Sunday, May 10, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 10

The whole team was sitting in the locker room listening to Mario Lemieux and Coach Bylsma talk about the team, games, practices and everything else related to the Penguins.

"There is one last thing I have to tell all of you guys and that is we have acquired winger Craig Addison from the Coyotes. He is the twin brother of Miss Carrie Addison in our media department. No one is leaving we gave up a couple of draft picks and a couple of minor players from Wilkes Barre" explained Mario.
"Mr. Addison will be here shortly he is in another room talking to some reporters but should be here to....oh here he is now. Guys this is Craig Addison" Coach Bylsma said as Craig walked into the locker room.
"Hey guys its really exciting to be here and I can't wait to work with you guys" said Craig.
"I have already met you Craig but welcome to the Penguins" Sidney said as he extended his hand to shake Craig's hand.
"Thanks Sidney" Craig said as he went around the room and met the rest of the guys.

Practice was going well and all the the guys were talking, joking and trying to help Craig fit in with the team. At one point Jordan noticed Sidney was off to the side watching Craig pretty intensely, so he skated over to his friend to see what was going on.

"Dude what's up? Why are you staring so hard at Craig? I mean he is nothing special that I can tell at the moment" asked Jordan.
"I know he is Carrie's twin brother but when I first met him he was just all over me about being there for Carrie and our baby. He also made sure I knew that I better not screw up with her or he would kick my ass. Carrie was on my side and told Craig to chill out and that we love each other and want to be together" explained Sidney.
"He is probably just being overly protective and because he is a guy and an athlete he might be thinking that you are just trying to hook up with his sister and now she is pregnant so he wants Carrie to be happy and that you are not going to hurt her in any way" Jordan said.
"Wow Jordan I am impressed with your intellectual explanation of that" joked Sidney as he laughed.
"I am just saying what I would think because of who we are and what we do and all the craziness that goes on in our world" Jordan commented.
"Yeah I know what you mean man. And I am so not like that and you know it man" Sidney said as he skated off hitting a puck into the goal.
"Yeah Sidney I know you are one of the good guys" Jordan said as he skated to the bench to get some water.

After on ice practice Sidney was in the workout room working on his routine. He was listening to his ipod so he did not realize that Craig had come into the workout room and decided to go for a run on a treadmill. Sidney finally looked up and saw him running and decided to go over and talk because he was finished with his workout for the moment.

"Hey Craig what's up?" asked Sidney.
"Good just figured I would get a run in for the day and then I am meeting with a real estate agent to find myself a place now that Pittsburgh is my new home" Craig explained as he continued to run.
"Good luck with the house hunting later. I am going to go and get Carrie for our lunch date. So I need to get moving. See ya" Sidney waved as he headed to the showers.
"See ya Sidney."

Carrie was resting on the couch when she looked at the clock and realized that she needed to get ready for her lunch date with Sidney. She got up and headed into the bathroom and showered and got dressed and ready to go when Sid got there. Carrie was looking forward to having lunch with Sidney. Sure enough about 15 minutes later Sidney showed up.

"Hey beautiful are you ready for our date?" asked Sidney with a huge smile on his face and then leaning into Carrie for a kiss.
"Yes I am and looking forward to it" Carrie said smiling at Sidney as he lead her out the door and to his car.

They got to the restaurant and were seated. They were looking at their menus and then ordered.

"How was the team meeting today?" asked Carrie.
"Oh it was fine just some team business and the announcement of your brother joining out team" Sidney said with a frown.
"Why are you mad about my brother joining the Penguins, Sidney? He is a good player and is my twin so what's your deal?" Carrie said looking upset.
"Sorry doll face its just that I swear he thinks that I am going to leave you and the baby. I would never do that to you, Carrie, because I love you and I started this relationship because I wanted to be with you and no one else ever" confessed Sidney after taking a deep breath.
"I know you love me just as I love you and only want to be with you. I don't know why Craig does not seem to get that but I will talk to him again and make sure he knows. Right now I just want to have a fun lunch date with my amazing boyfriend that I love with all my heart" Carrie said as she leaned over to give Sidney a kiss that Sidney gladly accepted.

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