Saturday, April 25, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 6

The following week was actually kinda calm for Sidney and Carrie. Sidney was still having to go to practice and Carrie had things going on in the public relations department. The two of them would actually go for runs, out to dinner and also had things to do separately. Carrie was not the type of girlfriend who had to constantly be around Sidney because she had been used to being on her own a lot she was totally cool with doing her own thing. On one particular evening Carrie was enjoying a night alone watching a movie and relaxing without Sidney even though he had suggested they hang out that night. Carrie said no that she wanted to have some time alone and Sid kinda surprised but he ended up going out with some of the guys to a bar. Carrie went to sleep that night and was woken up at 2 o'clock in the morning by her cell phone going off. She picked it up to see who in the world was calling her at that ungodly hour in the morning. When she looked at the screen she was shocked to see Sidney's number.

"Hello Sid what in the world are you doing calling me at this hour?" said a very sleepy Carrie.
"This is not Sid. Its Marc Andre and I am sorry to wake you but Sid is really drunk and we did not want to drop him off at the Lemieux's so we hoped that we could bring him to you. Do you mind Carrie?"asked a very pleading Marc Andre.
"Yeah that's fine bring him on over. I will see you guys in a few" said Carrie.
"Thanks Carrie, see ya soon."

Carrie decided that she was going to let Sid sleep off his drunk ass in the spare bedroom because she wanted to sleep. About twenty minutes later there was a knock at Carrie's door and she went and answered it.

"Hey Carrie sorry to show up at this hour and with a drunk Sidney but here he is" apologized Marc Andre as he and Max Talbot brought Sidney inside the condo.
"Hey Marc and Max. Its cool. Follow me to the spare bedroom where, Mr. Hotshot, can sleep off his drunk ass" Carrie said as she looked at a pitiful looking Sidney. Marc and Max put Sidney in the spare bedroom. Carrie took off his shoes and socks and then put a blanket over him and then they left the room and shut the door. When they got into the living area of Carrie's condo she turned to Marc Andre to ask him about Sidney.

"I am assuming you guys had a good time. Where did you guys go?" asked Carrie.
"We just went to the Sky bar and hung out" Max said smiling.
"That's cool but Sid rarely drinks to the point of passing out so I don't get it" Carrie said looking kinda concerned.
"He told us that you wanted an evening alone and he seemed a little annoyed that you did not want to hang out with him" Marc Andre said.
"I just wanted some alone time that was all. I told him that and he said that he was cool with it but I am guessing he was not. Oh well he will survive" joked Carrie.
"Yeah I think he will. Now I think we will let you get back to sleep and talk to you tomorrow" said Marc Andre as he and Max left Carrie's condo.

Carrie shut the door to her condo and locked up and then headed back to her bedroom to go back to sleep. She was not going to worry about Sidney and his drunk ass until the morning when she would have water and aspirin ready for Sidney and his hangover headache.

Sidney woke up the next morning and looked around and wonder how in the world did he end up in Carrie's spare bedroom. He did not remember anything after he, Marc Andre and Max had decided to leave the bar. Sid felt like a mac truck had hit him and then run over him again. He went into Carrie's room and saw that she was still sleeping so he tiptoed into her bathroom. When he got into her bathroom he saw aspirin and a glass sitting on the counter waiting for him. Sidney smiled knowing that Carrie knew he would need aspirin and water this morning. Sid thought how thoughtful and sweet Carrie was and that made his heart happy. He did love her more than anything and had to make sure he thank her for dealing with his stupidity. Sid took the aspirin and drank lots of water and then went into the kitchen to make some breakfast for the two of them. As soon as Sidney finished breakfast, Carrie walked into the kitchen and was surprised to see Sidney making breakfast.

"Good morning Carrie" Sid said as he walked over to Carrie and gave her a good morning kiss.
"Morning Sid. How are you feeling?" asked Carrie sitting down at the table for breakfast.
"Thanks for leaving the aspirin out for me this morning. I am not feeling wonderful but I will survive" Sid said as he sat down next to Carrie at the table.
"I knew that you were going to need aspirin after how wonderful you looked when Marc and Max dropped you off last night or should I say early this morning" Carrie said as she ate her breakfast and grinned.
"Yeah I am sure I was looking awesome, not. And I am sorry that you had to deal with me doll face" apologized Sidney as he ate too.
"Its all good Sid but why in the world did you have to get drunk. Marc and Max said that you were not happy that I did not want to hang out with you last night but you knew that I just needed some alone time and you seemed ok with it on the phone so why go out with the guys and tell them differently. I don't get it Sid."
"I don't know. I know that we agreed that we both needed alone time this week because we spend a lot of time together earlier. Sorry Carrie."
"Its cool Sid. Listen I have things I have to do today so I can drop you off at the Lemieux's after I get dressed. If that's cool with you" Carrie said as she got up and stared to clean up.
"Yeah that would be fine. And I want to take you out to dinner to make up for last night and then we can come back here and watch a movie" Sid said as he helped Carrie clean up.
"Ok that sounds good" Carrie said and then went into her bedroom to get ready for the day.
Sidney did the same thing since he had clothes at Carrie's condo and did not want to explain why he looked like crap to Mario or anyone else in the house. They were both ready and they left the condo. Carrie dropped Sidney off and he gave her a kiss and said he would see her later for their date. Carrie smiled and told Sidney to tell the Lemieux's 'hello' from her. Sid said he would and shut the door to her car and walked to the house and Carrie left to go and do some errands.

Later than evening sure enough Sidney showed up at Carrie's condo to take her out to dinner.

"Wow look at you doll face so hot" Sid said as he looked Carrie up and down. Carrie was in a pair of jeans that fit her well, a pink baby doll shirt, pink sweater and a pink high heeled pumps. Her make up was perfect and she had thought too that she looked good.
"Thanks Hot shot. You don't look so bad yourself" joked Carrie as she noticed he was in his typical chill out outfit which consisted of jeans, tennis shoes, RBK hat and a long sleeved polo shirt. God he looked gorgeous and perfect so she went over to Sid and gave him a kiss just because she could.
"What was that for?" asked Sidney as he grinned at Carrie pulling her to him.
"No reason just because you are my boyfriend" Carrie said as she smiled at him.
"Ready to go and eat?"
"Yes hot shot let's go."
They headed to Sidney's car and then off to the restaurant. They had a nice dinner and conversation and then they left and headed back to the condo. When they got there they snuggled together on the couch and watched an entire movie.

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