Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 29

Training camp was hectic but Sidney loved being back skating and seeing the guys. There were always new faces and of course since Sidney was the captain he was always encouraging everyone to do their best.

The evenings for Sidney and Carrie was mainly the two of them packing for the big move that would happen in a couple of days. Luckily there was not a bunch of stuff to pack but a little more because of the twins. Slowly but surely they finally got everything ready to move. It was weird for Carrie to see everything in boxes but then she would look over at Sidney and realize that her life was very different now and it made her happy.

Finally the day came for the movers to start getting everything and move it to the new house. Carrie looked over at Sidney as he was talking to one of the mover guys about something and then Sidney walked over to where she was standing.

"You look kinda sad, doll face what's up?" asked Sidney as he pulled her into a hug.
"I just feel weird leaving this place. I mean its where I have lived ever since I moved here to work for the Penguins. I have so many memories here, like our movie marathons and telling you that I was pregnant in the kitchen. Wow, I never realized how emotional I would be over this move" Carrie said as she moved away from Sidney and walked over to the window and wiping her tears from her eyes.
"Hey baby its understandable but we are starting a new part of our lives now with the new house and the twins" Sidney said as he stood behind Carrie putting his arms around her waist and leaning his chin on her shoulder.
"I know we are and I can't wait" Carrie said as she lean back against Sidney's strong body.
"I can't either" Sidney said giving Carrie a quick kiss on the cheek.
Carrie turned around in Sidney's arms and put her arms around his neck and leaned up to kiss him then she moved out of their embrace to go and check on the twins. Ava and Aaron were still sleeping when she walked into the nursery. Sidney had followed Carrie into the nursery too and stood next to her.

"I think its time we get them settled into the cars so we can head over to the house because it looks like we are all moved out of her" Sidney said looking around the condo.
"Yeah you are right" Carrie said as she picked up Ava in her baby carrier and Sidney picked up Aaron.

Sidney headed out of the condo and Carrie turned back to look back for one last look and smiled. The condo was completely empty just like the day she had moved in but now it was time to start a new part of her life with her beautiful babies and Sidney. Carrie was ready for the new part of her life as she looked down at Ava, who was sleeping peacefully in her carrier. Carrie shut the door for the last time and headed over to the elevator where Sidney was waiting with Aaron.

They got to the house and started to unload the cars. Carrie settled the twins in the living room because they did not have any furniture for that room yet and Carrie felt they would be safe there too. The movers started moving things into the house and Sidney directed them as to where things needed to go. After a few hours the moving people were done and left and Carrie and Sidney and the twins were now in their new house that was still fairly empty but was now home.

"I can't believe this is our house" Carrie said as they sat on the couch in the den while the twins were laying on the floor making cute baby sounds and kicking their legs in the air.
"Yeah its unbelievable but this is our place where we will make lots of new memories as a family" Sidney said smiling at Carrie.
They watched Ava and Aaron who were just having the time of their little lives on the floor. Sidney and Carrie could not help but laugh at the twins.
"I still can't believe that I am a mother but every time I look at them I love them so much more" Carrie said.
"And you are an amazing mother, Carrie, and that is why I love you and them so much" Sidney said kissing Carrie and then leaning her down on the couch.
"Hold up buster. You are not getting lucky now especially with the twins right there" Carrie said pushing against Sidney's chest.
"I am not trying to get lucky even though that is not a bad idea. I just wanted to get more comfortable with you on the couch" Sidney claimed.
"Yeah whatever dude" Carrie said as she rolled her eyes.
Sidney moved so that she was laying in front of him on the couch and they could still see the twins as they lay on the couch after a long exhausting day.

That evening after ordering pizza and checking out their new house, Sidney and Carrie put the twins to bed and then went into their new master suite. They got ready for bed and as Sidney had joked while they were getting ready for bed that they must christen the new bedroom. Carrie just shook her head as Sidney grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed where they made love for the first time in the new bedroom.

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