just chill out here" Carrie said as she gave Sidney a quick kiss and then went with the nurse.

Carrie and the nurse walked into a room and the nurse took Carrie temperature and blood pressure and asked her a few things and then told her the doctor would be in shortly to see her.
Sure enough a little bit later the doctor walked in and introduced himself to Carrie.

"Hello I am Dr. Rose. I hear that you are not feeling so well. What's going on with you Ms. Addison?"
"I am really tired, nauseous, and have been throwing up" Carrie explained to the doctor.
"Do you think there is a chance that you might be pregnant, Ms. Addison?" asked the doctor.
"I have had a small inkling that could be pregnant but was not really sure"
"I will have the nurse take some blood and we can find out for you ok" said the doctor.
"That would be fine" Carrie said.

The doctor left the room and the nurse came back in and got Carrie ready to take a blood sample for a pregnancy test. The nurse left with the blood sample and left Carrie to think about what would she do with a baby and how was she going to tell Sidney.

Fifteen minutes later the doctor came back into the room. She sat down and looked at Carrie.

"Congratulations you are going to be a mother Ms. Addison. Here is some information I would like you to read and you are going to need to schedule an appointment with your regular doctor soon. Do you have any questions?" Dr. Rose said as she handed Carrie the folder of information.
"No not really doctor" Carrie said as she got her stuff together and headed out the door.

Carrie walked out into the waiting area and found Sidney and he got up and Carrie headed to the receptionist and gave her a piece of paper.

"Ms. Addison that is it and have a good day" said the receptionist.
"You too" Carrie said as she and Sidney headed out the door to the car.
"So what did the doctor say sweetheart?" asked Sidney as they got into the car.
"Sid let's wait until we get home please but I will say this I am fine."
"Sure sweetheart and I am glad to hear that you are fine."
"Thank you Sid" Carrie said as she leaned over and kissed Sidney's cheek. He turned and smiled at Carrie and then headed them home. When they got home Carrie went into the kitchen to get a bottle of water and she handed one to Sidney and he took it.

"OK Carrie spill it now what did the doctor say is wrong with you?" Sidney said a little demanding. Carrie sat up on the counter and looked at Sidney.
"I am pregnant" Carrie said as she looked at Sidney with concern on her face.
"Wow all I can say is wow" said a shocked looking Sidney.
"Yeah I am kinda surprised but had a small inkling that was a possibility since we have not exactly been using protection" Carrie said as she took a drink of water.
"Well I am here for you and our baby Carrie. I want you to know. I love you" Sidney said as he kissed Carrie and pulled her down off of the counter to hug her tightly.
"I love you too Sidney and this is going to be a challenge but I think we can handle it together" Carrie said as she held onto Sidney tightly.

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Penguins Win today 4-25-09

Best Friends Chapter 6

The following week was actually kinda calm for Sidney and Carrie. Sidney was still having to go to practice and Carrie had things going on in the public relations department. The two of them would actually go for runs, out to dinner and also had things to do separately. Carrie was not the type of girlfriend who had to constantly be around Sidney because she had been used to being on her own a lot she was totally cool with doing her own thing. On one particular evening Carrie was enjoying a night alone watching a movie and relaxing without Sidney even though he had suggested they hang out that night. Carrie said no that she wanted to have some time alone and Sid kinda surprised but he ended up going out with some of the guys to a bar. Carrie went to sleep that night and was woken up at 2 o'clock in the morning by her cell phone going off. She picked it up to see who in the world was calling her at that ungodly hour in the morning. When she looked at the screen she was shocked to see Sidney's number.

"Hello Sid what in the world are you doing calling me at this hour?" said a very sleepy Carrie.
"This is not Sid. Its Marc Andre and I am sorry to wake you but Sid is really drunk and we did not want to drop him off at the Lemieux's so we hoped that we could bring him to you. Do you mind Carrie?"asked a very pleading Marc Andre.
"Yeah that's fine bring him on over. I will see you guys in a few" said Carrie.
"Thanks Carrie, see ya soon."

Carrie decided that she was going to let Sid sleep off his drunk ass in the spare bedroom because she wanted to sleep. About twenty minutes later there was a knock at Carrie's door and she went and answered it.

"Hey Carrie sorry to show up at this hour and with a drunk Sidney but here he is" apologized Marc Andre as he and Max Talbot brought Sidney inside the condo.
"Hey Marc and Max. Its cool. Follow me to the spare bedroom where, Mr. Hotshot, can sleep off his drunk ass" Carrie said as she looked at a pitiful looking Sidney. Marc and Max put Sidney in the spare bedroom. Carrie took off his shoes and socks and then put a blanket over him and then they left the room and shut the door. When they got into the living area of Carrie's condo she turned to Marc Andre to ask him about Sidney.

"I am assuming you guys had a good time. Where did you guys go?" asked Carrie.
"We just went to the Sky bar and hung out" Max said smiling.
"That's cool but Sid rarely drinks to the point of passing out so I don't get it" Carrie said looking kinda concerned.
"He told us that you wanted an evening alone and he seemed a little annoyed that you did not want to hang out with him" Marc Andre said.
"I just wanted some alone time that was all. I told him that and he said that he was cool with it but I am guessing he was not. Oh well he will survive" joked Carrie.
"Yeah I think he will. Now I think we will let you get back to sleep and talk to you tomorrow" said Marc Andre as he and Max left Carrie's condo.

Carrie shut the door to her condo and locked up and then headed back to her bedroom to go back to sleep. She was not going to worry about Sidney and his drunk ass until the morning when she would have water and aspirin ready for Sidney and his hangover headache.

Sidney woke up the next morning and looked around and wonder how in the world did he end up in Carrie's spare bedroom. He did not remember anything after he, Marc Andre and Max had decided to leave the bar. Sid felt like a mac truck had hit him and then run over him again. He went into Carrie's room and saw that she was still sleeping so he tiptoed into her bathroom. When he got into her bathroom he saw aspirin and a glass sitting on the counter waiting for him. Sidney smiled knowing that Carrie knew he would need aspirin and water this morning. Sid thought how thoughtful and sweet Carrie was and that made his heart happy. He did love her more than anything and had to make sure he thank her for dealing with his stupidity. Sid took the aspirin and drank lots of water and then went into the kitchen to make some breakfast for the two of them. As soon as Sidney finished breakfast, Carrie walked into the kitchen and was surprised to see Sidney making breakfast.

"Good morning Carrie" Sid said as he walked over to Carrie and gave her a good morning kiss.
"Morning Sid. How are you feeling?" asked Carrie sitting down at the table for breakfast.
"Thanks for leaving the aspirin out for me this morning. I am not feeling wonderful but I will survive" Sid said as he sat down next to Carrie at the table.
"I knew that you were going to need aspirin after how wonderful you looked when Marc and Max dropped you off last night or should I say early this morning" Carrie said as she ate her breakfast and grinned.
"Yeah I am sure I was looking awesome, not. And I am sorry that you had to deal with me doll face" apologized Sidney as he ate too.
"Its all good Sid but why in the world did you have to get drunk. Marc and Max said that you were not happy that I did not want to hang out with you last night but you knew that I just needed some alone time and you seemed ok with it on the phone so why go out with the guys and tell them differently. I don't get it Sid."
"I don't know. I know that we agreed that we both needed alone time this week because we spend a lot of time together earlier. Sorry Carrie."
"Its cool Sid. Listen I have things I have to do today so I can drop you off at the Lemieux's after I get dressed. If that's cool with you" Carrie said as she got up and stared to clean up.
"Yeah that would be fine. And I want to take you out to dinner to make up for last night and then we can come back here and watch a movie" Sid said as he helped Carrie clean up.
"Ok that sounds good" Carrie said and then went into her bedroom to get ready for the day.
Sidney did the same thing since he had clothes at Carrie's condo and did not want to explain why he looked like crap to Mario or anyone else in the house. They were both ready and they left the condo. Carrie dropped Sidney off and he gave her a kiss and said he would see her later for their date. Carrie smiled and told Sidney to tell the Lemieux's 'hello' from her. Sid said he would and shut the door to her car and walked to the house and Carrie left to go and do some errands.

Later than evening sure enough Sidney showed up at Carrie's condo to take her out to dinner.

"Wow look at you doll face so hot" Sid said as he looked Carrie up and down. Carrie was in a pair of jeans that fit her well, a pink baby doll shirt, pink sweater and a pink high heeled pumps. Her make up was perfect and she had thought too that she looked good.
"Thanks Hot shot. You don't look so bad yourself" joked Carrie as she noticed he was in his typical chill out outfit which consisted of jeans, tennis shoes, RBK hat and a long sleeved polo shirt. God he looked gorgeous and perfect so she went over to Sid and gave him a kiss just because she could.
"What was that for?" asked Sidney as he grinned at Carrie pulling her to him.
"No reason just because you are my boyfriend" Carrie said as she smiled at him.
"Ready to go and eat?"
"Yes hot shot let's go."
They headed to Sidney's car and then off to the restaurant. They had a nice dinner and conversation and then they left and headed back to the condo. When they got there they snuggled together on the couch and watched an entire movie.

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Best Friends Chapter 5

Warning Adult Themes and Bad Language :)

Carrie and Sidney started a new part of their relationship as a couple. This was different for Carrie because she had not dated that many guys. Sidney was obviously busy with his crazy hockey schedule and Carrie with her media relations job. Everyone knew they were a couple because Sidney said something to some of his teammates and then it was all over the Pittsburgh Penguins organization very quickly. Now Carrie still had to be in the media area because of her job but sometimes they let her go and sit with the players wives and girlfriends and she wore a Crosby jersey that Sid had given to her personally. She joked that it was one of her most prized possessions especially since Sidney had signed it for her too.

Carrie was sitting with Veronique, Marc Andre Fleury's girlfriend, one evening for a playoff game and it was totally crazy but they were having a blast.

"Oh my god I can barely hear anything" yelled Carrie to Vero as she looked around the arena which was a sea of white t-shirts.
"Yeah it is pretty intense tonight" laughed Vero as she looked down at the guys as they were warming up before the game.
"God I really hope we win tonight so that Sidney can chill out. God he is so intense and serious and its ridiculous. I tired to joke with him about something last night and he practically bit my head off. I was like whatever and told him to leave but he didn't. I just ignored him and he finally apologized and then we actually chilled out and watched some movie" Carrie said as she looked for Sidney on the ice.
"Some movie? I am guessing that you two really did not watch the movie and made out instead" Vero said as she grinned at Carrie.
"OK fine we did not watch the movie and were making out and other things" Carrie blushed.
"I hope it helped Sidney chill out too" joked Vero with a huge grin on her face.
"Yeah I think it did help a little with Sid chilling out" smiled Carrie who was still blushing.

The girls finally got settled in the suite that they were sitting in for the game. It was so sweet of Marc and Sidney to do this for them. The girls figured it was the guys was of saying they were sorry for ignoring them lately because of all the late and long playoff practices and not having too much time for their girlfriends. As the game began Carrie watched Sidney skating up and down and chasing after the puck. It was a seriously intense game and both teams were playing like their lives depending on winning. In the end the Penguins won the game and were moving onto the next round of playoff action. Carrie and Vero cheered loudly and hugged each other after the win. Marc Andre and Sidney were both stars of that game. Marc Andre had made so many awesome saves and Sidney had three points. Finally the girls headed downstairs to the waiting area for family of the players to wait for their guys. After about an hour Marc Andre walked out and saw Vero and Carrie so he wandered over to them.

"Hey Vero and Carrie did you enjoy the game?" asked Marc Andre with a huge grin on his face.
"Yeah it was amazing and I am so glad you guys won darling" Vero said standing up to give Marc Andre a hug and a kiss.
"Yeah great game and you were amazing with all those unbelievable saves. Nice work Marc Andre" Carrie said as she stood up.
"Thanks you two. Sid should be out momentarily the reporters were taking forever with him but he was just finishing getting dressed when I walked out here, Carrie" said Marc Andre and he put his arm around Vero.
"Ok thanks for letting me know. See you guys later on" Carrie said as she sat back down on the couch to wait for Sidney to come out of the locker room. Marc Andre and Vero waved goodbye and headed out to the parking lot. Carrie sat a little while longer and finally Sidney came out. He saw Carrie sitting on the couch and she was talking on her phone so Sid walked over and sat down next to her. Carrie turned and smiled at Sidney and quickly finished talking on her phone.

"Hey there number two star of the night" joked Carrie as she smiled at Sidney.
"Hey there number two star of the night's girlfriend. Did you have fun?" asked Sidney as he gave Carrie a quick kiss on the lips.
"Yeah I had a great time with Vero. We talked and enjoyed the game. It was unbelievable but you guys won and now you can chill out for a little bit I hope!" Carrie said enthusiastically.
"Yeah I can chill for a little while now doll face. Are you ready to head home because I am" Sidney said smiling.
"Yep I am all set. Let's blow this popsicle stand" joked Carrie and they stood up. Sidney took Carrie's hand and they headed to Sidney's car. As Sidney and Carrie rode home they talked about the game and who they thought would be the Penguins next opponent for the next round of playoffs. Finally they got to Carrie's condo and went inside and Carrie headed to her bedroom to change and Sidney followed and did the same. They decided to watch the television and there just happened to be a western conference hockey game with the Red Wings vs Colorado Avalanche. Sidney pulled Carrie close to him and they got comfortable on the bed and watched the game.

"God how much do I hate the Red Wings" Carrie said as she watched the game.
"I am not there biggest fan but they are a talented team" Sid said as he looked down at Carrie.
"Yeah well I just hope that the Avalanche kick their asses. I am so sick of them winning everything. It time to let someone else to win the Stanley Cup this year" Carrie said as she snuggled closer to Sidney.
"Yeah I hope its ours this year. That would be so awesome but I have to concentrate on one game at a time."
"I hope that you have to wait a little while for the next round you can relax and chill. OK Sidney" Carrie said as she looked away from the game at Sidney.
"OH I think I can definitely chill out for a little while. Now come here and I can show you some you something that relaxes me totally" Sidney said waggling his eyebrows at Carrie. Sidney pulled her on top of him and started kissing Carrie's neck and Carrie started giggling. Sidney helped Carrie out of her pjs and she helped him out of his boxers. Then Sidney flipped them over so he was on top.

"Man Sidney are you trying to make me dizzy" smirked Carrie as she slid her arms around Sidney's shoulders and tangling one of her hands in his hair. Sidney smiled at Carrie and leaned down to kiss her deeply his hands moving all over her body paying special attention to her breasts. Carrie was going crazy while Sid suckled her breasts so she moved her hands over Sid's back and then moved her legs around his waist to give him a hint that he was driving her insane and that he needed to move along and stop being a slow poke about making love to her. Sid got the hint and slid into her. He took his time and went slow which drove Carrie even more insane but got if felt so good.

"Oh God Sidney faster please baby" pleaded Carrie and she moved her hips to give Sidney another hint. Sidney started thrusting quicker and it felt so damn good because Carrie was so wet and tight.
"Holy hell baby god you feel so amazing" cried out Sidney as he continued to thrust in and out of Carrie. After a few more thrusts Carrie felt the earth move as her orgasm hit her hard. Sidney was not far behind as his orgasm hit him and they both collapsed in each others arms. They were both exhausted after their amazing lovemaking session. Sidney moved off of Carrie and held her close as they fell asleep in each others arms.

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Pittsburgh Penguins off to winning start in 2009 NHL playoffs

Best Friends Chapter 4

The drive back to Carrie's condo was quiet on Carrie's part but Sidney was talking and not being able to get a word out of Carrie. He knew she was kinda caught off guard as to what had happened between them. Sidney was totally cool with what they had done because he realized that he wanted more from their relationship.

"Carrie are you ok?" asked Sidney.
"Huh" said Carrie still looking our the window of the SUV.
"I want to know if you are ok. You are very quiet over there" Sid said as he put his hand on Carrie's thigh and squeezed it.
Carrie looked at Sidney's hand and then at Sidney and just smiled. Then she went back to looking out the window again. Sid realized that they were going to have a very serious talk when they got to Carrie's condo.

When they got to the condo, they each got out of the Range Rover. Sidney walked over to Carrie and took her hand as they headed into the building. When they got into her condo, Carrie went straight for her bedroom. Sidney followed but was stopped when she went into the bathroom and closed the door on him.

"Hey are you ok Carrie. Come on and talk to me sweetheart. I worried about you."
Carrie just stood in the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She should tell Sidney that she is fine but that was a lie because she was so confused as to what they had done. She definitenly cared deeply for Sid and what had happened between them was special for sure but she could not exactly put her finger on what she was confused on exactly. Finally after a few minutes of making Sidney worry she opened the door and stood and looked at Sidney.
"Are you ok Carrie? Please talk to me" pleaded Sidney.
"Ok here is the deal Sid. I am confused about us so that means I am not completely fine but mostly fine. If that makes any sense to you at all" said Carrie.
"I am just glad that you are talking to me. Come on lets sit down and talk about everything" Sid said as he pulled her to him and then they sat down on the bed.

"What is so confusing to you Carrie about us?" asked a concerned looking Sidney.
"We are best friends who now have...I hate to say it but kinda sorta changed our relationship by well you know what I am saying" Carrie said looking confused.
"Do you care about me Carrie because I know I care about you and have fallen for you after all this time we have hung out and been best friends. Things happen Carrie and I want to be with you on this new part of our relationship. So I guess what I am saying here Carrie is that I LOVE YOU!"
"I do care about you Sidney more than anything and love being with you so maybe I am just scared because I am not used to all of this and want to do it right and not mess up. Plus I don't want to get hurt and don't want to hurt you" declared Carrie as she looked into Sidney's eyes.
"I promise not to hurt you Carrie and I know that you would never hurt me. Can we give this a try because I really want to be with you?" Sidney said smiling at Carrie.
"Sure let's give it a whirl" Carrie said with a big smile and then leaned into Sidney for a kiss.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 3

Warning Adult Content

A few days later Carrie was at the photo shoot with Sidney and rethinking what had she gotten herself into. The photographer was talking with Sidney so Carrie was wandering around the set. As Carrie was looking out the window someone tapped her on the shoulder. Carrie turned around to see a girl looking at her.

"Are you Carrie Addison?" asked the girl.
"Yes I am" said Carrie.
"I am Stacy the wardrobe stylists and I need to get you ready and then you need to go to makeup and hair."
"Sure" said Carrie.
They walked into a room with lots of hockey jerseys and jeans. Carrie thought cool I get to wear something comfortable for this photo shoot and she smiled.

"Carrie I don't know if they told you but you are going not going to be partially naked for this photo shoot. You will not be wearing a shirt because they are going to use body paint on your back. They want to paint Sidney's number on your back and a penguin" Stacy told her.
"I guess I am up for anything since Sid owes me big time for this" exclaimed Carrie.
"I do have this shirt that has no back that you can wear until its time for the shoot. Here are some jeans and I want you to wear these cool heels" said Stacy.
"Thanks and wow those heels are awesome Stacy" exclaimed Carrie.
"You can change over there behind that curtain, Carrie."
Carrie went and got changed into her outfit. While she was changing she heard Sidney come in and he was talking to Stacy.
"Hey I was told I was needed in wardrobe so here I am" joked Sidney.
"Cool so yeah you obviously are going to be wearing one of your jerseys, jeans and tennis shoes."
"Shocker there. So where can I change?" asked Sidney.
"You can have my dressing area now that I am finished" Carrie said as she dramatically walked out in her outfit.
"Wow look at you Carrie. You look hot doll face" Sidney said giving Carrie a huge grin.
"Thanks hot shot. Get a load of this artwork on my back Sid" joked Carrie.
"Wow that impressive and I like a lot" Sidney said smiling looking at the '87' and 'penguin' they had painted onto Carrie's back. Sid was thinking to himself now that's hot especially on Carrie and he was so glad that she was doing this and not some random model. This was way more fun with his best friend.
"I am off to hair and makeup so see ya there Sid" said Carrie.
Sidney turned and watched Carrie walk of and smiled to himself and then went and changed into his outfit.
After a little while they both were done with hair and makeup and it was time to start the photo shoot. The photographer had ideas as to how he wanted to place Carrie and Sidney for the pictures. Carrie still had on her flimsy shirt because they were not quite ready for pictures just yet and Carrie did not want to be shirtless until it was absolutely necessary. Finally it was time to start taking some pictures. Carrie was informed to take off her flimsy shirt and so she did and then Sid pulled her to him so that she would not be any more embarrassed than she already felt.
Carrie still had to look up at Sid even though she had on heels and he smiled back at her. She put her arms around his shoulders and he had one arm around her waist and the other was in his pocket. Sid could not help being a guy and all could not help but look at Carrie's body of course. God he thought she really was sexy and of course all sorts of ideas were running through his mind but hey he's a guy and guy's think about sex a lot. Sid was trying to not think about it but other parts of him had other ideas so he had to take a few deep breaths to try and forget but of course it was hard with Carrie snuggle up that close to him. Oh well he thought just deal and maybe something can be worked out to fix what he really wanted to to at that moment with Carrie. The photographer finally said something to them and knocked any more thoughts our of Sidney's mind for the moment.

"Now Carrie give Sidney a kiss on his cheek for these next few shots" said the photographer.
Carrie leaned up and kissed Sidney's cheek. Sidney smiled and knew that he was blushing and Carrie was smiling too as she kissed Sid. Sid and Carrie had a good time during the shoot because it was laid back and fun. Finally they were finished and one of the many assistants to the photographer handed Carrie her shirt. She put it on quickly and then she and Sid headed into the dressing room to get back into their other clothes. Sid always the gentleman let Carrie go first and get dressed. As Carrie was getting dressed she realized that she needed some help with untying the shirt.

"Hey Sid can you come in here for a minute and help me please?" asked Carrie.
Sid walked into the dressing room and Carrie turned around with her back to him.
"Can you get that knot out for me please?"
Sid went over to Carrie and started working on the knot and he finally got it undone and then the shirt fell off of Carrie. Carrie turned around with her arms over her chest. She was getting ready to say thanks when Sid pulled her to him and kissed her on the lips. Carrie was quite surprised by the kiss but when Sidney deepened it she let him. His hands moved over her back and then he broke the kiss just long enough to remove his shirt and then he pulled Carrie back to kiss her more. Then Carrie broke the kiss to look at Sidney.

"What are we doing Sidney?" asked a very surprised Carrie.
"What are we doing? I think we are realizing that maybe there is more to you and me than us just being best friends. I want us to be more" declared Sidney. Then Sid walked over to the door to the dressing area and locked it so that no one could bother them. Carrie was trying to find her shirt when Sid came back and took the shirt away from her and pulled her to him and kissed her again. Carrie felt her legs go weak and Sidney lowered the two of them down onto the floor. Before too long almost all barriers of clothing were gone except for Carrie's panties. She was rethinking that this should not be happening. They was a lot of touching and kissing and feeling and Carrie was losing it before anything major was happening. Sidney was trying to keep his wits about him because he was going to lose it at any moment but he kept his self control because he wanted this time with Carrie to be fun and exciting.

"Sid...we...I..." Carrie stuttered.
Sidney stopped her talking with another kiss and his hands moved down to remove the last barrier of clothing on Carrie. Carrie could not believe this was happening but it felt good and Sid was being so sweet. Sidney suckled on one of Carrie's breasts and Carrie felt like she was in heaven and then he turn his attention to the other breast. More touching and kissing and then Carrie moved her legs so that Sid could have better access to what they were doing. He slid into her and got she felt so tight and perfect. He waited a little bit to let her get used to him inside her. Then Carrie slid one of her legs up along Sidney's side and that was his clue to move. They made love there on the floor of the dressing room. Finally Carrie felt Sid thrust one more time and her world went spinning and she cried out as her orgasm hit her hard. Sid felt Carrie hit her orgasm and he thrust a few more times and then he swore under his breath as his orgasm hit him as he emptied himself inside of Carrie. Then he collapsed on top of Carrie. They lay there for a little bit and then Sidney moved off of Carrie.

"Wow that was amazing doll face" Sidney said leaning in to kiss Carrie's forehead.
"Yeah that was crazy. I hope you know Sid that you are my first"said Carrie seriously.
"What are you saying Carrie that I am the first guy you have been with?" asked a very surprised Sidney.
"Yeah you are and I am glad it was with my best friend" Carrie said as she was getting dressed.
"I'm happy it was me too Carrie" said Sid as he gave Carrie another quick kiss on her lips.

Then Sid followed and got dressed too. They gathered their things and headed out hoping that no one realized what they had just done. No one seemed to pay any attention to them as they left the building. But Sid had a sneaking feeling that everyone there knew what they had just being doing and were kind enough to ignore what he and Carrie had done. Sid was like whatever she's my girl so what. They headed back to Carrie's condo so that they could talk and figure out where to do from here with their relationship.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 2

That evening Carrie was getting things organized at her condo for the movie marathon with Sidney. She was wondering what movies Sidney was going to pick out because they had different tastes. But since they were best friends they accepted each others opinions and were willing to see and do new things for each other. Carrie was getting the food ready in the kitchen when she heard the doorbell ring so she went to the door and looked through the peephole and saw Sidney standing there. Carrie opened the door and smiled.

"Hey Sid come on in."
"Thanks" Sid said as he walked in carrying a bag which had several movies for them to watch.
"What are we going to be watching tonight?" asked Carrie.
"I got 'Flags of Our Fathers', 'Enemy at the Gates', 'Elizabeth' and 'Elizabeth, The Golden Age'. Those last two were for you. I hope you are ok with these choices" Sidney said as he smiled at Carrie.
"Yeah all of those sound good to me. Let me get our snacks and then we can start the movie marathon" Carrie said as she walked into the kitchen. When she came out with the snacks Sidney was getting the first movie ready. Carrie went over and put everything on the table in front of the big couch and then she sat down. Then Sid came over and sat down next to Carrie and they started the first movie which was 'Flags of Our Fathers'. Then they put on 'Elizabeth' and during that movie Sid moved so that Carrie was snuggled closer to him. They got comfortable and watched 'Elizabeth' by the end of that movie they were kinda laying next to each other on the big couch. Carrie had actually fallen asleep in Sid's arms. Sid looked down at Carrie and just smiled and decided to turn off the movie and go to sleep himself.

The next morning Carrie woke up looking around and realizing that she was not in her bedroom. She moved a little bit but realized that was a slightly hard accomplishment because she had a strong arm around her. Carrie was able to look and see Sid sleeping next to her on the couch and then it hit her that she had fallen asleep during the movie marathon. Usually when she fell asleep during movie marathons Sid would wake her up and then he would head home so why this time did he stay and spend the night. Carrie thought that was weird but whatever it was nice that he had stayed over. She just laid there and decided to wait for Sid to wake up which was not long.

"Morning Sunshine" Sid said smiling down at her.
"Good Morning to you too Sid. What do you want for breakfast?" asked Carrie smiling back at Sidney.
"I think we should just go out. So go and get ready doll face" joked Sidney as he moved and helped Carrie up too. She headed into her bedroom and got showered and dressed. Carrie heard Sidney in the guest bathroom showering too. Finally they were on their way to get some breakfast.

They got to the restaurant and were seated kinda quickly because there were not many people there for breakfast which was nice. They sat down and looked at their menus.

"Carrie I have a big favor to ask you" Sid said seriously.
"Ok what's up?" Carrie asked looking concerned.
"There is this photo shoot that I have to do on Wednesday. And I did not want to do it with a random model that they usually use. So I told them that I really want to do it with someone I know. They said if I could find someone then it would be cool. So what I need is for you to be the girl model in my pictures. Say yes please Carrie" pleaded Sidney.
"Wow modeling is not my forte you know Sid" said Carrie looking more concerned.
"Come on you will do great and it would make me feel so much more relaxed doing it. I will owe you huge Carrie."
"Fine Sidney only because you are my best friend and you will so owe me big time!" exclaimed Carrie.
Then Sidney got up from his chair and made Carrie stand up and he gave her a huge hug!!!
"Thank you so much. I love ya for this you know."
"Yeah I love ya too hotshot" joked Carrie.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pictures of Sidney Crosby

Best Friends Chapter 1

Life is crazy at times and throws twists and turns all the time. Carrie Addison was walking along the streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania heading to her job at Mellon Arena where she worked as an assistant in the media relations department for the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team. She was just in her second year at her job and loved it to death. It was fun and she got to work with hot hockey players and they also happen to be nice too. Carrie had gotten to know Sidney Crosby and they had become good friends as time went along. They would work out together, go to movies and just whatever best friends would do when hanging out. When Carrie got to the arena she headed inside to the offices and then to her desk. She sat down and turned on her computer and got to work. Her boss walked in a few minutes later and waved at her and then headed into his office. They had a photo shoot today and it was for the team photo. It was always a fun because everyone would be there. A little bit later on Carrie's boss came out of his office and headed over to her desk.

"OK I think we need to head down to the ice for picture time, Carrie" said Jake Wilson, Carrie's boss.
"Yes sir Mr. Wilson. I am right behind you."
And they headed down to ice rink to get things ready for the team photo shoot. They were working and getting things organized with the photographer when some of the players were starting to head out onto the ice. The players were just hanging around and talking and waiting for Mr. Wilson to tell them where they would be put in the photo. Sidney came out a few minutes later and skated over to where Carrie was standing talking to the photographer.

"Hey Carrie what's up?"
"Hey Sid nothing much just getting all this ready for an awesome team picture."
"That's cool. Hey I was wondering if you wanted to have another one of our famous movie marathons tonight since it is Friday and neither of us has anything to do tomorrow. So what do you say?"
"I think that might be fun Sid. I will make sure we have some snacks and drinks ok."
"That works for me, doll face."
"Oh give me a break with that nickname thing Sid" Carrie said as she rolled her eyes.
"Oh come on it fits you nicely because you are a doll as in a sweet person" Sidney said as he put his arm around Carrie's shoulders and smiled.
"Fine now go and see where they need you for this picture" joked Carrie as she went back to talk with the photographer. Sidney skated over to where he was going to be in the picture. Finally all the players were out and it was picture taking time.

"Ok guys please look at me and say 'Stanley Cup' on the count of three" said the photographer.
"One, two, three."
"Stanley Cup" shouted all the players and snap went the camera.