Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 4

The drive back to Carrie's condo was quiet on Carrie's part but Sidney was talking and not being able to get a word out of Carrie. He knew she was kinda caught off guard as to what had happened between them. Sidney was totally cool with what they had done because he realized that he wanted more from their relationship.

"Carrie are you ok?" asked Sidney.
"Huh" said Carrie still looking our the window of the SUV.
"I want to know if you are ok. You are very quiet over there" Sid said as he put his hand on Carrie's thigh and squeezed it.
Carrie looked at Sidney's hand and then at Sidney and just smiled. Then she went back to looking out the window again. Sid realized that they were going to have a very serious talk when they got to Carrie's condo.

When they got to the condo, they each got out of the Range Rover. Sidney walked over to Carrie and took her hand as they headed into the building. When they got into her condo, Carrie went straight for her bedroom. Sidney followed but was stopped when she went into the bathroom and closed the door on him.

"Hey are you ok Carrie. Come on and talk to me sweetheart. I worried about you."
Carrie just stood in the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She should tell Sidney that she is fine but that was a lie because she was so confused as to what they had done. She definitenly cared deeply for Sid and what had happened between them was special for sure but she could not exactly put her finger on what she was confused on exactly. Finally after a few minutes of making Sidney worry she opened the door and stood and looked at Sidney.
"Are you ok Carrie? Please talk to me" pleaded Sidney.
"Ok here is the deal Sid. I am confused about us so that means I am not completely fine but mostly fine. If that makes any sense to you at all" said Carrie.
"I am just glad that you are talking to me. Come on lets sit down and talk about everything" Sid said as he pulled her to him and then they sat down on the bed.

"What is so confusing to you Carrie about us?" asked a concerned looking Sidney.
"We are best friends who now have...I hate to say it but kinda sorta changed our relationship by well you know what I am saying" Carrie said looking confused.
"Do you care about me Carrie because I know I care about you and have fallen for you after all this time we have hung out and been best friends. Things happen Carrie and I want to be with you on this new part of our relationship. So I guess what I am saying here Carrie is that I LOVE YOU!"
"I do care about you Sidney more than anything and love being with you so maybe I am just scared because I am not used to all of this and want to do it right and not mess up. Plus I don't want to get hurt and don't want to hurt you" declared Carrie as she looked into Sidney's eyes.
"I promise not to hurt you Carrie and I know that you would never hurt me. Can we give this a try because I really want to be with you?" Sidney said smiling at Carrie.
"Sure let's give it a whirl" Carrie said with a big smile and then leaned into Sidney for a kiss.


  1. nawwhhhhhhh

    i really like this story!! its great!

  2. Okay, forgot to mention that chapter 3 was a long azz chapter lol

    Now for this chapter! Carrie, my darling you are confusing me lol. She should be upset at the fact that you just gave up your virginity to your best friend that hotter than hot cross buns in the oven. (I don't mean that in a nice way either). Sid, your a hot azz hot shot guy, if you too were so close, you would have seen that it was Carrie's first time, and therefore , you shouldn't have made love to her. But like the song goes boys will be boys.