Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 3

Warning Adult Content

A few days later Carrie was at the photo shoot with Sidney and rethinking what had she gotten herself into. The photographer was talking with Sidney so Carrie was wandering around the set. As Carrie was looking out the window someone tapped her on the shoulder. Carrie turned around to see a girl looking at her.

"Are you Carrie Addison?" asked the girl.
"Yes I am" said Carrie.
"I am Stacy the wardrobe stylists and I need to get you ready and then you need to go to makeup and hair."
"Sure" said Carrie.
They walked into a room with lots of hockey jerseys and jeans. Carrie thought cool I get to wear something comfortable for this photo shoot and she smiled.

"Carrie I don't know if they told you but you are going not going to be partially naked for this photo shoot. You will not be wearing a shirt because they are going to use body paint on your back. They want to paint Sidney's number on your back and a penguin" Stacy told her.
"I guess I am up for anything since Sid owes me big time for this" exclaimed Carrie.
"I do have this shirt that has no back that you can wear until its time for the shoot. Here are some jeans and I want you to wear these cool heels" said Stacy.
"Thanks and wow those heels are awesome Stacy" exclaimed Carrie.
"You can change over there behind that curtain, Carrie."
Carrie went and got changed into her outfit. While she was changing she heard Sidney come in and he was talking to Stacy.
"Hey I was told I was needed in wardrobe so here I am" joked Sidney.
"Cool so yeah you obviously are going to be wearing one of your jerseys, jeans and tennis shoes."
"Shocker there. So where can I change?" asked Sidney.
"You can have my dressing area now that I am finished" Carrie said as she dramatically walked out in her outfit.
"Wow look at you Carrie. You look hot doll face" Sidney said giving Carrie a huge grin.
"Thanks hot shot. Get a load of this artwork on my back Sid" joked Carrie.
"Wow that impressive and I like a lot" Sidney said smiling looking at the '87' and 'penguin' they had painted onto Carrie's back. Sid was thinking to himself now that's hot especially on Carrie and he was so glad that she was doing this and not some random model. This was way more fun with his best friend.
"I am off to hair and makeup so see ya there Sid" said Carrie.
Sidney turned and watched Carrie walk of and smiled to himself and then went and changed into his outfit.
After a little while they both were done with hair and makeup and it was time to start the photo shoot. The photographer had ideas as to how he wanted to place Carrie and Sidney for the pictures. Carrie still had on her flimsy shirt because they were not quite ready for pictures just yet and Carrie did not want to be shirtless until it was absolutely necessary. Finally it was time to start taking some pictures. Carrie was informed to take off her flimsy shirt and so she did and then Sid pulled her to him so that she would not be any more embarrassed than she already felt.
Carrie still had to look up at Sid even though she had on heels and he smiled back at her. She put her arms around his shoulders and he had one arm around her waist and the other was in his pocket. Sid could not help being a guy and all could not help but look at Carrie's body of course. God he thought she really was sexy and of course all sorts of ideas were running through his mind but hey he's a guy and guy's think about sex a lot. Sid was trying to not think about it but other parts of him had other ideas so he had to take a few deep breaths to try and forget but of course it was hard with Carrie snuggle up that close to him. Oh well he thought just deal and maybe something can be worked out to fix what he really wanted to to at that moment with Carrie. The photographer finally said something to them and knocked any more thoughts our of Sidney's mind for the moment.

"Now Carrie give Sidney a kiss on his cheek for these next few shots" said the photographer.
Carrie leaned up and kissed Sidney's cheek. Sidney smiled and knew that he was blushing and Carrie was smiling too as she kissed Sid. Sid and Carrie had a good time during the shoot because it was laid back and fun. Finally they were finished and one of the many assistants to the photographer handed Carrie her shirt. She put it on quickly and then she and Sid headed into the dressing room to get back into their other clothes. Sid always the gentleman let Carrie go first and get dressed. As Carrie was getting dressed she realized that she needed some help with untying the shirt.

"Hey Sid can you come in here for a minute and help me please?" asked Carrie.
Sid walked into the dressing room and Carrie turned around with her back to him.
"Can you get that knot out for me please?"
Sid went over to Carrie and started working on the knot and he finally got it undone and then the shirt fell off of Carrie. Carrie turned around with her arms over her chest. She was getting ready to say thanks when Sid pulled her to him and kissed her on the lips. Carrie was quite surprised by the kiss but when Sidney deepened it she let him. His hands moved over her back and then he broke the kiss just long enough to remove his shirt and then he pulled Carrie back to kiss her more. Then Carrie broke the kiss to look at Sidney.

"What are we doing Sidney?" asked a very surprised Carrie.
"What are we doing? I think we are realizing that maybe there is more to you and me than us just being best friends. I want us to be more" declared Sidney. Then Sid walked over to the door to the dressing area and locked it so that no one could bother them. Carrie was trying to find her shirt when Sid came back and took the shirt away from her and pulled her to him and kissed her again. Carrie felt her legs go weak and Sidney lowered the two of them down onto the floor. Before too long almost all barriers of clothing were gone except for Carrie's panties. She was rethinking that this should not be happening. They was a lot of touching and kissing and feeling and Carrie was losing it before anything major was happening. Sidney was trying to keep his wits about him because he was going to lose it at any moment but he kept his self control because he wanted this time with Carrie to be fun and exciting.

"Sid...we...I..." Carrie stuttered.
Sidney stopped her talking with another kiss and his hands moved down to remove the last barrier of clothing on Carrie. Carrie could not believe this was happening but it felt good and Sid was being so sweet. Sidney suckled on one of Carrie's breasts and Carrie felt like she was in heaven and then he turn his attention to the other breast. More touching and kissing and then Carrie moved her legs so that Sid could have better access to what they were doing. He slid into her and got she felt so tight and perfect. He waited a little bit to let her get used to him inside her. Then Carrie slid one of her legs up along Sidney's side and that was his clue to move. They made love there on the floor of the dressing room. Finally Carrie felt Sid thrust one more time and her world went spinning and she cried out as her orgasm hit her hard. Sid felt Carrie hit her orgasm and he thrust a few more times and then he swore under his breath as his orgasm hit him as he emptied himself inside of Carrie. Then he collapsed on top of Carrie. They lay there for a little bit and then Sidney moved off of Carrie.

"Wow that was amazing doll face" Sidney said leaning in to kiss Carrie's forehead.
"Yeah that was crazy. I hope you know Sid that you are my first"said Carrie seriously.
"What are you saying Carrie that I am the first guy you have been with?" asked a very surprised Sidney.
"Yeah you are and I am glad it was with my best friend" Carrie said as she was getting dressed.
"I'm happy it was me too Carrie" said Sid as he gave Carrie another quick kiss on her lips.

Then Sid followed and got dressed too. They gathered their things and headed out hoping that no one realized what they had just done. No one seemed to pay any attention to them as they left the building. But Sid had a sneaking feeling that everyone there knew what they had just being doing and were kind enough to ignore what he and Carrie had done. Sid was like whatever she's my girl so what. They headed back to Carrie's condo so that they could talk and figure out where to do from here with their relationship.

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  1. Well! lol

    There was a few errors in writing, but a very, sexual charged chapter!