Thursday, May 21, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 13

A few days later the games were back in Pittsburgh with the series tied with each team winning a game. Sidney was playing extremely well and he was also happy because his old teammate and good friend Colby Armstrong was visiting him. Colby came up from Atlanta to hang out with Sidney and Carrie. Colby and Sidney went out one evening with some of the other guys from the team for a guys night out. Carrie was grateful for the peace and quiet after the guys left and she chilled out in front of the television and watched a movie. After a while Carrie went to bed kinda early because she was exhausted from all the activities they had been doing while Colby was visiting.

The guys got home and Sidney noticed that Carrie's condo was quiet and figured Carrie had gone to bed.

"Sidney that was so much fun hanging out with all the guys. I had a great time" Colby said as he sat down on the couch.
"Yeah no problem man. I figured you would want to see everyone" Sidney said as he sat too.

Sidney and Colby talked for a while and finally they decided it was time to go to bed so they headed off to their respected rooms. Sidney found his sleeping beauty, Carrie. He knew she was exhausted and quietly got himself ready for bed and then slipped into bed next to her and pulled her close to his body and fell asleep.

The next morning Carrie woke up in Sidney's arms and smiled to herself but she needed to get to the bathroom because the baby was playing havoc with her bladder. She tried to move away from Sidney but he pulled her closer.

"Hot shot please let go of me for a moment. I really have to go to the bathroom" Carrie said seriously.
"Fine but you better hurry up and come back here" Sidney said with his eyes still closed.
"I will" Carrie said as she got up and headed to the bathroom.

Carrie came back and gently laid back down on her side to watch Sidney as he slept. A few minutes later he opened his eyes looking for her and when he saw her just watching him, he grabbed her and pulled her close to his body. Carrie giggled and snuggled up to Sidney. They both lay there and then all of a sudden they heard some banging noises coming from their kitchen area.

"What in the world is Colby doing?" Carrie said as she got up and grabbed her robe and headed out of the bedroom. Sidney got up and headed into the bathroom and then followed out after Carrie.

"Colby what are you doing to my kitchen?" asked a surprised Carrie as she looked at the mess Colby had made.
"I was attempting to make pancakes for breakfast as a surprise to you guys but I guess it did not work" Colby said looking sorry.
"Hey its cool, Colby. That was a sweet idea you had but I think we better just go out and eat something this morning" Carrie suggested.
Sidney came out and was laughing at the scene in front of him. He could not help but have a great laugh and knew this was ammunition he could use against Colby someday when Colby wanted to make some sort of smart remark about him. Colby just looked over at Sidney and shook his head in defeat.

"Nice work here Chef Armstrong" joked Sidney as he walked over to Carrie and held her to him.
"Shut up man. Hey at least Carrie was nice about my attempt to be a helpful guest" Colby remarked.
"You two need to chill out and let's all get ready for our day and go out for breakfast" suggested Carrie as she moved away from Sidney to start cleaning up the huge mess in the kitchen.
"Carrie don't worry about the mess. The two of us will clean it up and you get ready first" Colby said as he went to work cleaning too.
"Yeah doll face we got this" Sidney said as he kissed her and then directed her towards the bedroom.
"Fine" Carrie said as she walked to the bedroom.

The guys worked together to clean the mess up and finally it was a sparkling and perfect. Sidney and Colby nodded that the kitchen looked up to Carrie's standards and they both went off to get ready.

Finally they were all set and left the condo and headed to the restaurant. They had a nice time talking about the finals and everything else.

Colby stayed for one more day and then headed back to Atlanta. Sidney was happy that his good friend had come up for a fun visit.

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