Friday, April 17, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 5

Warning Adult Themes and Bad Language :)

Carrie and Sidney started a new part of their relationship as a couple. This was different for Carrie because she had not dated that many guys. Sidney was obviously busy with his crazy hockey schedule and Carrie with her media relations job. Everyone knew they were a couple because Sidney said something to some of his teammates and then it was all over the Pittsburgh Penguins organization very quickly. Now Carrie still had to be in the media area because of her job but sometimes they let her go and sit with the players wives and girlfriends and she wore a Crosby jersey that Sid had given to her personally. She joked that it was one of her most prized possessions especially since Sidney had signed it for her too.

Carrie was sitting with Veronique, Marc Andre Fleury's girlfriend, one evening for a playoff game and it was totally crazy but they were having a blast.

"Oh my god I can barely hear anything" yelled Carrie to Vero as she looked around the arena which was a sea of white t-shirts.
"Yeah it is pretty intense tonight" laughed Vero as she looked down at the guys as they were warming up before the game.
"God I really hope we win tonight so that Sidney can chill out. God he is so intense and serious and its ridiculous. I tired to joke with him about something last night and he practically bit my head off. I was like whatever and told him to leave but he didn't. I just ignored him and he finally apologized and then we actually chilled out and watched some movie" Carrie said as she looked for Sidney on the ice.
"Some movie? I am guessing that you two really did not watch the movie and made out instead" Vero said as she grinned at Carrie.
"OK fine we did not watch the movie and were making out and other things" Carrie blushed.
"I hope it helped Sidney chill out too" joked Vero with a huge grin on her face.
"Yeah I think it did help a little with Sid chilling out" smiled Carrie who was still blushing.

The girls finally got settled in the suite that they were sitting in for the game. It was so sweet of Marc and Sidney to do this for them. The girls figured it was the guys was of saying they were sorry for ignoring them lately because of all the late and long playoff practices and not having too much time for their girlfriends. As the game began Carrie watched Sidney skating up and down and chasing after the puck. It was a seriously intense game and both teams were playing like their lives depending on winning. In the end the Penguins won the game and were moving onto the next round of playoff action. Carrie and Vero cheered loudly and hugged each other after the win. Marc Andre and Sidney were both stars of that game. Marc Andre had made so many awesome saves and Sidney had three points. Finally the girls headed downstairs to the waiting area for family of the players to wait for their guys. After about an hour Marc Andre walked out and saw Vero and Carrie so he wandered over to them.

"Hey Vero and Carrie did you enjoy the game?" asked Marc Andre with a huge grin on his face.
"Yeah it was amazing and I am so glad you guys won darling" Vero said standing up to give Marc Andre a hug and a kiss.
"Yeah great game and you were amazing with all those unbelievable saves. Nice work Marc Andre" Carrie said as she stood up.
"Thanks you two. Sid should be out momentarily the reporters were taking forever with him but he was just finishing getting dressed when I walked out here, Carrie" said Marc Andre and he put his arm around Vero.
"Ok thanks for letting me know. See you guys later on" Carrie said as she sat back down on the couch to wait for Sidney to come out of the locker room. Marc Andre and Vero waved goodbye and headed out to the parking lot. Carrie sat a little while longer and finally Sidney came out. He saw Carrie sitting on the couch and she was talking on her phone so Sid walked over and sat down next to her. Carrie turned and smiled at Sidney and quickly finished talking on her phone.

"Hey there number two star of the night" joked Carrie as she smiled at Sidney.
"Hey there number two star of the night's girlfriend. Did you have fun?" asked Sidney as he gave Carrie a quick kiss on the lips.
"Yeah I had a great time with Vero. We talked and enjoyed the game. It was unbelievable but you guys won and now you can chill out for a little bit I hope!" Carrie said enthusiastically.
"Yeah I can chill for a little while now doll face. Are you ready to head home because I am" Sidney said smiling.
"Yep I am all set. Let's blow this popsicle stand" joked Carrie and they stood up. Sidney took Carrie's hand and they headed to Sidney's car. As Sidney and Carrie rode home they talked about the game and who they thought would be the Penguins next opponent for the next round of playoffs. Finally they got to Carrie's condo and went inside and Carrie headed to her bedroom to change and Sidney followed and did the same. They decided to watch the television and there just happened to be a western conference hockey game with the Red Wings vs Colorado Avalanche. Sidney pulled Carrie close to him and they got comfortable on the bed and watched the game.

"God how much do I hate the Red Wings" Carrie said as she watched the game.
"I am not there biggest fan but they are a talented team" Sid said as he looked down at Carrie.
"Yeah well I just hope that the Avalanche kick their asses. I am so sick of them winning everything. It time to let someone else to win the Stanley Cup this year" Carrie said as she snuggled closer to Sidney.
"Yeah I hope its ours this year. That would be so awesome but I have to concentrate on one game at a time."
"I hope that you have to wait a little while for the next round you can relax and chill. OK Sidney" Carrie said as she looked away from the game at Sidney.
"OH I think I can definitely chill out for a little while. Now come here and I can show you some you something that relaxes me totally" Sidney said waggling his eyebrows at Carrie. Sidney pulled her on top of him and started kissing Carrie's neck and Carrie started giggling. Sidney helped Carrie out of her pjs and she helped him out of his boxers. Then Sidney flipped them over so he was on top.

"Man Sidney are you trying to make me dizzy" smirked Carrie as she slid her arms around Sidney's shoulders and tangling one of her hands in his hair. Sidney smiled at Carrie and leaned down to kiss her deeply his hands moving all over her body paying special attention to her breasts. Carrie was going crazy while Sid suckled her breasts so she moved her hands over Sid's back and then moved her legs around his waist to give him a hint that he was driving her insane and that he needed to move along and stop being a slow poke about making love to her. Sid got the hint and slid into her. He took his time and went slow which drove Carrie even more insane but got if felt so good.

"Oh God Sidney faster please baby" pleaded Carrie and she moved her hips to give Sidney another hint. Sidney started thrusting quicker and it felt so damn good because Carrie was so wet and tight.
"Holy hell baby god you feel so amazing" cried out Sidney as he continued to thrust in and out of Carrie. After a few more thrusts Carrie felt the earth move as her orgasm hit her hard. Sidney was not far behind as his orgasm hit him and they both collapsed in each others arms. They were both exhausted after their amazing lovemaking session. Sidney moved off of Carrie and held her close as they fell asleep in each others arms.


  1. whoaaa that was hot.
    love it. great update!
    the last sentence is really sweet~

  2. I agree that the last sentence is really sweet!!!!!! :)

  3. Sid is alittle too hot in the azz for my taste. Nice ending!