Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 9

Warning Adult Content :)

The next morning Sidney was watching Carrie sleep next to him. He lay there thinking 'I wonder how long her brother is visiting' and could not wait to talk to Carrie. He let his fingers slide along her arm that was closest to him and then he leaned down and kissed her shoulder and neck. Carrie moved slightly at his touch but was undeterred to wake up just yet or give Sidney the satisfaction of trying to get her to submit to making love that morning because he had tried to no avail the evening before being rejected because Carrie was annoyed at Sidney.

"Give it up Sid, its not going to happen" Carrie said not opening her eyes.
"Aha you are awake then so my plan worked after all" joked a very awake Sidney laughing.
"No it did not work, Hot Shot" Carrie said trying to move away from Sidney but he pulled her back towards his body. Carrie snuggled closer and kept her eyes closed and smiled into his chest.
"You are talking so that was what I wanted" Sid said as he looked at Carrie as she snuggled closer to him.
"Huh, I thought you were trying to make a move or something this morning since you lost out last night" Carrie said as she peeked up at him.
"Now that you said that I think I will try again" Sidney said slyly as he leaned down to kiss Carrie.
Carrie kissed Sidney and then pulled back and looked up at him with a questioning look.
"You are thinking really hard about something so what's going on?" asked Carrie as she moved to sit up in the bed.
"How long is Craig staying with you?" asked Sidney sitting up too.
"I am not really sure about that. I have not asked him" Carrie said.
"Oh well, now where were we" Sidney said seriously as he moved his hands over Carrie's body and took off her pajama t shirt.
"Sidney come on my brother is in the other room" Carrie said as she tried to push Sidney off of her but was totally unsuccessful.
"Carrie so what if Craig is in the other room. I mean I think he knows something is going on with us because you are pregnant" Sidney winked and proceeded to take off her shorts and his boxers.

Sidney laid Carrie down on the bed as he moved above her and kissed her deeply again. Carrie moved her arms around Sidney's broad shoulders and tangled her hands in his hair as she kissed his neck. Sidney slide his hands down her sides and lifted her legs and moved it so that they were around his waist as he slid inside Carrie. Sidney could not believe how wet and tight Carrie was and he thought he was going to lose his control but he kept it in check so that Carrie would enjoy their lovemaking this morning. He thrust in and out of her several times and then he felt Carrie tighten around him and he kissed her deeply to keep her quiet from screaming as her orgasm hit her hard. Then his hit him as he emptied himself inside of her. God he could not believe how amazing their lovemaking was every time it happen it was perfect no wonder he loved Carrie they were perfect together in every aspect of their relationship.

"Doll face that was amazing as it always it. I love you sweetheart" Sidney said as he moved off of Carrie and pulling her close to him.
"Yeah it was amazing. I love you too Sidney" Carrie said as she started to feel drowsy again and snuggled close to Sidney's body.
"Hey are you going to sleep again doll face" Sidney said yawning himself and then getting comfortable next to Carrie.
"Yeah you kinda wore me out and I see you are too" Carrie said as she closed her eyes and fell asleep again.
Sidney kissed her forehead and then went back to sleep too. They slept for a few more hours until Sidney's cell phone went off and woke them up. Sidney grabbed his phone and looked at who had just called and smirked.

"Hey what's up? Can you hold on a sec. Thanks" Sidney said and then looked at Carrie who looked exhausted, "Hey baby go back to sleep" Sidney said as he kissed her quickly as he got up and put on his boxers.
"Who is it?" asked Carrie sleepily.
"Colby" Sidney said as he walked into the bathroom as he closed the door.

"This had better be good Colby. What do you want?" asked a extremely annoyed Sidney.
"Oh man I interrupted you and Carrie. Whoa Sid's the man and getting some" joked Colby.
"Whatever dude. What's up?" asked Sidney.
"I was hoping we could hang out because I am going to be in Pittsburgh for a week to see everybody" said Colby excitedly.
"That's awesome and yeah we have to hang out" Sidney said a little less pissed now knowing that his one of his best friends was coming to visit.
"Cool I don't know all the details yet of when and where of my trip but I will let you know as soon as I figure everything out man. I just wanted to make sure you would be around for a while, Sid."
"Yeah I am not going anywhere for a while" Sidney said sitting on the counter in the bathroom.
"Ok well I will let you get back having lots of hot and wild sex with Carrie" joked Colby.
"You know it man. Bye" Sid said.
"Bye Sid" Colby said as he hung up.

Sidney was thrilled to know that Colby was going to visit. He jumped off of the counter and opened the door to the bathroom and walked back over to the bed and looked at Carrie as she slept so peacefully. Sidney was now awake and decided that he was hungry and left the bedroom and headed into the kitchen where he found Craig eating and drinking coffee.

"Good morning Sidney" said Craig as he took another sip of his coffee.
"Morning Craig. Did you sleep well in the guestroom? asked Sidney as he went and got himself some cereal and coffee.
"Yeah that bed is really comfy. Is Carrie still sleeping?" asked Craig as he finished his breakfast and cleared away his dishes.
"Yeah she is still sleeping" Sid said as he put his breakfast on the table and sat down.
"Well she promised that she would take me around and see somethings but I am not in any hurry" Craig said as he started out of the room.
"Hey Craig can I ask how long are you planning of staying?" asked Sidney as he ate his breakfast.
"That is a loaded question but I want to wait until Carrie is awake and then I will tell you both" Craig said as he left the room. Sidney was really wondering the reasons for why Craig was here and it was not necessary about Carrie's pregnancy. Sidney went and got his cell phone and decided to call Mario Lemieux.

"Hey Mario its Sidney sir"
"Sidney what can I do for you?" asked Mario.
"I am just going to come out with it. Have the Penguins acquired Craig Addison for who?" asked Sidney feeling dread as to who of his teammates would not be back.
"Since you are the captain of the team, I will tell you we have acquired Craig and all the Coyotes wanted was our first two round draft choices and a couple of our Wilkes Barre teammates. Its cool, Sid the main group of guys is not going anywhere, I promise" Mario said seriously.
"That's good to hear sir" Sid said as he let out a sigh of relief.
"I am just curious Sidney, why are you asking me this?" asked Mario.
"You know I am dating his sister and he has been kinda acting weird around here at the condo and would not answer some of my questions. That is all sir" Sidney said.
"Yeah I know about you and Miss Addison" Mario said with a chuckle.
"I gotta go and I will see you later at the rink, sir" Sidney said.
"See ya Sidney" Mario said as he hung up.

Sidney finished his breakfast and as he was cleaning up his mess, Carrie walked in smiling.

"Hey hot shot did you make me anything to eat" teased Carrie because she knew that Sidney had zero cooking skills.
"I can get you some cereal or toast but that's it" Sidney said as he pulled Carrie to him and gave her a good morning kiss.
"Its ok Sid. I can take care of my own breakfast" Carrie laughed at Sidney.
"Are you sure because I don't mind trying to make you something. After all you are carrying my baby and both of you need to eat" smiled Sidney.
"I think that if you tried it would end up in the garbage disposal, so its all good hot shot" Carrie winked as she moved to the cub boards and got some bread to make toast, "So what do you have planned for today Sidney?"
"I have to go to the rink and workout and we have a team meeting that I just found out about" Sidney said watching Carrie move around the kitchen.
"That's cool. I think I am just going to chill out here today. I am not really in the mood to do anything" Carrie said as she got some juice and the took her breakfast to the table. Sidney followed her and sat down.
"Are you feeling ok baby?" asked a very concerned Sidney putting his hand on her back.
"I am fine Sidney. Really fine. I promise" Carrie said as she leaned into Sidney and gave him a kiss.
"Ok sweetheart. Listen I think I am going to get ready and head on over to the arena but I will be back and we can go out to lunch. Does that sound cool with you? asked Sidney as he got up.
"Yeah that would be great. Oh, I forgot I promised Craig I would show him around Pittsburgh at some point but lunch with my hot hockey boyfriend is still on my agenda" Carrie said as she smiled at Sidney.
"Absolutely" Sidney said as he headed into the master bedroom.
Carrie sat and ate her breakfast. A few minutes later Craig came out and saw Carrie sitting at the table and went over and sat down. Carrie looked up at her twin.

"Good morning Carebear" Craig said as he sat down at the table.
"Good morning Craigster" Carrie said.
"Listen there is something I need to talk to you about Carrie. It about how long I am going to be staying."
"What do you need to talk about?"
"Actually I am going to be here for a while because I got traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins a couple of days ago but it was kinda quiet because of the playoffs going on now. And I am not officially playing with them until the new season starts" explained Craig as he looked down at his twin sister.
"Are you serious Craig? You are going to be here in Pittsburgh for a while. This is great I am so happy that you are going to be here" Carrie said as she stood up and hugged her brother.
"I am glad that you are happy about this because I am too" Craig said hugging Carrie back.
Sidney happen to walk in on the twins hugging and wondered what was going on.

"Hey guys what's going on here?" asked Sidney as he walked over to them.
"Sidney, Craig has been traded to the Pens and I am thrilled that he is going to be here" Carrie said with a huge smile on her face.
"Yeah and it looks like we are going to be teammates Sid" Craig said smiling too.
"Yeah it looks like we are" Sidney said trying to be happy about this news.

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