Friday, July 31, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 47

The boat was decorated so beautifully with lights and balloons. The tables for dinner were gorgeous with candle and flower center pieces that had a black and white colored theme for the Penguins. Everyone was quite impressed with what Mario and Dan had coordinated for this amazing evening.

All the couples looked dazzling with the ladies in magnificent dresses and the men in their tuxes.

Before dinner started Carrie, Vero, and Leslie were taking pictures of each other and their dates. It was fun and the guys were being good sports too. Max even joined in the picture taking by making silly faces.

Finally everyone was told to go and find their seats for dinner. Sidney took Carrie's hand and lead her away from the crowd to go to the front of the boat.

"Hey where are we going? Everyone is going the other way dude" Carrie questioned.
"I just wanted a moment alone with you, doll face" Sidney said as they walked to the railing, "Look at that view." Sidney said pointing towards the outline of Pittsburgh.
"Wow that is really pretty and an amazing view" Carrie said looking out at the skyline at night.
"Actually the view I have is even better" Sidney said as he was looking at Carrie.
She turned and looked at him and shook her head, "Can you be anymore cheesy Hot Shot?" Carrie joked.
"Yeah I can't help myself. Its just who I am and that is a man who is very much in love with his beautiful wife" Sidney said as he looked into Carrie's eyes and then leaned down for a kiss.

All of a sudden there was a flash and Carrie and Sidney broke apart to see where the flash had come from. Leslie had seen the two of them and decided to take a picture.

"How cute" Leslie said as she looked at her camera of the picture she had just taken, "You two look so perfect together."
Carrie walked over to where Leslie was standing and looked at the picture, "I agree that is a cute picture and you better send it to me."
"I will. I promise" Leslie said as she showed the picture to Sidney. Sidney smiled and put his arm around Carrie's waist and said, "Let's go and find our seats."
"Yes let's do because the baby is very hungry" Carrie said patting her abdomen.

Sidney, Carrie and Leslie headed to the tables and found their seats and sat down for an amazing dinner.

The first course was a Cesar salad and then the main course was a pasta and chicken dish that everyone enjoyed. Dessert was strawberries dipped in chocolate with vanilla ice cream too.

Finally it was time for the dancing and everyone was excited about that. Everyone went to the top part of the boat where a dance floor was set up and a DJ was starting the music.

Marc Andre pulled Vero out onto the floor and of course Max was all over the place. Carrie was enjoying watching everyone and tried to get Sidney to go out but she gave up. Kris Letang noticed this and his girlfriend really was not in the mood for the craziness so he walked over to Carrie and she took his hand and they had fun. Meanwhile Sidney went over to the DJ and talked with him for a few minutes and then went back to watch Carrie and Kris have fun dancing.

After a couple more fast songs a slow song came on that Carrie knew very well and looked over at Sidney. He walked over to her and she gave him that "I can't believe you look". Sidney pulled her to him and they slowed danced as their song was played, which was "Runaway" by the Corrs. Carrie and Sidney had decided at their wedding that was the song they wanted their first dance as husband and wife song to be.

The song ended and Carrie gave Sidney a kiss and then they walked off the dance floor.

The music started up again with a mix of fast and some slow and more crazy dancing and people having lots of fun. Carrie convinced Sidney to get out and dance to some of the fast too. Everyone was having so much fun and it definitely lifted the guys spirits which was the made idea for the cruise.

The boat made it back to the dock and everyone thanked Mario and Dan for the great evening. As everyone headed to their cars people were joking and laughing about what a great time it had been. Overall it had been a great successful Penguins party and luckily too there was at least one sober person per couple so that no one would get into trouble driving home.

As Carrie and Sidney got to the Range Rover, Sidney handed Carrie the keys and let her drive home because obviously she could not drink since she was very pregnant.

"That was really fun" Carrie said as she drove them home.
"Yeah I had a great time and am glad you did too doll face" Sidney said smiling at her.

When they got home, Mrs. Andrews told them the twins had been perfect little angels for her. Carrie was happy to hear that.

"Thanks again for watching them" Carrie said.
"It was my pleasure and I hope you had a good time tonight" Mrs. Andrews said as she headed out.
"Yes we had a great time" Sidney said as he watch her head to her car and then drive off.

Sidney locked up and followed Carrie to the bedroom and they got ready for bed. Both of them were exhausted and they snuggled together and went to sleep in each others arms.

****Here is a link to the song "Runaway" by the Corrs. It is one of my favorite songs and its so romantic**** Enjoy!!!!!

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