Monday, July 27, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 45

The season has been going well but now the guys were in a slump. No one was really sure what the deal was as to why they had started off so awesome and then poof it was going no where and fast. Coach Dan Bylsma was in discussions with Mario Lemieux as to what they could do outside of the arena to give the guys some sort of boost.

"We really need something relaxing and yet fun for the guys" suggested Dan.
"I agree nothing to outrageous" Mario said thinking of what they could do for the guys.

The two of them started throwing ideas around. Finally after several disagreements Mario came up with an idea that they both thought would work.

"A boat cruise down the Monongahela River is an excellent idea, Mario" Dan said excitedly.
"I think it would be nice for the guys to spend time with their significant other while we had a dinner and dancing cruise. Its relaxing and fun for everyone" Mario declared, "Now you can tell the players while I take care of telling all the office people. And I will take care of all the details. I think Friday will work and they can sleep in on Saturday so you can schedule a later practice then" Mario said.
"I will let them know when I go down there in a few minutes. This is going to be lots of fun" Dan said happily as he headed down to the ice where the guys were practicing with their assistant coach.

"Hey guys can you gather around here for a moment I need to talk to all of you" Coach Bylsma called out.
All the guys skated over to their head coach to see what he wanted to tell them.

"OK guys here is the deal. We have been kinda in a slump and so I went to talk with Mario about what we could do about this situation. We came up with the idea that we will be going on a river cruise down the Monongahela. It will be a couples dinner and dancing cruise. So you can bring your girlfriend, wives, significant others and it will be next Friday. And you will have a late practice on Saturday because I know some of you might be enjoying the bar on board too. Let's make it a fun and respectable gathering of the Penguins organization. OK people" Coach Bylsma explained.

Everyone was in agreement that it sounded like something they all would enjoy.

"Oh boy everyone will be looking sharp on Friday" laughed Max.
"You better have on a tux Max or else you will be left behind" joked Sidney.
"Hey I will be the pimp daddy in my outfit. I think all the ladies will be rethinking who their dates are when they see me" Max countered back.
"I don't think so Max because my beautiful wife only has eyes for me plus she is pregnant with my child" Sidney said confidently.
"I don't know about that Sid. Pregnant ladies are a really sexy and she might change her mind especially since I am so cute with my French accent" Max replied.
"Give me a break" Sidney said.
"Yeah Max. Carrie has said that she actually loves my French accent over yours" Marc Andre emphasized.
"Oh no you did not go there, Flower" Max said giving Marc Andre a challenging look.
"Oh bring it on Mad Max" Marc Andre said skating over to get into Max's face.
"Oh man will you two give it a rest" Sidney said as he moved between the two jokers.
"Fine I will because I am the bigger person" Marc Andre declared.
"Whatever" Max said skating away.

Practice was over for the day and everyone headed into the locker rooms to shower and head home.

Meanwhile Carrie and Vero were out shopping for the new baby and for themselves. They had started with lunch and then hit the mall. It was nice that Natalie had become the help that Carrie needed with the twins. The girls had a fun time shopping and then they headed home.

Carrie headed over to the Lemieux's house to get the twins. They were happy to see their mom and Natalie was sad that they were leaving but she would see them again before too long.

Carrie and the twins got home and went inside and saw that Sidney was getting the table set for dinner.
The twins toddled over to Sidney and he knelt down and gave them each kisses and hugs.

"Do I get a kiss and a hug too?" Carrie joked looking at Sidney.
"I save the best ones for you doll face" Sidney said walking over to her and pulling her into his arms and kissing her deeply.
"Wow is all I will say to that, Siddo" Carrie smiled, "What's up with you getting the table all ready? I am not complaining but are you trying to butter me up for something?"
"No just thought since I got home first I would help out."
"Thank you Mr. Crosby."
"You are quite welcome Mrs. Crosby."

The four of them had a nice family dinner. The twins were so cute having fun eating and making complete messes of themselves. Carrie and Sidney had a good laugh and helped the twins eat.

After dinner Sidney cleaned up while Carrie got the twins ready for bed.

Sidney came in while Carrie was reading a story to the twins. He went over and sat down next to Carrie on the floor. Ava moved from where she was sitting to sit in Sidney's lap and then Aaron moved into Carrie's lap. Carrie was reading "Goodnight Moon". It was the favorite of the twins. Carrie finished and with Sidney's help got the twins all tucked in bed. The twins got their goodnight kisses from Carrie and Sidney and then the lights were turned off and the door was closed slightly.

Carrie and Sidney were getting ready for bed too because they both had busy day.

"Hey sweetheart hurry your cute little butt in here" Sidney called from the bed.
"Excuse me who do you think you are anyway buster" Carrie said looking at Sidney like he had lost his mind while she took her time walking over to the bed.
"Your husband who wants to cuddle and talk with you" Sidney said sweetly.
Carrie got into the bed and sat down, "So what do you want to talk about?"
"Come and get comfortable and then I will tell you."
"I am fine right where I am."
"No you are not" Sidney said jokingly and pulled her so that she was laying facing him, "Now that is much better." Sidney leaned down and kissed her.
"Now that you got what you wanted as you seem to always get what did you want to talk to me about?" Carrie asked getting more comfortable in Sidney's arms.
"I want to ask my beautiful wife if she would like to go a date with me next Friday evening?"
"Hmmmm I don't know. You remember that cute guy from our honeymoon that I saw in the lobby. He kinda asked me out for Friday already" joked Carrie with a smirk.
"Oh really is that right well you will have to cancel on him because we are going on a river cruise with everyone from the Penguins organization. Coach hopes it will help us since we have been have not been playing great lately. I think it will be fun. There is going to be dinner and dancing. So have I convinced you to cancel with that loser and hang out with you wonderful and perfect husband" Sidney explained with his own smirk.
"Wow I think I will change my plans and got out with my hot and sexy husband especially if he promises to dance with me under the stars" Carrie said as she leaned in for a kiss.
"Oh I will dance with you anywhere and everywhere, Carrie. I love you."
"I love you too, Sidney."

Sidney leaned in for another kiss and then they went to sleep in each other's arms.

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