Sunday, April 26, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 7

The next few weeks went by and Carrie was busy with all sorts of media events for different players. Sidney had games and practice as the playoffs continued on. Both of them were exhausted most evenings and they would just hang out together. Sometimes they went out for dinner or movie. One particular day Carrie was out with Jordan Staal and Max Talbot for a autograph signing event at Dick's Sporting Goods store in downtown Pittsburgh. Carrie got up at one point to give Jordan and Max some water and when she got up she felt a little dizzy and had to sit back down. Jordan looked over at her and saw that Carrie did not look so good.

"Hey Carrie just sit and I will get the water. Are you going to be ok?" asked Jordan as he got the water.
"Yeah I just felt a little light headed for a sec but I feel fine" Carrie said as she sat in her chair.
"Its a good thing that we all came over together from the arena here so you don't have to drive back" Max said looking concerned.
"I am fine guys ok" Carrie said even though she wondered in the back of her mind if something was wrong.
They went back to signing autographs for another hour and then they all left the store and headed back to the arena. When they got there Jordan and Max stayed with Carrie until she was back at her desk and then they went to find Sidney.

"Hey Sid, Carrie is not feeling well and I hope that you can get her home" said Jordan.
"Yeah we came in my car so that won't be a problem. I will go and see Carrie now and see if she needs to go home now. It sucks being sick ya know" Sidney said as he headed out to find Carrie.
Sidney found Carrie sitting at her desk with her head on her desk.

"Hey doll face, I heard that you don't feel so hot" Sidney said as he walked around Carrie's desk and knelt down to check on her.
"God I feel so nauseous and tired so can you take me home now please" Carrie pleaded as she looked at Sidney.
"Yeah come on let's get you home and into bed sweetheart" Sidney said as he helped Carrie up and she got her stuff and Sidney let Jake know that Carrie was sick and heading home. Sidney and Carrie got to his car and left the arena and headed home. When they got to Carrie's condo Sidney helped her into bed and pulled the covers over Carrie.

"Do you want anything Carrie?" asked Sidney looking concerned at her resting form on the bed.
"No I just want to sleep Sidney" said a very tired Carrie.
"OK sweetie I will be back later on to check on you. I love you" Sidney said as he headed back to the arena.
"Love you too Sid" Carrie said sleepily and then she was out.

Several hours later Sidney returned to Carrie's condo and walked in and it was quiet. He went into the bedroom and saw that she was still sleeping. Sidney smiled and went over to lay down beside Carrie. He lay there watching her sleep and touched her cheek. Carrie moved slightly and the opened her eyes to see Sidney smiling at her.

"Hey, are you feeling any better? You have been sleeping a long time today" Sidney asked as he looked at Carrie.
"Yeah I feel a little bit better now. I ugh hold on Sid" Carrie said as she jumped up and ran into the bathroom to throw up.
Sid jumped up and followed her into the bathroom and got a washcloth and wet it and gave it to Carrie to wipe her face.
"Are you ok sweetie" asked Sidney looking worried.
"Yeah now I actually feel even better. Sorry about that Sidney" Carrie said looking up at Sidney.
"Maybe we need to take you to the doctor and find out what's going on with you" Sidney said.
"OK let's go then" Carrie agreed.

They headed to the walk in medical clinic near Carrie's condo. They walked in and Carrie went to the desk and filled out a piece of paper and then they sat down to wait to be called in to see the doctor. A few minutes later the nurse called Carrie to go back to a room.

"Do you want me to go with you?" asked Sidney looking concerned at Carrie.
"No just chill out here" Carrie said as she gave Sidney a quick kiss and then went with the nurse.

Carrie and the nurse walked into a room and the nurse took Carrie temperature and blood pressure and asked her a few things and then told her the doctor would be in shortly to see her.
Sure enough a little bit later the doctor walked in and introduced himself to Carrie.

"Hello I am Dr. Rose. I hear that you are not feeling so well. What's going on with you Ms. Addison?"
"I am really tired, nauseous, and have been throwing up" Carrie explained to the doctor.
"Do you think there is a chance that you might be pregnant, Ms. Addison?" asked the doctor.
"I have had a small inkling that could be pregnant but was not really sure"
"I will have the nurse take some blood and we can find out for you ok" said the doctor.
"That would be fine" Carrie said.

The doctor left the room and the nurse came back in and got Carrie ready to take a blood sample for a pregnancy test. The nurse left with the blood sample and left Carrie to think about what would she do with a baby and how was she going to tell Sidney.

Fifteen minutes later the doctor came back into the room. She sat down and looked at Carrie.

"Congratulations you are going to be a mother Ms. Addison. Here is some information I would like you to read and you are going to need to schedule an appointment with your regular doctor soon. Do you have any questions?" Dr. Rose said as she handed Carrie the folder of information.
"No not really doctor" Carrie said as she got her stuff together and headed out the door.

Carrie walked out into the waiting area and found Sidney and he got up and Carrie headed to the receptionist and gave her a piece of paper.

"Ms. Addison that is it and have a good day" said the receptionist.
"You too" Carrie said as she and Sidney headed out the door to the car.
"So what did the doctor say sweetheart?" asked Sidney as they got into the car.
"Sid let's wait until we get home please but I will say this I am fine."
"Sure sweetheart and I am glad to hear that you are fine."
"Thank you Sid" Carrie said as she leaned over and kissed Sidney's cheek. He turned and smiled at Carrie and then headed them home. When they got home Carrie went into the kitchen to get a bottle of water and she handed one to Sidney and he took it.

"OK Carrie spill it now what did the doctor say is wrong with you?" Sidney said a little demanding. Carrie sat up on the counter and looked at Sidney.
"I am pregnant" Carrie said as she looked at Sidney with concern on her face.
"Wow all I can say is wow" said a shocked looking Sidney.
"Yeah I am kinda surprised but had a small inkling that was a possibility since we have not exactly been using protection" Carrie said as she took a drink of water.
"Well I am here for you and our baby Carrie. I want you to know. I love you" Sidney said as he kissed Carrie and pulled her down off of the counter to hug her tightly.
"I love you too Sidney and this is going to be a challenge but I think we can handle it together" Carrie said as she held onto Sidney tightly.

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