Saturday, June 13, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 21

Friday night was game seven of the finals and Sidney was all in playoff mode and so were the rest of the Penguins. Both teams came out fighting a great game but thanks to Max Talbot, who scored two goals, and helped the Penguins win the Stanley Cup. The celebration was amazing and everyone had a great time. Sidney brought the cup off of the plane and then of course the news reporters were all there wanting to talk to him and the nice guy that he was, he talked for a little while. Carrie headed straight to the car and waited and finally Sidney and a couple of his teammates put the cup in the car and they all headed off to Mario's place for more celebrating. It was literally later that day that everyone headed home for sleep. Carrie and Sidney slept for most of Saturday. That evening the guys had the guy baby shower and continued cup celebration at Mario's place and that meant that there was lots of drinking and acting like crazy guys. Sidney got some presents for the twins too.

Meanwhile Carrie and Vero were at Carrie's condo finalizing the details of Carrie's shower for Sunday. Vero was hosting the more 'dignified shower' as she called it because they both knew that the guy baby shower was just a reason for the guys to get together and drink and do stupid things. After the girls had everything planned out they decided to go and have dinner. Carrie called Sidney to see how things were going at his party.

"Hey Carrie" Sidney said kinda loud because there seemed to be lots of noise at Mario's house.
"Hey Sid, how are things going there? You guys sound like you are having a blast" said Carrie as she took the phone away from her ear.
"Oh yeah we are really enjoying ourselves. Lots of beer and fun" joked Sidney.
"I can hear that there is lots of fun. Vero says to tell Marc Andre hope he is having fun" Carrie said.
"I know he is because he is leading some sort of drinking game right now" laughed Sidney as he looked at Marc and Jordan leading some of the guys in some sort of drinking game. Sidney shook his head and laughed at them.
"Oh well I am sure she will be proud to know that. You guys are nuts. Just be really careful and nobody better get hurt or do something stupid" Carrie said with a concerned look on her face that made Vero listen to what Carrie was saying to Sidney.
"Don't worry doll face. I am always careful and everyone is staying put here tonight anyway so its all good. Mario took every one's keys away and hid them somewhere in the house so we are all really stuck."
"I will see you tomorrow and I love you Sidney."
"I love you too Carrie and have fun with Vero."

Carrie hung up her phone and then looked at Vero, who looked worried after what she had heard Carrie.

"What's going on with my crazy boyfriend?" asked Vero.
"He was leading a bunch of the guys in some sort of drinking game" Carrie told Vero as they both shook their heads.
"Good lord that Marc needs me to knock some sense into his stupid head" laughed Vero.
"Yeah there are times when I feel the same way about Sidney but he is just so cute that I have to let it slide" smiled Carrie.
"Yeah I know anywho you ready for some dinner?" asked Vero as she got up from the couch.
"Yeah let's rock in roll" Carrie said as she got up and they headed out for a nice dinner.

After dinner the two girls headed their separate ways and would see each other the next day at the baby shower for their own girl fun.

The next day Sidney got home around lunchtime and he found a note from Carrie saying that she was at the baby shower and would see him later. Sidney took a shower and then headed over to the hotel where his family was staying and they went to have a late lunch and then went back to the hotel to swim and hang out at the hotel pool.

Carrie got home and realized that the condo was quiet and wondered where Sidney had wandered to so she decided to call him.

"Hey Carrie, how are you?" answered Mrs. Crosby.
"Hey where is Sid?" asked Carrie.
"He is in the pool with Taylor and his dad. Hold on and I will get him for you."

"Hey doll face. What's up and how was the shower?" asked Sidney as he dried himself off with a towel.
"It was lots of fun and I got all sorts of things. Lots of the stuff is still in the car because I could not bring it all up so hopefully you will be an amazing boyfriend and bring it all up here when you come home."
"I will. Hey I am going to come and get you now and then we can all hang here until dinner. Is that cool?" asked Sidney.
"Sure I will get myself ready and see you shortly" Carrie said smiling to herself.
"OK will be there in a little bit. Love ya."
"Love ya too Siddo."

Sidney showed up and Carrie was ready with all her stuff and they jumped back into the car and headed to the hotel. They all had a great time at the pool and talked about the twins and everything.

That evening they went to the hotel restaurant and had a great time spending time as a family. Finally Sidney and Carrie headed back to the condo and would see Mr. & Mrs. Crosby and Taylor for breakfast the next day.

When Sidney and Carrie got back to the condo, Sidney helped bring all the presents into the condo. They went through all the presents and then decided they both were exhausted after a several crazy days. As soon as Carrie's head hit the pillow she was out and so was Sidney.

The next morning Carrie woke up with pain in her abdomen.

"Oh god oh god! The babies" Carrie cried out as tears streamed down her face.
Sidney quickly called the ambulance and tried his best to comfort Carrie as he held her.
"Shhhh sweetheart everything is going to be ok. You and the babies will be fine. Try to relax and breathe for me baby" Sidney said in his calming voice.
Carrie breathed in and out and snuggled close into Sidney's arms. Finally the paramedics were at the condo and they got Carrie into the ambulance with Sidney following in his Range Rover. All Sidney was thinking on the way to the hospital was 'please let the babies and Carrie be ok'.


  1. OMGGGG i hope carrie and the babies are ok!! :0

  2. Thanks for reading Sidneyluver87!!!!!!! I really appreciate the comments because it is nice having a serious Sidney Crosby and hockey fan reading my story. Thanks a billion!!! :)
    Hockey is the coolest sport ever!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey have you ever gotten to see a NHL game in person? I go to Hurricanes games every so often. And I finally got to see Sidney play in person back in April in Raleigh, NC!!! I was so excited!!! LOL

  3. Awwww your very welcome Luvsid!! i really love your story and i love that you are also a sidney crosby and hockey fan! :)

    Yeah i have been to a couple pens games because my uncle lives up in pittsburgh :) I LOVE watching sid and the pens play, its really something amazing! haha :)