Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 28

Warning Adult Content

Sidney and Carrie had Natalie Lemieux watch the twins while they went house hunting. Natalie was thrilled to babysit because her kids wanted to help watch Ava and Aaron too. Carrie felt a little weird leaving her babies but she knew they were in great hands. Sidney had to finally push Carrie out of the Lemieux house so they could make their appointment with the real estate agent on time.

Carrie and Sidney finally got to the office and went inside to find Mr. Allen the real estate agent that Mario had recommended. A receptionist met them as they approached her desk.

"Welcome, how can I help you?" the receptionist asked.
"We are here to meet with Mr. Allen. I am Mr. Crosby."
"Please have a seat and I will call him for you."
"Thank you"

Sidney and Carrie went and sat down on a couch in the very nicely decorated lobby.
After a few minutes Mr. Allen walked out to the lobby.

"Hello Mr. Crosby, its good to finally meet you in person after our phone calls. I just have to say that I am a huge Penguins fan and congratulations on winning the Stanley Cup. That was an awesome game seven in Detroit" Mr. Allen said shaking Sidney's hand.
"Thanks Mr. Allen. I would like to introduce you to my girlfriend, Carrie Addison" Sidney said as he put his hand on Carrie's lower back.
"Its nice to meet you Ms. Addison" Mr. Allen said shaking Carrie's hand too.
"Nice to meet you too" Carrie said.
"Shall we go and look at some houses now?" asked Mr. Allen.
"I think so" Sidney said keeping his hand on Carrie's back as they all walked out of the building.

The three of them looked at several houses some that Sidney had chosen and some that Mr. Allen thought might be possibilities. It took most of the morning and some of the afternoon but Carrie and Sidney finally agreed on a really beautiful house that was actually in the same neighborhood as the Lemieux's house.

The house had everything Sidney and Carrie wanted. A huge backyard with a pool. It had more room than Carrie was used to but she figured she could manage. There were six bedrooms, seven full bathrooms on the main floor, a huge basement with another bathroom and a bar, two offices and a extremely large kitchen. It was perfect for what Carrie and Sidney wanted and it happen to be one of the houses that Sidney had wanted to check out. They headed back to the real estate office and started working on the paper work. Finally Carrie and Sidney headed to the Lemieux's house to pick up the twins. When they got there the twins were actually napping so Sidney and Carrie had a chance to talk with Mario and Natalie about the house.

"OH that is so wonderful that we will be so close" Natalie said smiling.
"It is so huge but I love it" Carrie said feeling excited and a little overwhelmed.
"I know that my kids will be happy that the twins will be in walking distance so they can come and play with them. My children love them so much" Natalie said.
"Anytime they wish to come over and play is fine with me" Carrie said.
"I am happy that you two finally found a house that you like and I am glad that we will be neighbors" Mario said as he stood near Natalie.
"Yeah as soon as we get everything worked out we want to have you all over for a cookout" Sidney said as he put his arm around Carrie's waist and smiled.
"That sounds like a great idea" Mario said.
"Well we need to get those crazy twins and head back home" Carrie said as she smiled at Sidney.
"I hate to have them leave because they are so sweet and I loved having babies around again" Natalie laughed and Mario just rolled his eyes and smiled too.
"Thanks again for babysitting" Sidney said as he and Carrie headed into the guestroom where the twins were sleeping to get them.
"Anytime" Natalie said helping them out with the twins and the baby bags.

Carrie and Sidney got the twins settled in the car and thanked the Lemieuxs for watching the twins. They headed home for a relaxing evening after a hectic day of house hunting. When they got home Carrie fed the twins and then Sidney helped her get them ready for bed. Then they settled down for a movie night that they had not had in a long time. Sidney and Carrie snuggled on the bed and watched, 'Miracle'. Carrie then made a move by putting her hand under Sidney's shirt and looked at him. Sidney looked at Carrie and then said, "Are you sure?"
"Yes Sidney" Carrie said as she removed her shirt to reveal a very lacy pink bra that gave Sidney x rated ideas. He quickly removed his shirt, shorts, boxers and then helped Carrie out of her bra, capris and underwear. Sidney laid Carrie down on the bed and started kissing her. He moved all over her and kissed every inch he could. Carrie enjoyed all the feelings that Sidney was giving her. It had been a while for obvious reasons but she had gotten the ok from her doctor a couple of days ago that she and Sidney could jump start their sex life again.

Sidney moved back up to kiss Carrie's lips and then she moved her legs so that he could enter her slowly but surely.

"Oh god Sidney you feel so good" Carrie cried out.
"Baby you don't know how amazing you feel to me" Sidney said and then started to thrust in and out of her. He would go slow and then a faster and it felt perfect. Carrie matched Sidney's thrusts with her own and their lovemaking was amazing.
Carrie's orgasm hit her hard and it felt wonderful as she saw stars and bit down on Sidney's shoulder. Feeling Carrie shudder underneath him made Sidney's orgasm hit him quickly too. He swore under his breath and the emptied himself into Carrie's womb.
After a few minutes Sidney moved off of Carrie and held her tightly to his chest and kissed her forehead.

"I love you so much Carrie" Sidney said as he smiled down at her.
"I love you too Sidney" Carrie smiled into his chest and felt herself get drowsy and then she fell asleep in Sidney's embrace. Sidney fell asleep too thinking that he could not wait until Carrie was his fiance and then his wife.

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  1. aww im glad they found a nice house! and its right beside the lemieux family! :D