Saturday, July 25, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 44

The next season was going well for Sidney and the Penguins. They were on a winning streak and that was good for everyone. Sidney was at the top of his game which was awesome for the team and his family. Sidney was doing everything he could as a good husband to keep Carrie's life stress free. The doctor had said that because of Carrie's earlier miscarriage she needed to be a little more cautious but their could still be intimate and not worry about the baby. Sidney was a very happy camper about that little bit of information when he heard that. Carrie just shook her head and wanted to sock him in the head but she refrained.

The Aaron finally caught up with Ava and started walking. They were terrors because they thought it was funny to wander off and make either Sidney or Carrie go and find and them. The favorite game of the twins was to play hide and seek. They were also talking and so it was usually easy to find them because they would start chatting and so Carrie had no problems finding them. They were everywhere and since Carrie was pregnant, Sidney and Carrie decided that they needed to hire a nanny. Carrie talked with Natalie about how to find a good nanny for the twins. Carrie met with Natalie at the Lemieux's house with the twins. Natalie's kids were excited to see Ava and Aaron and they were playing while Carrie and Natalie talked.

"Natalie I hope you know someone good because I don't want just anyone watching Ava and Aaron. I just need someone to play with them and help me out" explained Carrie.
"Oh I think I know someone" Natalie said smiling.
"Who?" asked Carrie.
"Me because my kids are all grown up and can take care of themselves. I don't live that far away and I love Ava and Aaron. I would love to help you out especially since Sidney is kinda like one of my children in a way so what do you think?"
"Sure if you don't think your family will care. I would love that and I know that Ava and Aaron trust you and love being here with your kids so sure you got the job" Carrie said as she gave Natalie a hug.

So it was settled that Natalie would help Carrie out with the twins. Carrie could not wait to tell Sidney what had been decided about the nanny situation.

Carrie was headed back with the twins from the Lemieux's house when she heard a car honking. She turned to see Sidney driving by them. She waved and he pulled over and rolled down the car window.

"Hey guys where have you all been?" asked Sidney.
"We were over visiting with Natalie and the kids. You know I wanted to talk to her about us getting a nanny" Carrie said as the twins were looking down at the sidewalk checking out a ladybug that was crawling around.
"Yeah, did you get any ideas?" asked Sidney.
"Yeah and I will tell you about it when we get back to the house."
"OK do you guys want a ride?"
"No we will finish our walk. I need some fresh air anyway."
"Are you feeling ok Carrie?" Sidney asked after she made that comment.
"I am fine, Sid. Don't worry and believe me the fresh air and the walk are helping" Carrie assured.
"OK Carrie, I just want to make sure" Sidney said concernedly. Sidney was always thinking in the back of his mind about the miscarriage and he had told Carrie this and she felt the same way.

Sidney pulled back into the street and drove off leaving Carrie and the twins to finish their walk. It was actually a nice day and when Carrie and the twins got back home they all decided to hang out in the backyard and enjoy the rest of the day. Carrie told Sidney about Natalie helping her out and he thought that was an awesome idea.

Later on that evening when the twins were in bed, Sidney and Carrie were hanging out watching a movie but it was not keeping Carrie attention and so she finally got up.

"Hey doll face where are you going?" asked Sidney looking at her.
"This movie is boring and I can't get comfortable. I think its the baby just making everything weird for me but not in a bad way so just chill. I think I am going to go and soak in the bathtub" Carrie explained.
"Can I join you?" asked Sidney with a grin.
"No funny business dude. I am not in the mood. Got it buster!"
"Fine no funny business. I swear on my hockey career!"

Sidney started the bath and found the bubble bath and there were lots of bubbles. He dimmed the lights and got everything just perfect for the two of them to relax.

"Hey doll face your bath awaits you" Sidney called out as he got undressed and slid into the tub to wait for Carrie. Carrie walked in and looked at Sidney and all the bubbles.

"Good gracious Sidney did you used the entire bottle of bubble bath?" asked Carrie as she undressed and then slid into the tub and then moved to be in Sidney's lap.
"Maybe I did. I was not sure how much to use" joked Sidney as he massaged her shoulders.
"Man this is going to take a million years to get rid of all these bubbles" Carrie laughed, "Sidney that does feel good. Don't forget my neck that really needs your magic touch now."
"Not a problem sweetheart" Sidney said as he moved his hands to her neck. Sidney sneakily let his hands roam all over her body and Carrie pushed his hands away.

"What do you think you are trying to do here buster? You promised me on your hockey career that you would be good and now you are being a very bad boy" Carrie said sternly as she turned to look at Sidney.
He was looking innocently at her and said, "What do you mean by me being bad?"
"You know exactly what you are doing and don't give me that innocent look. You are so not going to be able to have anymore kids and maybe no more hockey career if you keep this up dude."
Sidney didn't listen to Carrie and pulled her to him and kissed her and then they got out of the tub and dried off. Finally they got ready for bed.

"Good night Sidney"
"Good Night Carrie"

And they snuggled together and went to sleep.

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