Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 23

Warning Adult Content

The next month went by quietly with no major problems for Carrie and her pregnancy. Sidney was an amazing boyfriend and kept their lives as stress free as possible. Carrie had taken a leave of absence from work and everyone in the Pittsburgh Penguins Media department were very understanding which made Carrie feel better about not being able to work. She loved her job and missed all the adventures that she had while working. And it was how she and Sidney had met up and became such good friends and now were in a serious relationship with babies on the way. How life in such a short time can change so drastically but Carrie was not complaining.

One day as Carrie was reminiscing about the past and her relationship with Sidney, she realized that they had not had a date night in a while. They had had fun times when Sidney had won the Stanley Cup but it was usually with a million other people or one of their families so she decided to plan one for Friday.

Carrie was in the study working on her computer when she decided to ask Sidney out. She knew it sounded dumb asking out your boyfriend because she knew he would say yes unless there was some random hockey thing he had to do but she was pretty sure most of that stuff was done for the time being. So she went and looked for Sidney, who happen to be in the living area playing a video game with Marc Andre. Marc Andre had stopped by earlier and just wanted to hang out with Sidney so Carrie was fine with that and went and hung out in the study to mess around on the computer and read.
Carrie went and sat down next to Sidney and watched him as he played. He was in serious game mode and Carrie had to laugh on the inside at how competitive he was at anything. Finally Sidney glanced in her direction and stopped playing.

"Is something wrong, Carrie?" asked Sidney looking concerned.
"I am fine. I just wanted to ask you something" Carrie said as she stood up and nodded for him to follow her into the kitchen. Sidney got up and followed her but turned to Marc Andre, "I will be back in just a moment, Marc" Sidney said.
"That's cool" Marc Andre said as he smiled.
"Yeah I won't be long with him, Marc" Carrie said.

When they got into the kitchen, Carrie turned to look at Sidney.

"I wanted to ask you if you would like to have a date night on Friday?" asked Carrie.
"Sure absolutely. Is there a special occasion that I forgot or something?" asked Sidney as he tried to think if Friday meant anything important to them.
"No special reason. I just figured we had not had one is a while with everything that has been going on. Plus I wanted to have a night alone just the two of us" Carrie explained and smiled.
Sidney could not resist that smile and leaned down to kiss her.
"Cool then I can't wait until Friday" Sidney said as he held her and kissed her again. Then Sidney went back to hang out with Marc Andre while Carrie headed back to the study to read.

The rest of the week went by fast and when Friday approached Sidney wondered what Carrie had planned for their 'date night'. He knew how it usually ended up with the two of them making love and cuddling the rest of the night together but since Carrie was not allowed to 'have fun in the bedroom' then he had no idea how tonight would end but it did not matter because they would have fun anyway.

At five o'clock Carrie found Sidney in the living room watching sports center.

"Hey dude I told you we have dinner reservations at six thirty right?" asked Carrie as she leaned against the back of the couch where Sidney was sitting.
He looked up at her and smile, "Yeah I remember."
"Ok well then I am going to take a shower and get ready" Carrie said as she kissed the top of his head and walked off to the bedroom.
Sidney continued to sit in front of the television and then when he heard Carrie finish her shower he got up and headed into the bedroom. When he got in there Carrie walked out in just a towel and Sidney grinned and walked over to her.
"Oh no not yet hot shot" Carrie said as she walked away from Sidney, who then proceeded to disappear into the bathroom so he could take a shower.

Carrie finished getting ready and then Sidney walked out in just a towel himself and saw Carrie staring at him.

"Like what you see" Sidney grinned as he proceeded to drop the towel and get ready himself. Carrie just shook her head and walked out of the bedroom to find her purse.

Finally they headed out to dinner to a very nice Italian place. They were seated in a semi private table which was nice. They had fun just talking and spending time together. After dinner Carrie suggested that they drive to a park nearby the condo and go for a walk. Sidney and Carrie walked hand in hand around the park and no words were needed to be said. Finally they headed back to the condo and when they got inside Carrie looked at Sidney.

"I have a little surprise for you but you will need to give me a few minutes to get some things ready for the last part of our date night. I will let you know when I am ready" Carrie winked as she headed off to the bedroom. Sidney wonder what in the world and then went and sat down in front of the television. He propped his feet up on the coffee table and turned on the history channel. After about fifteen minutes, Carrie reappeared in a unbelievable sexy and lacy little outfit and made Sidney's mind have x-rated ideas. Carrie motioned for Sidney to follow her and he did just like a puppy. She giggled as he grabbed her around the waist and picked her up as they headed straight for the bed. Sidney laid Carrie down and then kissed her.

"Carrie are you sure its ok for us to make love. I don't want anything to happen to the babies after what happened."
"Sidney I got an ok from the doctor yesterday that it was safe for me to make love, exercise and do whatever so I know you missed us being together and so did I so its fine. Now show we how much you love me" explained Carrie as she started to grab the hem of his shirt. Needless to say it did not take Sidney long before he was out of his clothes and helping Carrie out of her little outfit.

Sidney looked at Carrie with such passion he could not help himself as he leaned down and kissed her neck right under her ear and then proceeded to kiss along her neck and then her shoulder until he reached her breasts. That is where Sidney gave special attention to each one as he suckled and caressed them. Carrie was going crazy as Sidney knew what to do to make her cry out his name several times. Sidney then moved back up to kiss her deeply on the lips. Sidney then moved Carrie's legs apart and slid into her slowly. She moved her legs around his waist and he began a slow rhythm and Carrie moved her hips to match his thrusts. Sidney started to move a little faster and then he would slow down and that drove Carrie crazy. Their lovemaking was amazing and Carrie felt so loved by Sidney. He was going crazy too because she was so wet and tight but he kept it together because he knew as soon as Carrie's orgasm hit his would come right behind hers. And sure enough Carrie felt her world start spinning out of control and she saw stars and screamed out Sidney's name as he thrust a few more times into her. Then he lost it too and emptied his seed inside of her. They collapsed together in each other's arms. Everything seemed perfect at that moment. Carrie knew Sidney loved her and he knew she love him. Sidney finally moved off of her and pulled her close and Carrie snuggled into Sidney's chest.

"I hope you liked my little surprise Sidney" Carrie said as she smiled at him.
"I loved your surprise and it felt so good to make love to you after what seemed like forever not being with you. I love you, doll face" Sidney said as he kissed her.
"I love you too hot shot" Carrie said as she kissed him back as she started to feel drowsy and then went to sleep in Sidney's arms. Sidney smiled to himself as he fell asleep too holding Carrie tightly to him.


  1. Thanks that was the plan!!!!!!! The steamier the better!!!!! LOL