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Best Friends Chapter 31

Warning Adult Content

The next morning Carrie woke up and put her hand with the beautiful engagement ring on Sidney's chest and smiled. She was going to be Sidney's wife and that made her so happy. The moment was officially over when a couple of voices started babbling over the baby monitor and Carrie was up and checking on the twins.

"Hello you two kiddos, I see that you are ready to cause havoc" Carrie laughed as she got Ava and Aaron up and changed. Then Carrie brought each of the twins into the kitchen and put them in their baby seats.

"Let's see what do you guys think Daddy wants for breakfast?" Carrie asked to the twins as she looked in the cabinets. The twins made some cute babbling sounds and Carrie laughed, "Oh so you guys think he wants toast and an omelet."

Sidney woke up alone and then heard Carrie talking to the twins so he got up and headed into the kitchen.

"Good morning, Carrie" Sidney said as he gave her a good morning kiss.
"Morning Sid" Carrie said as she finished putting breakfast on the table.
"Ava and Aaron told me what you wanted for breakfast" as Carrie placed a couple of plates on the table.
"Hey I am impressed that they knew what I wanted for breakfast but what I really want at this moment is to kiss you again" Sidney smirked and then pulled Carrie to him and kissed her deeply, "Now that is what I really wanted for breakfast but the twins made a good guess." Carrie just smiled as Sidney held her tightly.
"That was easy for me so now I have to throw away these amazing omelets that I worked really hard on" Carrie said biting her lower lip.
"Hell no doll face. I want that too but I want something else later when the twins are napping" Sidney playfully said as he waggled his eyebrows at Carrie.
"Crosby don't swear in front of the twins" Carrie said looking annoyed.
"Oops sorry Miss Addison" Sidney laughed as he sat down and ate.
Carrie sat down next to Sidney and fed the twins as well as eating her own breakfast. Sidney helped Carrie with feeding the twins and then he cleaned up after breakfast which Carrie was very appreciative for Sidney's help.

"So hot shot what are your plans for today?" asked Carrie as she sat with the twins as Sidney finished up.
"I plan on hanging out with you and the twins today doll face. And hopefully when the twins are napping we can work on christening more rooms in the house" Sidney said with a huge grin and then he sat down next to Carrie.

The rest of the morning Carrie and Sidney played with the twins and just hung out together. It was nice relaxing morning and then they had lunch and then it was nap time for the twins. Sidney was helping Carrie get the twins settled but Ava and Aaron decided to be stubborn about going to sleep. Carrie was laughing on the inside at Sidney was trying everything to get them to sleep and nothing was working. Finally Carrie ask Sidney to put them both in her lap while she rocked them in the rocking chair. After about ten minutes both Ava and Aaron were out cold and Carrie carefully put both twins in their cribs and then went to find Sidney.

Sidney was sitting in front of the television watching a golf tournament. Carrie went over and sat down next to him and laid her head on his shoulder.

"Hey hot stuff we are alone now" Carrie whispered into Sidney's ear.
"Finally, I figured they would never go to sleep. Now let's see what room shall we christen first" Sidney said as he turned off the television and stood up and held his hand out for Carrie. She took his hand and stood up and followed Sidney into the living room where Sidney proceeded to take of his shirt and then pull Carrie to him.

"Hold up dude, there are no curtains in here and that window is right there for the world to see what's going on in here. And I am not putting on a show for the neighbors" Carrie said as she looked at Sidney.
"I think where we will be no one will see us" Sidney said as he sat down on the floor and motioned for Carrie to come over to where he was sitting. She walked over to where he was and he pulled her down onto his lap. They kissed and then clothes were off pretty fast thrown in every direction possible. Then Sidney laid Carrie down on the carpeted floor and moved above her. Carrie thought thank god there was carpet because a hard wood floor would not be too comfortable to christen a room.

Carrie moved one of her hands into Sidney's hair and the other one along his back as Sidney moved her legs apart and then slid into her. Sidney looked down at Carrie and kissed her as he started moving in and out of her. Carrie moved her legs around his waist and matched Sidney's thrusts. Sidney flipped them over so that Carrie was on top, which surprised Carrie but she sat up and started to ride Sidney. She felt one of his hands move to where they were joined and caressing her clitoris and her orgasm hit Carrie like a lightening bolt and she leaned back down to kiss Sidney. He flipped them back so that he was on top and then his orgasm hit him quickly as he swore under his breath and then emptied himself into Carrie. They lay together for a few minutes and then Sidney moved off of Carrie and he collapsed on his back. Carrie moved so that she was laying on his chest so that she could look at him. Sidney smiled at her and Carrie smiled back.

"Wow Sidney that was unbelievable" Carrie exclaimed with a huge smile.
"Yeah that was pretty amazing" laughed Sidney as he put his arm around Carrie.
"I love you Mr. Crosby."
"I love you too soon to be Mrs. Crosby" Sidney said and then kissed Carrie.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 30

Finally today was the day that Sidney was going to propose to Carrie in front of his teammates and just about everyone who was involved with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Sidney had worked out with Mario and Natalie that Carrie would bring the twins to the Lemieux's house and then Natalie would get Carrie to Mellon arena. Sidney had told Carrie that the team decided that it would be fun to have wives, girlfriends, children and other family members come to the last practice of training camp for a get together. Sidney was getting help from his teammates so that his big moment would go off without a problem. Jordan and Marc Andre noticed that Sidney was sitting with his face in his hands.

"Man he is seriously nervous about his proposal. I know that Carrie is going to say 'yes' so he shouldn't be that worried" Marc Andre said to Jordan.
"Yeah I know" Jordan said looking over at Sidney.
"I am going to talk to him" Marc Andre said as he walked over to Sidney.

Sidney was sitting trying to relax but here he was getting ready to ask Carrie something huge but deep down he knew she love him and would say 'yes' but then again you never know.

"Hey Sid dude you need to relax or you are going to explode and I don't think that would be a great idea right now" joked Marc Andre as he sat down next to Sidney.
"I am trying to relax because I know Carrie will say 'yes' but then again" Sidney said as he messed with his tie.
"Chill out ok because Carrie is going to say 'yes' and you two will be happy and have the perfect life" smiled Marc Andre.
"Thanks Marc" Sidney said as he stood up and started pacing around the locker room.
"Good lord Sidney chill out!" shouted Marc Andre.
"Sorry this is like a huge step for me and Carrie."
"So was the fact that you became a dad of twins and everything is going well with that right, Sidney?"
"Yes" Sidney said as he stopped pacing and then looked over at the door out to the ice where Mario came walking into the locker room.
"Hey Sidney, Carrie and Natalie are here and everything is ready. Are you ready?" asked Mario as he walked over to Sidney and patted his back.
"Yeah I guess so" Sidney said as he checked his pocket and took out the ring to look at it one more time.
"Wow Sidney that ring is beautiful and if Carrie does not say 'yes' then I will so marry you" laughed Marc Andre as he put his arm around Sidney's shoulders. That got a laugh out of Sidney and Marc Andre and Mario agreed that everything would be fine.

The three of them headed out of the locker room and headed to the ice. When Sidney got out and onto the ice he saw Carrie looking amazing and then she looked over at Sidney with a confused look on her face. He walked over to her and smiled.

"Hey Crosby what's going on here. I am the only girlfriend here except for Natalie and she said I had to look amazing and so now I am confused" Carrie whispered as Sidney stood near her and she only called him by his last name when she was not happy with him so he knew she was confused and slightly annoyed at him.
"I have something pretty important to ask you and so just bear with me for a few minutes, Carrie" Sidney whispered back.
"Fine" Carrie said.

Sidney took Carrie's hand and they walked over to be in front of everybody and Carrie was still wondering what on earth was going on here and then Sidney started to speak.

"Carrie I know that I brought you here under false pretenses but I have a legitimate reason for doing what I did" Sidney said as he got down on one knee, "Carrie Addison will you do me the honor of becoming my wife. Will you marry me?"
Carrie looked down at the ring that Sidney was holding and she had tears in her eyes and then she said, "Yes Sidney I will marry you. I love you." Sidney put the ring on her finger and then kissed her. There were hoots and hollers from all his teammates. Everyone congratulated Sidney and Carrie and there ended up being a party on center ice that late afternoon.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 29

Training camp was hectic but Sidney loved being back skating and seeing the guys. There were always new faces and of course since Sidney was the captain he was always encouraging everyone to do their best.

The evenings for Sidney and Carrie was mainly the two of them packing for the big move that would happen in a couple of days. Luckily there was not a bunch of stuff to pack but a little more because of the twins. Slowly but surely they finally got everything ready to move. It was weird for Carrie to see everything in boxes but then she would look over at Sidney and realize that her life was very different now and it made her happy.

Finally the day came for the movers to start getting everything and move it to the new house. Carrie looked over at Sidney as he was talking to one of the mover guys about something and then Sidney walked over to where she was standing.

"You look kinda sad, doll face what's up?" asked Sidney as he pulled her into a hug.
"I just feel weird leaving this place. I mean its where I have lived ever since I moved here to work for the Penguins. I have so many memories here, like our movie marathons and telling you that I was pregnant in the kitchen. Wow, I never realized how emotional I would be over this move" Carrie said as she moved away from Sidney and walked over to the window and wiping her tears from her eyes.
"Hey baby its understandable but we are starting a new part of our lives now with the new house and the twins" Sidney said as he stood behind Carrie putting his arms around her waist and leaning his chin on her shoulder.
"I know we are and I can't wait" Carrie said as she lean back against Sidney's strong body.
"I can't either" Sidney said giving Carrie a quick kiss on the cheek.
Carrie turned around in Sidney's arms and put her arms around his neck and leaned up to kiss him then she moved out of their embrace to go and check on the twins. Ava and Aaron were still sleeping when she walked into the nursery. Sidney had followed Carrie into the nursery too and stood next to her.

"I think its time we get them settled into the cars so we can head over to the house because it looks like we are all moved out of her" Sidney said looking around the condo.
"Yeah you are right" Carrie said as she picked up Ava in her baby carrier and Sidney picked up Aaron.

Sidney headed out of the condo and Carrie turned back to look back for one last look and smiled. The condo was completely empty just like the day she had moved in but now it was time to start a new part of her life with her beautiful babies and Sidney. Carrie was ready for the new part of her life as she looked down at Ava, who was sleeping peacefully in her carrier. Carrie shut the door for the last time and headed over to the elevator where Sidney was waiting with Aaron.

They got to the house and started to unload the cars. Carrie settled the twins in the living room because they did not have any furniture for that room yet and Carrie felt they would be safe there too. The movers started moving things into the house and Sidney directed them as to where things needed to go. After a few hours the moving people were done and left and Carrie and Sidney and the twins were now in their new house that was still fairly empty but was now home.

"I can't believe this is our house" Carrie said as they sat on the couch in the den while the twins were laying on the floor making cute baby sounds and kicking their legs in the air.
"Yeah its unbelievable but this is our place where we will make lots of new memories as a family" Sidney said smiling at Carrie.
They watched Ava and Aaron who were just having the time of their little lives on the floor. Sidney and Carrie could not help but laugh at the twins.
"I still can't believe that I am a mother but every time I look at them I love them so much more" Carrie said.
"And you are an amazing mother, Carrie, and that is why I love you and them so much" Sidney said kissing Carrie and then leaning her down on the couch.
"Hold up buster. You are not getting lucky now especially with the twins right there" Carrie said pushing against Sidney's chest.
"I am not trying to get lucky even though that is not a bad idea. I just wanted to get more comfortable with you on the couch" Sidney claimed.
"Yeah whatever dude" Carrie said as she rolled her eyes.
Sidney moved so that she was laying in front of him on the couch and they could still see the twins as they lay on the couch after a long exhausting day.

That evening after ordering pizza and checking out their new house, Sidney and Carrie put the twins to bed and then went into their new master suite. They got ready for bed and as Sidney had joked while they were getting ready for bed that they must christen the new bedroom. Carrie just shook her head as Sidney grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed where they made love for the first time in the new bedroom.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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Best Friends Chapter 28

Warning Adult Content

Sidney and Carrie had Natalie Lemieux watch the twins while they went house hunting. Natalie was thrilled to babysit because her kids wanted to help watch Ava and Aaron too. Carrie felt a little weird leaving her babies but she knew they were in great hands. Sidney had to finally push Carrie out of the Lemieux house so they could make their appointment with the real estate agent on time.

Carrie and Sidney finally got to the office and went inside to find Mr. Allen the real estate agent that Mario had recommended. A receptionist met them as they approached her desk.

"Welcome, how can I help you?" the receptionist asked.
"We are here to meet with Mr. Allen. I am Mr. Crosby."
"Please have a seat and I will call him for you."
"Thank you"

Sidney and Carrie went and sat down on a couch in the very nicely decorated lobby.
After a few minutes Mr. Allen walked out to the lobby.

"Hello Mr. Crosby, its good to finally meet you in person after our phone calls. I just have to say that I am a huge Penguins fan and congratulations on winning the Stanley Cup. That was an awesome game seven in Detroit" Mr. Allen said shaking Sidney's hand.
"Thanks Mr. Allen. I would like to introduce you to my girlfriend, Carrie Addison" Sidney said as he put his hand on Carrie's lower back.
"Its nice to meet you Ms. Addison" Mr. Allen said shaking Carrie's hand too.
"Nice to meet you too" Carrie said.
"Shall we go and look at some houses now?" asked Mr. Allen.
"I think so" Sidney said keeping his hand on Carrie's back as they all walked out of the building.

The three of them looked at several houses some that Sidney had chosen and some that Mr. Allen thought might be possibilities. It took most of the morning and some of the afternoon but Carrie and Sidney finally agreed on a really beautiful house that was actually in the same neighborhood as the Lemieux's house.

The house had everything Sidney and Carrie wanted. A huge backyard with a pool. It had more room than Carrie was used to but she figured she could manage. There were six bedrooms, seven full bathrooms on the main floor, a huge basement with another bathroom and a bar, two offices and a extremely large kitchen. It was perfect for what Carrie and Sidney wanted and it happen to be one of the houses that Sidney had wanted to check out. They headed back to the real estate office and started working on the paper work. Finally Carrie and Sidney headed to the Lemieux's house to pick up the twins. When they got there the twins were actually napping so Sidney and Carrie had a chance to talk with Mario and Natalie about the house.

"OH that is so wonderful that we will be so close" Natalie said smiling.
"It is so huge but I love it" Carrie said feeling excited and a little overwhelmed.
"I know that my kids will be happy that the twins will be in walking distance so they can come and play with them. My children love them so much" Natalie said.
"Anytime they wish to come over and play is fine with me" Carrie said.
"I am happy that you two finally found a house that you like and I am glad that we will be neighbors" Mario said as he stood near Natalie.
"Yeah as soon as we get everything worked out we want to have you all over for a cookout" Sidney said as he put his arm around Carrie's waist and smiled.
"That sounds like a great idea" Mario said.
"Well we need to get those crazy twins and head back home" Carrie said as she smiled at Sidney.
"I hate to have them leave because they are so sweet and I loved having babies around again" Natalie laughed and Mario just rolled his eyes and smiled too.
"Thanks again for babysitting" Sidney said as he and Carrie headed into the guestroom where the twins were sleeping to get them.
"Anytime" Natalie said helping them out with the twins and the baby bags.

Carrie and Sidney got the twins settled in the car and thanked the Lemieuxs for watching the twins. They headed home for a relaxing evening after a hectic day of house hunting. When they got home Carrie fed the twins and then Sidney helped her get them ready for bed. Then they settled down for a movie night that they had not had in a long time. Sidney and Carrie snuggled on the bed and watched, 'Miracle'. Carrie then made a move by putting her hand under Sidney's shirt and looked at him. Sidney looked at Carrie and then said, "Are you sure?"
"Yes Sidney" Carrie said as she removed her shirt to reveal a very lacy pink bra that gave Sidney x rated ideas. He quickly removed his shirt, shorts, boxers and then helped Carrie out of her bra, capris and underwear. Sidney laid Carrie down on the bed and started kissing her. He moved all over her and kissed every inch he could. Carrie enjoyed all the feelings that Sidney was giving her. It had been a while for obvious reasons but she had gotten the ok from her doctor a couple of days ago that she and Sidney could jump start their sex life again.

Sidney moved back up to kiss Carrie's lips and then she moved her legs so that he could enter her slowly but surely.

"Oh god Sidney you feel so good" Carrie cried out.
"Baby you don't know how amazing you feel to me" Sidney said and then started to thrust in and out of her. He would go slow and then a faster and it felt perfect. Carrie matched Sidney's thrusts with her own and their lovemaking was amazing.
Carrie's orgasm hit her hard and it felt wonderful as she saw stars and bit down on Sidney's shoulder. Feeling Carrie shudder underneath him made Sidney's orgasm hit him quickly too. He swore under his breath and the emptied himself into Carrie's womb.
After a few minutes Sidney moved off of Carrie and held her tightly to his chest and kissed her forehead.

"I love you so much Carrie" Sidney said as he smiled down at her.
"I love you too Sidney" Carrie smiled into his chest and felt herself get drowsy and then she fell asleep in Sidney's embrace. Sidney fell asleep too thinking that he could not wait until Carrie was his fiance and then his wife.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 27

Sidney was excited to see everyone after their amazing season last year. When Sidney showed up for the first day training camp which was a team meeting in the locker room. Everyone was just joking around and waiting until Coach Bylsma showed up. All of Sidney's teammates wanted to see pictures of Ava and Aaron and he had plenty to show.

"Oh my god those poor babies they look just like you Sid" joked Marc Andre.
"Yeah that sucks that they don't have Carrie's gorgeous looks" Jordan said with a huge grin.
"Hey I think that if any of you guys had kids they would scare themselves if they looked in the mirror" Sidney retorted as he threw a towel at Jordan.
"Whoa Sidney is making jokes now" Jordan laughed as he dodged the flying towel.
"Congratulations Sidney, they are really cute" Sergei said, "Isn't it the most amazing thing to be a parent?"
"Yeah Gonch its unreal and amazing everyday" Sidney said as he sat down.
"I am happy for you Sid" Evgeni said in his slow English and extended his hand to shake Sidney's hand.

Finally Coach Bylsma walked into the locker room and told everyone to settle down so they could get started. Everyone was just sitting around and started listening to what their training camp schedule would involve. Someone was passing around packets for the guys to read.

"OK guys do any of you have any questions?" asked Coach Bylsma.
"Yeah I have one. What this about a surprise proposal on the first day of practice?" asked Jordan looking confused as he read his packet.
"Oh that, I guess I will let Sidney explain that one" Coach Bylsma said giving Sidney the floor. Sidney got up and walked over to where their coach had been standing.
"I plan of proposing to Carrie at the first practice of the season which happens to be at the end of training camp. I hope that you guys will support me in this major step in my life and I want you guys there because you are part of my family too" Sidney explained and then let out a breath as he looked around the locker room.

"Absolutely Sidney were are here for you and I feel honored too" Marc Andre said as he went over to Sidney and gave him a guy hug. Sure enough the whole team was agreeing with Marc Andre and giving Sidney high fives and hugs. Sidney felt so much better with his teammates wanting to be there for him during this life changing step.

Meanwhile back at the condo, Carrie was actually getting a break because the twins had gone down early for their nap so she was getting some laundry finished and cleaning too. After that was all done Carrie went to the bedroom and laid down on the bed to nap too. She slept for a little while until she heard crying from the nursery. Carrie got up and changed each twin and then fed them. They were all playing on the floor of the living area when Sidney showed up.

"Hey doll face" Sidney said as he sat down next to Carrie and leaned in for a kiss.
Carrie kissed Sidney back and leaned against him.
"How was the first day of training camp?" asked Carrie.
"Fine we just had the team meeting" Sidney said as he looked at Carrie and could see she was exhausted.
"That's cool" Carrie said with a yawn.
"Carrie why don't you go back to bed for a little while and I will take care of the twins" Sidney said nodding towards the bedroom.
"Thanks Sidney I think I will take you up on that offer" Carrie said giving Sidney another kiss and then heading off to rest.

Sidney played with the twins for a while and then decided to give them each a bottle. The three of them had fun while Carrie got some much needed rest. After a while Sidney put the twins in their baby seats that played soothing music and he went to check on Carrie. She was still sleeping when he walked in the bedroom. Sidney went over and laid down next to Carrie and just watched her sleep and then he kissed her. Carrie moved slightly and then opened her eyes to see Sidney smiling at her.

"Hey sorry to wake you because I know you are exhausted but I just wanted to talk if that's ok" Sidney said.
"Yeah I actually feel good after that nap so what's up?" Carrie asked with a smile.
"I have been looking at houses for us to move into and I wanted to know if we could check out some of them tomorrow afternoon."
"Yeah that would be fine."
"Cool because I kinda already talked with the real estate agent and he had some time tomorrow afternoon. Plus I already have some houses I have been checking out"
"I can't wait to see what you have found, Sidney. And I have been thinking that we needed more room now that the twins are here."
"I agree and so tomorrow we shall start the house hunt" Sidney said enthusiastically as he kissed Carrie.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 26

*Note about his chapter* Its kinda short because I am not really inspired completely and I have no idea why. Hopefully some inspiration will hit me soon so this chapter is a filler and so please bear with me. :) :) Enjoy!!!!!!

Ava and Aaron both had dark curly hair like Sidney and had Carrie's eye shape and nose. They were cute and everyone who saw them smiled.

Mario Lemieux had invited Sidney, Carrie and the twins over for lunch at his house. Ava and Aaron were a big hit with the Lemieux kids. Everyone was enjoying a fun time. After lunch Mario asked Sidney to come into his office because he wanted to talk to Sidney. Mrs. Lemieux, Carrie and all the kids went to the back yard and played and talked.

"Sidney, how are things going with you?" asked Mario as he sat down in a chair and motioned for Sidney to sit too. Sidney sat down across from Mario and looked him in the eye.
"I will be honest with you sir, its hard and exhausting. And part of me is really scared about being a father but I know that with Carrie's help, I will be fine."
"You are right being a parent is scary and you never know what's going to happen next but since you have Carrie, who is an amazing lady by your side. I am sure you two will successful parents to Ava and Aaron."
"Thank you sir. There is something I need to talk to you about having to do with my living arrangements."
"I had a feeling you were considering moving out since you started dating Carrie" Mario said.
"Yeah I have been looking at houses here in Pittsburgh and I think I have a few possibilities but I want to talk them over with Carrie now."
"That's great Sidney and I hope that this means that there might be a wedding at some point soon?" inquired Mario smiling at Sidney.
"I hope so sir. I actually do have a ring that I had personally made recently after we won the Stanley Cup. My mother helped me find it and I am just now working on a surprise for Carrie to ask her to marry me" explained Sidney.
"If there is anything I can do for you or Carrie please feel free. After all we are family" Mario said as he got up and Sidney did the same and then turned to Mario.
"Actually there is something I would like to ask you. Would it be possible if you could help me out with my surprise for Carrie?" asked Sidney.
"What did you have in mind?"
"I want to propose to her in Mellon Arena at the first practice of the new season in front of all the guys and everybody out on the ice" explained Sidney.
"I think that can be arranged without any problems, Sidney" Mario said.
"You know that your family should be there too, sir."
"We will all be there" Mario said.
"Thank you Mario and I will let you know more when I have more ideas on what I have planned" Sidney said.

Sidney and Mario got up and headed outside to where Natalie, Carrie and the kids were playing and having fun. Sidney went over and sat down next to Carrie and put his arm around her. She leaned her head on his shoulder and they both looked at Ava and Aaron. The twins were lying on their backs as the Lemieux kids were talking and playing with them.

"Hey Carrie" Sidney whispered into her ear.
"Hey Sidney why are we whispering?" asked Carrie as she sat up.
"I don't want everyone hearing our conversation right this very second" smiled Sidney.
"Are you getting ready to tell a dirty joke or something?" joked Carrie.
"No, I just wanted to tell you that I love you" Sidney said as he pulled her into his lap.
"I love you too" Carrie said as she situated herself in Sidney's lap. They all sat there for a little while longer and then Carrie and Sidney headed home so the twins could have their regular nap time.

Sidney and Carrie got the twins taken care of and then they themselves headed to the bedroom for some much needed sleep.

The next several weeks Sidney was busy getting ready for training camp and his surprise for Carrie. Carrie was none the wiser about what was going on, mainly because the twins kept her very busy.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 25

One afternoon Carrie was sitting in bed reading when she noticed that her legs were wet and then it hit her.

"Sidney, Sidney get your ass in here I think my water broke and I need to get to the hospital NOW!" screamed Carrie as she started to get off the bed and look for her bag.
Sidney came running into the bedroom fast and helped Carrie out of the condo and to the car.

Sidney drove like a maniac to the hospital even though Carrie kept telling him to slow down because she did not wish to be in an accident.

"I am not driving that fast, Carrie. Anyway I want you to relax so that everything will go well in the delivery room."
"Fine Sidney fine."

They got to UPMC Mercy hospital and Sidney helped Carrie get situated as the nurses started prepping Carrie for delivery her twins. Carrie was settled into a room and now they just had to play the waiting game for when Carrie would finally give birth.
Sidney was calling everyone he could to tell them to get to the hospital so they could be there when the twins were born. Carrie's twin brother, Craig was on his way after he talked to Sidney. Both sets of parents were in Canada but would be there by the next day or so. Everyone was very excited could not wait to see the twins and find out what their names were going to be. Sidney and Carrie had no idea what sex the twins would be because they wanted that to be a surprise too.

A few hours later Carrie was taken into the delivery room and Sidney was in there too. He was suited up and stood by Carrie and held her hand. Carrie was a strong person but when she was told to push she tried and squeezed the mess out of Sidney's hand. Luckily for Carrie the twins were born fairly quickly and they became the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy and a beautiful baby girl.

"Wow Carrie, I am so proud of you and the twins are so amazing and I love you so much doll face" Sidney said as he kissed Carrie. Carrie laid back in her bed as she held her son and Sidney was holding their daughter. Craig was there taking pictures and making movies too. Carrie was exhausted but this had been the most amazing day of her life. She was now a mother of two amazing little people. Sidney felt an extreme protectiveness over the twins because he was their father. He also realized how important Carrie was to him too and what an amazingly strong person she was after giving birth to their children.

Carrie and Sidney had decided on several names for the twins depending on if they had boys or girls. Luckily they had names decided for both sexes. They named their daughter Ava Cosette Crosby and they named their son Aaron Maxime Crosby.

The twins were perfect in every way possible. Carrie was at the hospital for a couple of days and then she came home. The grandparents were all there and doting on the twins and helping out. It was kinda crazy but when everyone left for the evenings, Carrie and Sidney would sit back and usually fall asleep. The twins were very normal and woke up at ungodly hours for feedings and diaper changes but Sidney and Carrie had a system and it worked well.

One evening as Carrie and Sidney were watching the twins sleep in their cribs. Sidney came up behind Carrie and put his arms around her and kissed her temple.

"They are amazing and I swear every time I look at them I see something new. I am still a little bit in shock that I am some body's dad but its wonderful" Sidney said.
"Yeah I still can't believe I am a mom but its the greatest feeling. I love them so much its so unreal" Carrie said as she leaned against Sidney's chest.
"I am very lucky guy because I have you and the twins in my life" Sidney said. Carrie turned around in Sidney's arms and leaned up to kiss him. They were very lucky and the twins were a miracle they both were happy to have in their lives now.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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Best Friends Chapter 24

A few days later Sidney and Carrie flew up to Sidney's house in Nova Scotia for some peace and quiet and get away from the daily bustle of Pittsburgh. They both were happy to just be themselves with no one bothering them. Sidney also wanted to go fishing and ride on his sea-doo. Carrie wanted to just be able to sit and read all the baby books she had gotten.

Carrie was sitting on the dock one day reading one of her many books while Sidney stood next to her fishing. Carrie knew to be quiet so that she would not scare any of the fish. She looked up at Sidney at one point and saw him smiling at her and Carrie smiled back and then went back to her book.

"What are you learning from all those baby books?" asked Sidney as he checked his fishing line.
"I thought I was not supposed to talk because it could scare away the fish" Carrie said slightly confused as she looked up at Sidney.
"I know I told you that but its ok right now because I don't think I am getting bites today" Sidney said with a slight frown and then pulled in his fishing pole and laid it down and then he sat down next to Carrie. She moved closer to him and he put his arm around her shoulders so he could listen as she talked about what she was reading in her book. They sat there for a good while talking about everything and anything about babies, pregnancy, sex, and even possible names for the twins but no major decisions were made. Sidney had some really crazy ideas for names that usually were somehow related to hockey and of course Carrie had to knock them down because as she said she had to carry the twins for nine months and they were not going to have weird names.

That evening they cooked out and had a nice dinner for two outside on the back deck. As they ate they enjoyed a beautiful sunset which was very romantic and Sidney leaned over to kiss Carrie. After dinner they went inside and cleaned up together and Carrie had a small towel and playfully hit Sidney on the butt. Then Sidney looked at her and grabbed another kitchen towel and tried to hit Carrie but she ran out of the kitchen with Sidney chasing her. She stopped behind a chair and was kinda trapped by Sidney who was waiting for her next move. She began to run one way and Sidney started after her but she backtracked and go away for just a moment until Sidney finally caught her around the waist. Carrie started giggling and then turned in Sidney's arms to look at him.

"I think I had my daily exercise with that chasing game just now" joked Sidney as he held Carrie to him.
"Yeah I agree with you on that but it was fun" Carrie laughed as she leaned up to kiss Sidney.
"Yeah it was fun just like everything with you is fun and exciting, doll face."
"Yes exciting is definitely the word to describe being with you Sidney."
"I know this is going to sound crazy but I am so tired and I know its early but do you mind if we hit the sack?" asked Sidney.
"No I was thinking the same thing. I am really tired too" Carrie said as she and Sidney headed to the bedroom.

The rest of their vacation up in Nova Scotia was pretty much the same with no distractions and just being a couple. The vacation was just what both of them needed after all the craziness of earlier so when they had to head back they both hated to leave but life happens.

When they got back to Pittsburgh sure enough life came back to being crazy. Carrie had doctor appointments to deal with and Sidney had sponsor events to deal with. They slowly but surely got back into the swing of things for the most part. Carrie was still on leave from work but she did go with Sidney a few times over to the offices. Carrie checked in with the media department but mainly just to visit and of course Sidney had a few people to talk to about the new season.

Carrie had started to show a while back but now she was getting really big especially since she was having twins. She was tired a lot more and now the doctor wanted Carrie on semi-permanent bed rest until it was time for her to deliver the twins. Sidney was constantly aware of what Carrie was up to so that she would not have any more problems like before.

Craig was helping out too because he wanted his soon to be either nieces or nephews to be healthy. Craig had recently met a girl, named Leslie, whom he was getting to know pretty seriously. Carrie liked her a lot and hoped things worked out for Craig. Everyone was being wonderful to Carrie and that helped her relax which was what she needed.

Sidney and Carrie spent lots of time snuggled together watching movies or the history channel because of Sidney's love for history. Carrie learned plenty about all sorts of historical events during this time of her pregnancy. She even joked that they might end up as history teachers or something like that and Sidney just laughed as the two of them cuddled together.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pittsburgh Penguins Wallpapers Stanley Cup 2009 Champions

Best Friends Chapter 23

Warning Adult Content

The next month went by quietly with no major problems for Carrie and her pregnancy. Sidney was an amazing boyfriend and kept their lives as stress free as possible. Carrie had taken a leave of absence from work and everyone in the Pittsburgh Penguins Media department were very understanding which made Carrie feel better about not being able to work. She loved her job and missed all the adventures that she had while working. And it was how she and Sidney had met up and became such good friends and now were in a serious relationship with babies on the way. How life in such a short time can change so drastically but Carrie was not complaining.

One day as Carrie was reminiscing about the past and her relationship with Sidney, she realized that they had not had a date night in a while. They had had fun times when Sidney had won the Stanley Cup but it was usually with a million other people or one of their families so she decided to plan one for Friday.

Carrie was in the study working on her computer when she decided to ask Sidney out. She knew it sounded dumb asking out your boyfriend because she knew he would say yes unless there was some random hockey thing he had to do but she was pretty sure most of that stuff was done for the time being. So she went and looked for Sidney, who happen to be in the living area playing a video game with Marc Andre. Marc Andre had stopped by earlier and just wanted to hang out with Sidney so Carrie was fine with that and went and hung out in the study to mess around on the computer and read.
Carrie went and sat down next to Sidney and watched him as he played. He was in serious game mode and Carrie had to laugh on the inside at how competitive he was at anything. Finally Sidney glanced in her direction and stopped playing.

"Is something wrong, Carrie?" asked Sidney looking concerned.
"I am fine. I just wanted to ask you something" Carrie said as she stood up and nodded for him to follow her into the kitchen. Sidney got up and followed her but turned to Marc Andre, "I will be back in just a moment, Marc" Sidney said.
"That's cool" Marc Andre said as he smiled.
"Yeah I won't be long with him, Marc" Carrie said.

When they got into the kitchen, Carrie turned to look at Sidney.

"I wanted to ask you if you would like to have a date night on Friday?" asked Carrie.
"Sure absolutely. Is there a special occasion that I forgot or something?" asked Sidney as he tried to think if Friday meant anything important to them.
"No special reason. I just figured we had not had one is a while with everything that has been going on. Plus I wanted to have a night alone just the two of us" Carrie explained and smiled.
Sidney could not resist that smile and leaned down to kiss her.
"Cool then I can't wait until Friday" Sidney said as he held her and kissed her again. Then Sidney went back to hang out with Marc Andre while Carrie headed back to the study to read.

The rest of the week went by fast and when Friday approached Sidney wondered what Carrie had planned for their 'date night'. He knew how it usually ended up with the two of them making love and cuddling the rest of the night together but since Carrie was not allowed to 'have fun in the bedroom' then he had no idea how tonight would end but it did not matter because they would have fun anyway.

At five o'clock Carrie found Sidney in the living room watching sports center.

"Hey dude I told you we have dinner reservations at six thirty right?" asked Carrie as she leaned against the back of the couch where Sidney was sitting.
He looked up at her and smile, "Yeah I remember."
"Ok well then I am going to take a shower and get ready" Carrie said as she kissed the top of his head and walked off to the bedroom.
Sidney continued to sit in front of the television and then when he heard Carrie finish her shower he got up and headed into the bedroom. When he got in there Carrie walked out in just a towel and Sidney grinned and walked over to her.
"Oh no not yet hot shot" Carrie said as she walked away from Sidney, who then proceeded to disappear into the bathroom so he could take a shower.

Carrie finished getting ready and then Sidney walked out in just a towel himself and saw Carrie staring at him.

"Like what you see" Sidney grinned as he proceeded to drop the towel and get ready himself. Carrie just shook her head and walked out of the bedroom to find her purse.

Finally they headed out to dinner to a very nice Italian place. They were seated in a semi private table which was nice. They had fun just talking and spending time together. After dinner Carrie suggested that they drive to a park nearby the condo and go for a walk. Sidney and Carrie walked hand in hand around the park and no words were needed to be said. Finally they headed back to the condo and when they got inside Carrie looked at Sidney.

"I have a little surprise for you but you will need to give me a few minutes to get some things ready for the last part of our date night. I will let you know when I am ready" Carrie winked as she headed off to the bedroom. Sidney wonder what in the world and then went and sat down in front of the television. He propped his feet up on the coffee table and turned on the history channel. After about fifteen minutes, Carrie reappeared in a unbelievable sexy and lacy little outfit and made Sidney's mind have x-rated ideas. Carrie motioned for Sidney to follow her and he did just like a puppy. She giggled as he grabbed her around the waist and picked her up as they headed straight for the bed. Sidney laid Carrie down and then kissed her.

"Carrie are you sure its ok for us to make love. I don't want anything to happen to the babies after what happened."
"Sidney I got an ok from the doctor yesterday that it was safe for me to make love, exercise and do whatever so I know you missed us being together and so did I so its fine. Now show we how much you love me" explained Carrie as she started to grab the hem of his shirt. Needless to say it did not take Sidney long before he was out of his clothes and helping Carrie out of her little outfit.

Sidney looked at Carrie with such passion he could not help himself as he leaned down and kissed her neck right under her ear and then proceeded to kiss along her neck and then her shoulder until he reached her breasts. That is where Sidney gave special attention to each one as he suckled and caressed them. Carrie was going crazy as Sidney knew what to do to make her cry out his name several times. Sidney then moved back up to kiss her deeply on the lips. Sidney then moved Carrie's legs apart and slid into her slowly. She moved her legs around his waist and he began a slow rhythm and Carrie moved her hips to match his thrusts. Sidney started to move a little faster and then he would slow down and that drove Carrie crazy. Their lovemaking was amazing and Carrie felt so loved by Sidney. He was going crazy too because she was so wet and tight but he kept it together because he knew as soon as Carrie's orgasm hit his would come right behind hers. And sure enough Carrie felt her world start spinning out of control and she saw stars and screamed out Sidney's name as he thrust a few more times into her. Then he lost it too and emptied his seed inside of her. They collapsed together in each other's arms. Everything seemed perfect at that moment. Carrie knew Sidney loved her and he knew she love him. Sidney finally moved off of her and pulled her close and Carrie snuggled into Sidney's chest.

"I hope you liked my little surprise Sidney" Carrie said as she smiled at him.
"I loved your surprise and it felt so good to make love to you after what seemed like forever not being with you. I love you, doll face" Sidney said as he kissed her.
"I love you too hot shot" Carrie said as she kissed him back as she started to feel drowsy and then went to sleep in Sidney's arms. Sidney smiled to himself as he fell asleep too holding Carrie tightly to him.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 22

Sidney finally got to the hospital and tried to find out about Carrie but the nurse at the station had not gotten any formal information yet he had to wait. Sidney decided he needed to call his parents and tell them that he and Carrie were not meeting them for breakfast.

"Hey mom, Carrie and I are not going to meet you guys for breakfast because we are at the hospital" explained Sidney sounded upset.
"Oh my word, Sidney what happened?" asked Mrs. Crosby sounded kinda panicked.
"I am fine but Carrie woke up this morning with pain in her abdomen so needless to say we are at UPMC Mercy hospital" Sidney said quietly.
"I am sure Carrie and the babies will be fine. Sidney, we will be there shortly and try to relax" Mrs. Crosby said.
"Sure mom, I will try. See you soon" Sidney whispered and sank down more in the chair he was sitting on.
"See you in a little bit, son."

Sidney finally got up again to try and find out something about Carrie's status. The nurse was finally able to tell him that she was being checked out by a doctor and they would let him know more when they could. Sidney went back to sit down and waited for his parents to show up. After about half an hour, Sidney's parents found Sidney in the waiting room.

"Sid have you heard anything yet?" asked Mr. Crosby as he and Mrs. Crosby and Taylor walked over to Sidney.
"All I have found out is that a doctor is looking at Carrie right now and that is it because I am not family but I told her I am the father of Carrie's babies" Sidney said sounding so worried and upset.
"Oh I will take care of that, son" Mr. Crosby said sounding extremely mad as he headed over to the nurses station.
Sidney sat with his mom and sister as they waited on Troy Crosby as he talked animatedly with the nurse about the situation. Finally after a few minutes Troy came back over.

"Sid its all taken care of and you will be finding out soon Carrie's status" Troy said as he sat down next to his son.
"Thanks Dad, I really appreciate that" Sidney said as he hugged his dad.
"No problem son. After all those babies are our grandchildren."

After a couple of hours a doctor came over to Sidney and asked him to come with him.
Sidney, his parents and sister followed the doctor over to another waiting room.

"I am Dr. Winston and I wanted to tell you that Ms. Addison is fine and so are the babies."
"Why was Carrie in pain this morning? What happened and are the babies really going to be fine?" asked a very worried Sidney.
"Ms. Addison was under stress and she was kinda had early labor pains but everything is fine now and we made sure that the babies will not come any sooner than they are supposed to Mr. Crosby" explained the doctor.
"Can I see her now?" asked Sidney.
"Yes you can, she is on the maternity ward room 287. Oh and another thing is that Ms. Addison needs to be on limited bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy. She can not be overly stressed or active. We are going to keep her here overnight just for observation too." advised the doctor.
"Thanks sir" Sidney said as he and his family headed upstairs to see Carrie.

They got to the room and Sidney's parents let him go in alone so he could talk with Carrie in private. As Sidney walked in, he saw her resting and looked over and saw Sidney and she smiled. He walked over and sat down on her bed and took her hand.

"Hey you look good after all you've been through this morning doll face" joked Sidney trying to relax the mood.
"Thanks hot shot. I am just so glad the babies are fine. I was so worried, Sidney, if I had lost them. God I don't even want to think about that. It scared me so badly" Carrie said as she started crying.
"I know sweetheart but we are very lucky the babies are ok and so are you. And when you get out of here tomorrow, I am going to make sure you are resting and I am going to take very good care of you too" Sidney said as she held Carrie close and kissed the top of her head. Sidney finally told Carrie that his family was outside waiting to see her so he went and got them and they all came in and everyone was relived that Carrie and the babies were going to be fine. After a while finally Mr. and Mrs. Crosby and Taylor left and headed back to the hotel. Sidney stayed for a little while longer and he really did not want to leave Carrie but he promised he would be back as soon as he could in the morning. They kissed and then Sidney left. Carrie was exhausted and fell asleep pretty quickly.

Then next morning sure enough Sidney showed up and he even brought Carrie outside food for breakfast. She just shook her head but ate the food anyway because it tasted way better than what they had given her from the hospital cafeteria. The doctor came in and checked on Carrie and said that she would be able to leave shortly. They got the check out papers and then Sidney and Carrie headed home. When Carrie got to the condo, Sidney helped her to the couch. All Carrie wanted to do was rest and chill out so that is what they did. They watched television and cuddled together.

That evening when they were laying in the bed, Carrie looked over at Sidney and snuggled closer to him. Sidney pulled her close and kissed her forehead. Carrie knew that Sidney was just like every guy and he was seriously missing out on sex. But there was no way now because of what had just happened but she still felt bad for him and she looked up at him and touched his cheek. He looked at her.

"What's the matter doll face?"
"You are going to think I am seriously batty and crazy" Carrie said as she moved so that she was leaning on his chest.
"I already knew you were batty sweetie and I still love you. Come on spill it."
"Man this is hard to say even though we are having twins but I know that you are...are...uhm"
"Now you are blushing so I am guessing it has something to do with sex and I don't know why when we have been having it for a while now" laughed Sidney.
"Oh bother, I give up" Carrie said as she tried to move away from Sidney.
"Oh no come on what ever it is talk, Carrie" Sidney said as he pulled her back to where she had just been.
"Fine, I know that we have not had sex in a while and I kinda feel bad for you since now it won't happen for at least another month" Carrie spilled out.
"Hey its cool and just making out with you is fine and I will survive doll face. I think I can wait and its all good, baby" Sidney said as he kissed Carrie and then smiled that amazing smile.
"OK as long as you are cool with that" Carrie said as she kissed Sidney again.

Sidney Crosby and Cabbie on the Street

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 21

Friday night was game seven of the finals and Sidney was all in playoff mode and so were the rest of the Penguins. Both teams came out fighting a great game but thanks to Max Talbot, who scored two goals, and helped the Penguins win the Stanley Cup. The celebration was amazing and everyone had a great time. Sidney brought the cup off of the plane and then of course the news reporters were all there wanting to talk to him and the nice guy that he was, he talked for a little while. Carrie headed straight to the car and waited and finally Sidney and a couple of his teammates put the cup in the car and they all headed off to Mario's place for more celebrating. It was literally later that day that everyone headed home for sleep. Carrie and Sidney slept for most of Saturday. That evening the guys had the guy baby shower and continued cup celebration at Mario's place and that meant that there was lots of drinking and acting like crazy guys. Sidney got some presents for the twins too.

Meanwhile Carrie and Vero were at Carrie's condo finalizing the details of Carrie's shower for Sunday. Vero was hosting the more 'dignified shower' as she called it because they both knew that the guy baby shower was just a reason for the guys to get together and drink and do stupid things. After the girls had everything planned out they decided to go and have dinner. Carrie called Sidney to see how things were going at his party.

"Hey Carrie" Sidney said kinda loud because there seemed to be lots of noise at Mario's house.
"Hey Sid, how are things going there? You guys sound like you are having a blast" said Carrie as she took the phone away from her ear.
"Oh yeah we are really enjoying ourselves. Lots of beer and fun" joked Sidney.
"I can hear that there is lots of fun. Vero says to tell Marc Andre hope he is having fun" Carrie said.
"I know he is because he is leading some sort of drinking game right now" laughed Sidney as he looked at Marc and Jordan leading some of the guys in some sort of drinking game. Sidney shook his head and laughed at them.
"Oh well I am sure she will be proud to know that. You guys are nuts. Just be really careful and nobody better get hurt or do something stupid" Carrie said with a concerned look on her face that made Vero listen to what Carrie was saying to Sidney.
"Don't worry doll face. I am always careful and everyone is staying put here tonight anyway so its all good. Mario took every one's keys away and hid them somewhere in the house so we are all really stuck."
"I will see you tomorrow and I love you Sidney."
"I love you too Carrie and have fun with Vero."

Carrie hung up her phone and then looked at Vero, who looked worried after what she had heard Carrie.

"What's going on with my crazy boyfriend?" asked Vero.
"He was leading a bunch of the guys in some sort of drinking game" Carrie told Vero as they both shook their heads.
"Good lord that Marc needs me to knock some sense into his stupid head" laughed Vero.
"Yeah there are times when I feel the same way about Sidney but he is just so cute that I have to let it slide" smiled Carrie.
"Yeah I know anywho you ready for some dinner?" asked Vero as she got up from the couch.
"Yeah let's rock in roll" Carrie said as she got up and they headed out for a nice dinner.

After dinner the two girls headed their separate ways and would see each other the next day at the baby shower for their own girl fun.

The next day Sidney got home around lunchtime and he found a note from Carrie saying that she was at the baby shower and would see him later. Sidney took a shower and then headed over to the hotel where his family was staying and they went to have a late lunch and then went back to the hotel to swim and hang out at the hotel pool.

Carrie got home and realized that the condo was quiet and wondered where Sidney had wandered to so she decided to call him.

"Hey Carrie, how are you?" answered Mrs. Crosby.
"Hey where is Sid?" asked Carrie.
"He is in the pool with Taylor and his dad. Hold on and I will get him for you."

"Hey doll face. What's up and how was the shower?" asked Sidney as he dried himself off with a towel.
"It was lots of fun and I got all sorts of things. Lots of the stuff is still in the car because I could not bring it all up so hopefully you will be an amazing boyfriend and bring it all up here when you come home."
"I will. Hey I am going to come and get you now and then we can all hang here until dinner. Is that cool?" asked Sidney.
"Sure I will get myself ready and see you shortly" Carrie said smiling to herself.
"OK will be there in a little bit. Love ya."
"Love ya too Siddo."

Sidney showed up and Carrie was ready with all her stuff and they jumped back into the car and headed to the hotel. They all had a great time at the pool and talked about the twins and everything.

That evening they went to the hotel restaurant and had a great time spending time as a family. Finally Sidney and Carrie headed back to the condo and would see Mr. & Mrs. Crosby and Taylor for breakfast the next day.

When Sidney and Carrie got back to the condo, Sidney helped bring all the presents into the condo. They went through all the presents and then decided they both were exhausted after a several crazy days. As soon as Carrie's head hit the pillow she was out and so was Sidney.

The next morning Carrie woke up with pain in her abdomen.

"Oh god oh god! The babies" Carrie cried out as tears streamed down her face.
Sidney quickly called the ambulance and tried his best to comfort Carrie as he held her.
"Shhhh sweetheart everything is going to be ok. You and the babies will be fine. Try to relax and breathe for me baby" Sidney said in his calming voice.
Carrie breathed in and out and snuggled close into Sidney's arms. Finally the paramedics were at the condo and they got Carrie into the ambulance with Sidney following in his Range Rover. All Sidney was thinking on the way to the hospital was 'please let the babies and Carrie be ok'.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 20

Needless to say the nursery was redecorated for twins instead of just one baby and Carrie had a blast. Sidney was getting more into the idea of twins and then joked that if they had four more kids they could start their own hockey team. Carrie gave him a death stare and he shut up very quickly and then Carrie suggested that if he wanted to give birth to the other four then she was all for more kids. Sidney was not interested in that idea so that was the end of that conversation.

Meanwhile Sidney was in playoff mode big time and Carrie just stayed out of his way.

"Hey Carrie have you seen my favorite hat anywhere?" asked Sidney as he searched frantically around the condo.
Carrie enjoyed watching Sidney running around like a crazy person looking for his hat. She had found it easily on her dresser with a couple of her hats.
"Is this what you are looking for, Sid?" Carrie asked casually holding it in her hand. Sidney looked at Carrie with relief and walked over to get it from her.
Carrie moved the hat behind her back and then moved around so that Sidney had to try and get it from her. Sidney looked at her with a sneaky smile.

"Oh so you want to play, Carrie?"
"No not really."

Sidney tried to get it from Carrie and she climbed onto the bed and stood looking down and Sidney with her arms folded in front of her with his hat. Sidney climbed onto the bed and grabbed Carrie so she could not get away. He picked her up and she struggled but he had a tight grip on her.

"Sidney put me down. I don't want to fall and hurt myself or the babies" Carrie shouted.
"I won't let you or the babies get hurt" Sidney said as he gently put her down and grabbed his hat and then jumped off the bed. He held out his hand and help her down off the bed. Sidney put his hat on and smiled in triumph. Carrie just rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"Ok that was insane. What possessed me to get up on the bed is beyond me" laughed Carrie.
"Hey you were just trying to see what its like to get the upper hand and have some height on me" joked Sidney as he hugged Carrie.
"Yeah sure whatever you say dude" Carrie said as she held on tight to Sidney.

Sidney had to head off to practice but promised that he would be back with dinner for the two of them. Carrie was cool with that because she wanted to talk with Vero, Marc Andre's girlfriend, about the plans for Carrie's baby shower that Vero was having the next weekend. Sidney left and Carrie called Vero for the main thing to tell Vero about the twins.

"Hey Carrie, what's up?" asked Vero.
"I have huge news" said a very excited Carrie as she put her hand on her slight showing pregnant belly.
"Oh my god, Sidney proposed!" Vero practically screamed into the phone which cause Carrie to take the phone away from her ear.
"I can hope he will at some point but actually I or should I say, Sidney and I are expecting twins!" Carrie exclaimed.
"Holy cow are you serious, Carrie. Twins that's so awesome. Congratulations."
"Thanks Vero, it was not expected by either of us but I am excited knowing that I am having two babies."
"Luckily I have not sent out the invitations so I will make sure everyone knows that you are having twins."
"Thanks Vero you are the best. Oh did I tell you that Sidney's mom and sister are supposed to be coming to the shower?" asked Carrie.
"Yeah I remember that you told me to add them so its cool" said Vero.
"I can't wait for the shower and thanks again for hosting it and I know that the guys are having some sort of guy shower for Sidney after the playoffs. I think it is actually the day before mine and his dad is going to that. Its going to be a immediate Crosby family reunion next weekend" Carrie explained.
"Yeah and you will survive because you have the most precious cargo that everyone is celebrating."
"Yeah I know and they made sure I am exhausted and hungry all the time."
"I bet they do."
"Speaking of sleep, I am getting kinda tired so I am going to go. Thanks again Vero and I will talk to you later" Carrie said.
"Bye sweetie" Vero said as she hung up.

Carrie headed into the bedroom for a nap before Sidney got home with dinner. Carrie slept for a few hours until she heard Sidney call her name. She looked up and Sidney was laying next to her with a smile.

"Hey sleepyhead you have a good nap?" asked Sidney as he leaned in for a kiss.
"Yeah I did and what did you get for dinner because I am seriously hungry and so are the crazy Crosby babies?" asked Carrie as she smiled at Sidney.
"I got Italian. I hope that works for you."
"That sounds great. Lets go and eat" Carrie said as she got up and Sidney followed her to the kitchen table. They had a nice dinner and talked about their afternoons. That night they laid next to each other in bed and talked about the future which made Carrie think of what Vero had said about getting married. Not that it really mattered when or if they did, she just wondered where Sidney thought when he started this relationship would they be walking down the aisle at some point.

"Carrie you are thinking really hard now. What's on your mind?"
"When I was talking with Vero she said something that made me wonder about our future as a couple" Carrie said as she bit her lip.
"What did she say?"
"Well I told her I had huge news and she thought that you had proposed to me but I told her actually I was having twins and so I was just wondering...." Carrie said as her sentence faded out.
"Well..uhm...I have kinda been thinking about us down the road because of the fact that we are starting a family but I think I want to do something special and make it a surprise for you so you will just have to wait and see" Sidney said with that adorable smile that no girl can resist.
"I guess I will just wait and I just hope that you don't surprise me that I go into early labor" joked Carrie as she laughed.
"I love you Carrie Addison" Sidney leaned down for a kiss that Carrie accepted.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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Best Friends Chapter 19

A few days later Carrie had a doctor's appointment about the baby. Sidney was coming along too because they were going to get the first pictures of the baby. Sidney was like a kid in a candy store because the ultrasound pictures were all he was talking about and his teammates were ready to throw him out the window. Carrie had been having extremely bad morning sickness and had become even more tired lately and she hoped that nothing was wrong with the baby but they would find out soon.

Carrie and Sidney got to the doctor's office and checked in and then waited to be called back to see the doctor. As they were sitting in the waiting room, Sidney found some parenting magazines and was looking at them and Carrie was sitting quietly trying to fight another bout of nausea.

"Hey Carrie are you ok sweetie?" Sidney said looking at her with major concern as he put his hand on her back.
"I just feel so nauseous right now, Sidney" Carrie said as she put her face in her hands.
Sidney rubbed her back as Carrie started to feel a little better as the nausea started to subside.
"That feels so good Sidney. Don't stop" Carrie said as she took a few deep breaths.
Sidney continued to rub her back and then the nurse happened to call them back. Sidney helped Carrie up and they headed to the room they were going to be in to talk with the doctor. The nurse took some stats on Carrie and then told her to sit and relax and that the doctor would be in shortly to see her.

A few minutes later the doctor walked into the room.

"Hey Ms. Addison and Mr. Crosby. Its good to see you two. How are you feeling, Ms. Addison?" asked the doctor, Mrs. Taylor.
"I have been fine but just a little bit ago I had a horrible bout of nausea and have been extremely exhausted a lot lately" Carrie said.
"Well let's take a look with the ultrasound machine and see if that can give us any clues" the doctor said as she set up the ultrasound machine. Finally Dr. Taylor put some goo on Carrie's abdomen and then took a wand and moved it around and they got the first pictures of the baby. Sidney and Carrie were excited and then the doctor said something that was a surprised to both of them.

"I think I know why you are even more tired and are having major nausea. You are having twins. You see there is one baby and baby number two is right here" Dr. Taylor explained the picture on the machine.

Carrie and Sidney were both quite in shock! Two babies!

"We are having twins?" asked a surprised Sidney.
"Yes, Mr. Crosby, twins but it makes sense because Ms. Addison is a twin so she has the twin gene more prominent" the doctor said.
"Wow" was all Carrie could say at that moment because she was still processing the whole concept of carrying twins.
"Do either of you have any questions you want to ask me about the babies?" the doctor asked. Sidney asked a million questions and Carrie talked too and they learned a lot and then the doctor had the first pictures made of the twins for Sidney and Carrie. They left the doctor's both happy and surprised. They were in for a huge change in their lives.

The ride home was this slightly different with Carrie talking a mile a minute and Sidney being quiet. He was happy but slightly overwhelmed.

"Hey Sid are you, ok? asked Carrie, "You are awfully quiet. Are you not happy about having twins?"
"Carrie I am fine" Sidney said acting kinda short with Carrie.
"Sorry for asking you anything, Sidney" Carrie said with tears in her eyes. She thought that maybe now that they were having twins that he might not want her or the babies. What could make him so mad? She would be ok and not worry about Sidney because she loved the idea that she was having twins. Carrie ignored Sidney as they got to the condo. She walked straight into the bedroom and slammed the door. Sidney went to the office room in the condo and stayed in there. They did not talk to each other for the next few hours until Sidney finally caved and went to find Carrie so they could talk.

"Hey Carrie can I come in?" asked Sidney as he stood at the door to the bedroom.
"Why you don't seem to be happy about the babies?" Carrie said as sat on the bed.
"Please I really want to talk to you."
"Fine come on in."
Sidney walked in and came over and sat down next to Carrie on the bed. He took her hand and looked in her eyes.

"Sorry for acting like an idiot, Carrie. I am just overwhelmed by the fact that we are having two babies and not one. I know I did not react well in the car ride back home when you were talking. I am so sorry. I am excited about the twins but when you told me back when you were first pregnant that we were going to have one baby not two and it never clicked that because you were a twin that we had a better chance of having twins. I know it sounds kinda naive but it never crossed my mind. I hope that you can forgive me and I know I am losing my chances with all the stupid moves I have been making. God how do you still love me and my crazy ways, Carrie?" explained Sidney with tears in his eyes.
"Hey I know its a big thing that we are having twins and I can understand why you are overwhelmed. I love you too but you are seriously losing your chances you better get your act together, hot shot or else. I forgive you because its not what either of us expected but we love and trust each other and will make it through this adventure" Carrie said as she pulled Sidney to her for a big kiss and a fun make out session.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 18

The next morning the team was gathering in a conference room at the hotel before practice to eat breakfast and have a team meeting. While everyone was eating Craig went over to where Sidney was sitting talking with Marc Andre.

"Hey Sidney, can I talk to you for a moment?" asked Craig.
"Yeah sure" Sidney said as he got up from the table he was sitting at with Marc Andre and a few other guys. They all looked at Sidney and Craig as they walked out of the room.

"What the hell were you thinking last night with that girl, dude?" asked Craig.
"She came onto me, Craig and I told her I had a girlfriend" declared Sidney.
"I told you that if you hurt Carrie, I would kick your ass, Sid."
"Kicking my ass is not going to help anything but I called Carrie last night and we have a long talk. I told her everything and that I love her and it will never happen again. She forgave me so you can just chill out!"
"Really she forgave you even though you kissed another girl?" Craig said in shock.
"Yes she did and I am not a player and mess around if I am in a committed relationship, which I am in right now with Carrie and I want to be with her forever" Sidney declared, "And now if you don't mind I would like to finish my breakfast before the team meeting starts" Sidney said as he headed back into the conference room. Craig stood there and decided to call Carrie and hear for himself that she was totally fine with what had happened with Sidney at the bar.

"Hey Craig, good morning" Carrie said as she was getting ready for her day.
"Hey Carrie, morning to you too. I was calling because of Sidney and what happened last night."
"We had a long chat last night and I am fine."
"Yes I am sure mainly because for the main reason he took responsibility for what happened last night. And if it had been Jack he would have used his guilty conscience and put the blame on me for some reason. Sidney has never done that to me and is a good guy and loves me and would never hurt me for any reason. Plus we totally trust each other" explained Carrie.
"Wow Carrie you really are a lot stronger person since that Jack situation. And I am impressed with how much you defended Sidney so I can really see that you love each other and are committed completely. I am just in awe of you right now and am happy for you too!" Craig said with complete admiration for his twin sister.
"Thank you Craig. Now is my gorgeous boyfriend anywhere nearby because I would love to talk to him" Carrie said smiling to herself.
"Hold on he went back into the conference room. I will go and get him if you hold on a sec."
"Sure no problem."

"Hey Sid, Carrie is on the phone and wants to talk to you" Craig said as he handed his phone to Sidney.
"Thanks Craig" Sidney said as he took the phone.

"Hey Carrie, good morning. How are you?"
"I am great now that I am talking with you" Carrie said.
"I miss you and can't wait to get home so I can be with you" Sidney said and then he got looks by his teammates and blushed.
"OK hot shot you need a cold shower. I hope that you have a great practice today."
"Yeah I always do. How are things in Pittsburgh? Is the baby ok?"
"Pittsburgh is fine and the baby is great. I am actually going to have dinner with Vero tonight" Carrie said.
"Oh that's cool, you and Vero will have a good time tonight."
"Oh we will. Hey listen I need to finish getting ready for work so I have to go. I mainly just wanted to say good morning and I love you, Sidney."
"I love you too and will talk to you later doll face."

Sidney hung up the phone and handed back to Craig. And then they all heard their coach trying to get every one's attention to start the meeting.

The meeting was not extremely long and then they were all headed to practice at the arena.

Practice was long and hard but they all knew they needed a serious butt kicking practice after the horrible game they had played the day before. After practicing on the ice, everyone headed to do some off ice working out. Finally they all headed to the showers and got ready to head back to the hotel for rest time. When Sidney got back to his room he called Carrie but got her voice mail so he left a message before taking his nap.

That evening the game was better and they actually won and everyone was in good spirits. The locker room feeling was unbelievable and there was a unanimous decision to leave that night instead of then next afternoon. They headed back to the hotel and pack up and left for the airport and were back in Pittsburgh extremely late but everyone was happy to be home. Sidney jumped into his Range Rover and zipped out of the parking deck and headed straight for Carrie's condo. He could not wait to surprise her.

Sidney crept quietly into Carrie's condo and got into the bedroom where he smiled as he saw her sleeping so peacefully. He quietly crawled onto the bed and kiss her lips. Which surprised Carrie who jumped up to a sitting position and looked at Sidney in shock.

"What are you doing here?" exclaimed Carrie who looked shocked.
"Sorry sweetie but I could not help myself and I had to kiss you" Sidney said giving her a huge grin.
"But you weren't supposed to be here until tomorrow afternoon? What are you doing here at 3am?"
"We decided since we won to head back early. Sorry for scaring you" Sidney said as he pulled her to him and hugged her tightly. Carrie snuggled close and relaxed.
"I am thrilled that you are back early" Carrie smiled happily.
"Me too, now I am exhausted and I know you are so let's go back to sleep and we can talk more later on" Sidney said as he got up and stripped down to his boxers and then got back into bed and laid down next to Carrie and they fell back to sleep.

The next morning Carrie overslept and when she looked at the clock she tried to get up but Sidney pulled her back to him.

"I have to get to work, Sidney. I am already late so I am going to have to call in and let them know" Carrie said as tired again to get away from Sidney.
"Call in sick because I don't want to sleep without you" Sidney said sleepily.
"Sorry dude, I have things that have to get done today."
Sidney grabbed her cell phone and found the number and called Mr. Wilson.

"Hey Mr. Wilson, its Sidney Crosby and Carrie is not feeling so well today so she is not going to make it in today" Sidney said.
"Oh I hope that she feels better. I hope that it has nothing to do with the baby, Mr. Crosby" Mr. Wilson said with concern.
"Yeah I think Carrie has been working really hard and its kinda caught up with her since she is pregnant. Thanks for understand sir."
"OK tell her to rest and I will talk to her later, Mr. Crosby. Goodbye" Mr. Wilson said.
"Goodbye Mr. Wilson" Sidney said and then hung up her cell phone.

"Now go back to sleep doll face" Sidney said as he kissed her and then got comfortable himself.
"What am I going to do with you Sidney?" asked Carrie as she moved closer to Sidney so she could go back to sleep.
"You are going to love me and as I promised you I was going to make it up to you so you have a day off" Sidney said as he went back to sleep.

They slept for most of the morning and when they woke up it was a little after one o'clock. Carrie had slept great and actually felt really good and was glad that Sidney had called in sick for her. She smiled at him and got up and went into the bathroom. Carrie walked out and Sidney was laying on the bed and looked at her.

"Good afternoon lazy butt" Carrie joked as she walked back to the bed and sat down.
"Hey you" Sidney said as he just laid on the bed.
"OK now we have a day off and probably a good day to talk about everything" Carrie said seriously.
"Yeah I know" Sid said as he moved to a sitting position.
"I meant that I forgive you Sidney and I know that you did not mean to hurt me. I told Craig that I trust you and that I know you are not like Jack and would never hurt me on purpose. So he understands that you and I are committed to each other" Carrie explained.
"Yeah he seemed cool with everything after you guys had talked so I truly and committed to you and I am NOT Jack and never will be ever. You are so important to me" Sidney said as he took her hand and pulled her to his lap. Carrie kissed Sidney and they just chilled out. Finally they got up to eat something and ended up having a lazy day in the house watching movies for the rest of the day.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 17

The guys got to Detroit and were now heading back to the hotel after practice for a lunch time meeting and then everyone was going to rest until the game. The meeting luckily for the guys was short and so everyone was ready to nap. Sidney went to his room that he shared with Marc Andre Fleury. Marc was still talking with the goalie coach and told Sid he would see him in the room shortly.

Sidney got in the room and went and sat on his bed. He decided to call Carrie just because he could.

"Hey hot shot what's going on with you?" asked Carrie.
"I am good. We had a good practice and a team lunch meeting and now I am getting ready for my nap before the game" Sidney said as he laid back on several pillows on his bed.
"Sounds like you have had a very busy morning so far."
"Yes it has and I am exhausted. Plus I miss you doll face and wish you were here because I always sleep better holding you."
"Oh good lord, Sid can you be any more corny with that line but I love you anyway" Carrie said as she rolled her eyes.

Just then Marc Andre walked into the room and heard Sidney talking to Carrie. Sidney nodded at his friend. Marc nodded back and went over to his bed and sat down to take off his shoes and get ready for his own nap.

"I know that you love me even if I am so corny its ridiculous" joked Sidney.
"OK well listen I need to go and eat some lunch myself so I am going to have to go. I will talks to you later, Sid. I love you."
"I love you too doll face. Later."

"Hey Sid, how's Carrie doing?" asked Marc as he laid down and got comfortable on his bed.
"She's good" Sidney said as he laid down and got ready to go to sleep.
"Cool man" Marc said as he drifted off to sleep himself.

A couple of hours later, Sidney and Marc got up from their naps and then got ready to head over to the arena for the game.

The game did not go the Penguins way at all. They lost badly and Coach Bylsma talked with everyone before they showered and got ready to head back to the hotel.
On the bus ride back to the hotel some of the guys decided to go out to a bar and try to have some fun. Sidney agreed to go with the guys because he figured it would be better than sulking in his room and mulling over what he could have done better.
So Sidney, Marc Andre, Jordan, Max, Tyler, Evgeni, Craig, and a few others planned on meeting in the lobby in a half an hour to head out for some guy fun at the bar.

The crew found a cool bar and found a table and ordered some drinks and just started talking and checking out the scene. They were all having a great time and the drinks were flowing. Some girls were staring their way and the guys were joking that they were after Sidney. Then one of the girls came over and went straight for Sidney. Craig noticed this and watched because Sidney was not completely wasted but he had knocked back a couple and was kinda buzzing. Sidney smiled at the girl as she sat down next to him and was talking to him but he kept his hands to himself. Her friends came over and sat down too and started talking with the other guys and everyone was having a good time. At one point the girl talking with Sid put her hand on his leg and was doing some serious flirting. Sid flirt a little but when the girl kissed him, he pulled back and told her that he was in a very serious relationship but the girl told him 'who cares and your girlfriend will never know'. Craig saw this and looked at Sid and Sid looked at Craig and knew that Craig was going to tell Carrie what had happened and Sid did not like that idea at all. Sidney finally got up and said that he was heading back to the hotel. Marc got up too and said that he was joining Sidney. They left the others behind.

"Oh god Marc, what I am going to do. Craig is seriously going to kill me. I have to talk to Carrie first" Sidney said as he pulled out his cell phone and called Carrie even though it was late. He needed to make sure she knew what had happened. Sidney waited for Carrie to pick up her phone. Finally after three rings a very sleepy Carrie answered her phone.

"Hello" Carrie said half awake.
"Hey doll face. Sorry to wake you up but I have to talk to you."
"What's up?"
"You know we lost the game and so the guys decided to go to a bar this evening and I went with them and we were drinking and some girl came over to me and kissed me. I told her I was in a serious relationship and so I am now leaving with Marc and heading back to the hotel. I just wanted you to hear it from me because Craig saw it too and I just don't want you to think I would ever hurt you. I love you, Carrie and as I have said all along, you are the one I want to be with" explained Sidney.
"Wow you kissed another girl, huh?" Carrie was now awake and upset. Sidney could tell she was upset and wished he was there to hold her.
"Doll face you know I would never want to mess up our relationship. I swear to God."
"I...uh...I don't know what to say" sniffled Carrie.
"Baby please don't cry I am so sorry and it will never happen again" promised Sidney.

Carrie started crying harder and luckily Sidney and Marc had made it to the room and Sidney went into the bathroom and closed the door. Marc knew to give Sidney his space so he turned on the television.

"Carrie please man. I wish I was there so I could hold you. You gotta know that it meant nothing and I love you" Sidney continued to plead into the phone.
" I really don't know what to say" sniffled Carrie as she was sitting on their bed.
"I love you and I know I have said that a bunch in a short period of time but I really mean it totally, Carrie" Sidney said as he started to get upset too.
"I am surprised and confused at all of this" Carrie said.
"I know you are and all I wish I could do right now is be there with you. I will be home tomorrow night and we can talk, ok" Sidney said because he knew it was late. And he could tell by Carrie's voice that she was exhausted and this is probably not good for them to be arguing because the stress might be bad for the baby.
"Yeah I will see you tomorrow night and we can talk more. Good night Sidney" Carrie said before she hung up.

Sidney looked at his phone and then put his face in his hands as he sat on the floor of the hotel bathroom. God he thought I so screwed up yet I love her so much that I won't lose her.

Carrie laid in the bed for a few minutes and thought that Sidney really felt bad about what had happened. She knew deep down in her heart that he did love her more than anything and she realized that. She loved Sidney so much that she decided to call him back.

Sidney was still sitting on the floor when his cell phone rang and he looked down and smiled.

"Hey sweetheart" Sidney said.
"I just realized that I forgot to tell you two important things. First, that I forgive you and know you did not mean to do what you did. And second, I love you more than anything" Carrie declared with all of her heart.
"Oh doll face, I am so lucky to be with you and love you. I swear when I get home I am going to make it up to you by showing you how much you mean to me."
"OK I can't wait to see what you are going to do meanwhile I am tired so good night and I love you, Sidney."
"I love you too, Carrie. Good night."

They both slept very well that night knowing that they loved each other not matter what they went through as a couple.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 16

Carrie and Sidney spent the rest of their day off shopping for the baby and working on the nursery even though it was still a little ways off before Carrie gave birth to their baby. They had fun and it was quality time spent together as a couple.

"I think we did a great job with the nursery" declared Sidney as he put his arm around Carrie's shoulders and admired their work.
"I totally agree. It looks perfect and I love it" Carrie said as she leaned her head on Sidney's chest.
"We are a good team" chuckled Sidney as he kissed the top of Carrie's head.
"Yeah and now I am starving so I am heading to the kitchen. Do you want anything, Sid?" asked Carrie as she walked out of the room.
"Let's just go over to that Italian place nearby so that you don't have to do anything."
"Hey I am not going to complain about that at all" Carrie said as she stood in the door way.
"Cool now go and get ready sweetheart" Sidney said as he followed her into the bedroom.

They enjoyed a nice dinner at the Italian restaurant. As they were leaving a few people stopped Sidney for autographs and pictures and he was ever the nice guy about it. As Carrie was waiting on Sidney, her cell phone rang and so she looked at her phone and it was Craig. Craig had finally gotten all of the paper work done and had just recently moved into his condo which was on a floor above Carrie's in her building.

"Hey Craig, how's the new place?" Carrie asked as she walked over to look at a store window.
"Oh its getting there slowly Carebear, which is why I am calling you. Would you like to come over and check it out tonight since I am going with the team on the road trip?" asked Craig.
"Yeah Sid and I are just leaving the restaurant as soon as he finishes talking with some fans, I would love to see your place."
"Cool well then just come on over when you get here, Carrie."
"We will so see ya shortly, Craig."

Sidney had finally finished signing autographs and taking pictures and he looked for Carrie and then saw her talking on the phone. She had ended up by Sidney's car waiting on him to finish. When he got closer she had hung up the phone and looked in his direction and smiled.

"You finished with you fan club" Carrie asked jokingly.
"Yeah I am. Who were you talking to on the phone?" Sidney asked casually as he opened her door to the car.
"Craig and he wants us to stop by and see his place when we get back. Is that ok with you?"
"Yeah that's fine."

Sidney and Carrie got back to the condo and headed over to see Craig's place. They got to his door and knocked and a few minutes later the door opened and Craig invited them into his place. It looked just a bachelor pad with leather couches and a couple of recliners. Carrie was impressed at how nice it looked even though it was Craig's pad.

"Who in the world did you get to decorate this place so fast, Craig?" Carrie asked in amazement as she wandered around the condo.
"The real estate agent gave me a couple of names and I went with the one I liked the best and viola 'Chez Addison" Craig said animatedly.
"Its really cool, Craig" Sidney said as he checked out everything too.
"Thanks guy and its so nice to have my place now. Have a seat guys and can I get you guys anything to drink?" asked Craig.
"No I am fine" Carrie said as she sat down on the couch.
"Yeah I am good too. Thanks man" Sidney said as he sat down next to Carrie and put his arm around her shoulders.
"So Sidney are you ready for the game on Saturday?" asked Craig as he sat.
"Yeah I am ready and its going to be hard but we are up to it, I believe" Sidney said.
"I am looking forward to being on the road with you guys and practicing too. Its going to be an interesting trip" Craig said.
"Yeah it is" agreed Sidney.
"And I am happy because I get some quiet time here in Pittsburgh" smiled Carrie.
"You are going to miss me big time and all my noise and you know it doll face" Sidney laughed as he kissed her temple.
"Yeah whatever Sid. Anywho I am tired so I think we need to get on back to my place but I will be back here again. I promise Craig" Carrie said as she stood up. Craig and Sidney stood up too. Carrie gave Craig and hug and he shook Sidney's hand. Then Sidney and Carrie headed downstairs to Carrie's condo.

When they got into the condo, Carrie headed straight to the bedroom and started to get ready for bed. It was not that late but Carrie was exhausted with all they had been doing today and so was Sidney. They got into bed and snuggled up together.

"Good night doll face. I love you" Sidney said as he held Carrie close to him.
"Good night hot shot and I love you too" Carrie said as she leaned up to kiss Sidney and he happily kissed her back.

The next morning Sidney had to get up early and head to the airport for his trip to Detroit. He did not want to go without Carrie but he knew she needed to stay put in Pittsburgh. Sidney was quiet as he got ready to let Carrie sleep even though she would be up shortly for work anyway but he still wanted her to sleep for a little while longer. While Sidney was in the shower, Carrie woke and went into the bathroom and opened the door to the shower.

"Hey loser save me some hot water, please" Carrie joked.
"If you join me then we can save lots of water" Sidney suggested seductively.
"Not this morning because neither of us wants to be late" Carrie said as she shut the door on Sidney and went about her morning business.

Sidney finished his shower and got out and grabbed a towel and then got ready for the day. He walked out into the bedroom and smelled that Carrie was making something in the kitchen. He got dressed and headed to the kitchen.

"Wow something smells yummy."
"Its just scrabbled eggs, sausage and toast. I am going to go and shower now that you are done."
"Did you eat something sweetie?"
"No I am not hungry and I just threw up again but maybe after I shower and get dressed, I will eat something. OK Sidney."
"Fine but I just want to make sure you are taking care of yourself and the baby."
"I am fine and I will eat later. I promise."
"You better or else."

Carrie got into the shower and it felt so good and she let the water fall around her. After she dried off and then got dressed for the day. She then walked into the bedroom to find her bag and get it ready. By then she was now starting to get hungry and so she headed into the kitchen where Sidney was reading the paper and drinking another cup of coffee. Carrie sat down and ate some breakfast and Sidney smiled. They finished breakfast and then left the condo and headed to the parking lot. Sidney and Carrie went together to the arena because a bus was going to take everyone to the airport for their trip and Sidney did not really want to leave his precious Range Rover in the parking lot for the three days there were gone so Carrie would take it home and that made Sidney feel better. Sidney saw the bus and he and Carrie walked over to it.

"Doll face you take care of yourself and our baby while I am working hard" Sidney said as he pulled Carrie into a hug and kissed her forehead.
"I will and we will be fine. You have a good time and have a super game. I will be watching at home" Carrie said as she looked up at Sidney.
"I know you will be watching and I will call you. Probably more than you want me to but I can't help myself. I love you so much" Sidney said as he leaned down and kissed Carrie deeply.
"Oh please will you two get a room so that we don't have to watch you to getting it on" joked Max Talbot as he walked over to where they were standing.
"Yeah I really don't need to see my twin sister and her boyfriend making out" joked Craig as he walked over too.
"Whatever guys. I don't mind showing PDA with my girl so deal with it" Sidney declared.
Carrie just blushed and buried her head in Sidney's chest as he held her.

Carrie and Sidney kissed once more before he got onto the bus with the rest of the guys. Carrie watched as the bus headed off to the airport and then she headed inside where there were several of the Pittsburgh Penguins office people working. She went to her desk and got started on her day.