Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 11

The next day Carrie and Craig were hanging out at her condo on the balcony. It was a really nice day in Pittsburgh and they were just talking and relaxing.

"Carebear, I found a cool bachelor pad that I am going to buy. I can't wait to show it to you. I think you are going to like it and its actually here in this building. Can you believe that of all the places the real estate agent showed me there ended up being one right here. How perfect!" Craig said as he took a sip of his water.
"Wow that's great Craig. I am so glad that you will be nearby" Carrie said happily.
"Yeah and I think the parentals will be happy too that we live near each other."
"Speaking of the parentals, that reminds me of something. Sid and I were talking yesterday at lunch and he really thinks that you are not cool with the fact that we are dating and having a baby. I really want the two of you to get along for my sake."
"Carrie, you know why I am so overly protective of you. I know you want to forget what happened when you dated my teammate, Jack."
Carrie looked at Craig and the feelings of what she had been through showed up again and she hated that. She felt the tears spring up in her eyes and she tried to stop them but they came pouring out.
"Oh Carrie I am sorry for saying that but you know its something that Sidney needs to know about" Craig said as he pulled Carrie into a hug.
"Its...its...I know he needs to know but I don't know if I can...god I can't even talk about it because it still hurts" Carrie said through her tears.
"I know its hard to talk about and believe me I hate the guy just as much as you do but I can say that he got what he deserved for what he did to you. And I can't thank my other teammates enough for helping me make sure he realized that you don't hurt women ever" Craig explained as he still hugged his twin sister.
"Yeah you guys really did do an number on him" Carrie said with a slight smile.
"So would you like me to tell Sidney what happened with Jack or we can both tell him?" asked Craig.
"I want you to be there when I tell him" Carrie said as she pulled away from Craig.
"I will be there."
"Let me call him and tell him to bring dinner and we can talk then. Is that cool with you?"
"Yeah Carrie, that works fine"
Carrie went and got her cell phone and called Sidney.

"Hey doll face, I was just thinking about you. What's up?" asked Sidney as he walked to his car.
"I was hoping that you would get some dinner for me, you and Craig and bring it here because I have something to talk to you about" Carrie said.
"Is everything ok with us?" asked Sidney worriedly.
"We are perfect Sidney. I promise. I love you" Carrie said seriously.
"OK I love you too Carrie. I think I know what you want for dinner. Can I say Chinese?" joked Sidney as he got into his car.
"Oh my god yes Sidney."
"Since you are extremely happy about that then maybe we will need to kick Craig out early so we can have some alone time after dinner" Sidney said slyly as he started to drive out of the parking lot and headed toward the Chinese restaurant to get dinner.
"Well maybe if you are a 'good boy' we can have some fun later" Carrie said seductively.
"Oh god baby don't talk like that because I will have to have you as soon as I see you" laughed Sidney.
"Whatever hot shot now get the dinner so that we can talk and then if you are good we can have some fun later. I love you Sid. See ya in a few."
"Love ya too doll face. See ya" Sidney said as he hung up his phone.

About half an hour later Sidney showed up at Carrie's condo with Chinese food. Craig helped Sidney bring the food into the kitchen as Carrie sat on the counter and watched them get things situated. Sidney walked over to where Carrie was sitting and stood in front of her and pulled her off of the counter into his embrace and kissed her deeply. After the kiss Carrie smiled at Sidney and they both got some food and went into the living area so that the three of them could talk.

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