Thursday, July 2, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 32

Then next several weeks were crazy for Carrie because she was now having to plan a wedding. And not just any wedding but her dream wedding to hockey superstar, Sidney Crosby.

"Oh god this is insane! What was I thinking the media is following me everywhere I go since Sidney decided to announce that we were getting married. Maybe we should have just eloped" Carrie said as she looked out the window at all the photographers.
"You should not be at all surprised at all of this attention, Carrie. After all you are marrying Pittsburgh's hockey superstar" Vero smiled as she moved to look at a dress.
"I am not at all surprised but come on can't they leave me alone. I don't want the world to know all about my wedding plans. I deserve some privacy but really what annoys me is when I have the twins with me. I worry about my babies and don't want them hurt or scared. Thank god Natalie is able to watch them today" Carrie explained to Vero.
"Yeah I understand what you are saying especially about the twins and your privacy" Vero said.

Carrie and Vero continued to check out dresses and then finally left the store with Carrie's bridesmaids dresses picked out. Carrie had found the perfect dress for herself too. As they left the store the photographers started snapping pictures of Carrie and Vero as they got into Vero's car.

Carrie and Sidney were planning on getting married the next summer so they had a whole year more or less to get things together. Which was good because they had a million things to do for the perfect wedding they both wanted.

Another new change in their world was the fact that Carrie had finally quit her job with the media department with the Penguins. It had been a hard decision for Carrie because she loved that job and would miss everyone. But she knew she would see them especially since she was going to be Mrs. Sidney Crosby and would see everyone anyway because she would be at the most of the home games and could visit the media crew anytime she wanted. Now Carrie was going to be a stay at home mom and a hockey wife, which was a job in itself.

Meanwhile the guys were having more serious practices because the preseason was getting very close and then the regular season would start and Sidney would be here and there and everywhere.

Carrie and Sidney made time for themselves usually in the evenings and would work on plans for the wedding. Sidney wanted to be married up in Canada and Carrie agreed since both families were from there. Then they had to figure out where exactly which actually did not take too long of a decision because Carrie loved the house in Nova Scotia and thought it would be the perfect place.

"Its by the water Sidney and that would be awesome" Carrie exclaimed.
"I don't want to get married at the house" Sidney complained with a frown.
"Ugh are you trying to screw up my dream wedding ideas?" Carrie said sounding pissed.
"Whatever Addison" Sidney said as he got and walked away and headed to the door, "I am going for a run."
"Crosby, that's a smart idea for you to run because you can't handle this bridezilla right now" Carrie yelled.
Sidney shrugged his shoulders and shook his head and left for his run. Carrie threw a magazine at the door just as Sidney closed it and it made a small bang sound and then fell on the floor.
"God he drives me insane sometimes" Carrie said to herself as she then sat back down on the sofa. She continued to look at other wedding magazines. After a while she had had it with all the wedding stuff so she went and check on the twins, who were sleeping. After Carrie knew that they were not awaken by her and Sidney's argument, Carrie decided to go for a late night swim in the pool. She got ready and then grabbed the baby monitors and headed out to the pool. She set everything where she could hear the monitors and then dove into the pool and swam around for a little while.

Sidney returned from his run and realized that Carrie was not in the house he looked out the windows from the den area and saw her swimming in the pool. He walked out to the pool and she saw him and stopped swimming and looked at him.

"Hey sweetheart I am sorry. Will you forgive me?" asked Sidney as he starting stripping out of his sweaty clothes, leaving on his boxers and then jumped into the pool with Carrie.
Sidney swam over to Carrie and looked at her with puppy dog eyes.
"I don't know if I should forgive you" Carrie said as then splashed water at Sidney and then quickly swam away before he retaliated. But Sidney was quick and caught Carrie and pulled her to him and then made her kiss him. After the kiss Sidney smiled and knew he had Carrie under his adorable spell that she could not resist.
"Man, Hot Shot, how do you do that and make me forgive you so easily?"
"Because we might have arguments but deep down we love each other and that always wins in the end. I love you doll face."
"I love you too Sid. But I do have to say that you stink from your run and now the chlorine from the pool. I suggest that you go and take a shower."
"Only if you join me" Sidney smiled and kissed Carrie again. Carrie nodded and then pushed him away and went to get out of the pool with Sidney following her.

They made it inside the house and Carrie had to quickly check on the twins one more time while Sidney got the shower ready for both of them. When Carrie got into the bathroom she stripped and walked into the shower where Sidney was waiting patiently for her. Carrie walked so that she was next to Sidney and put her arms around his shoulders. He put his arms around her waist and they kissed which lead to them making love in the shower. After the shower they got out of the shower and dried off and then headed to the bedroom and snuggled in each other's arms and went to sleep.

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