Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 46

Friday finally showed up and Carrie and Vero had spent the day at a day spa getting all beautiful for their guys. The girls were having so much and were looking forward to the cruise.

"This cruise is going to be fun" Vero said as they were leaving the spa and heading towards her car.
"Oh yeah I can't wait. And Sidney promised me he would dance with me and so he better" laughed Carrie.
"Yeah I know that Marc Andre will be all into the dancing and he better not embarrass me" Vero laughed.
Carrie laughed as they got into Vero's car and then headed to Carrie's house. Vero dropped Carrie off and then she headed to her place. They had a couple of hours before the cruise started.
When Carrie got into the house she heard laughing as she got closer to the den. She stood at the door and watched as the twins and Craig and his girlfriend, Leslie, have fun playing.

"Hey guys looks like there is a party going on here and can I be invited?" asked Carrie jokingly as she walked to where they were all on the floor.
"Hey Carebear, come on in and join the fun" Craig said making silly noises for the twins, who were giggling up a storm.
"Hey Carrie, how are you feeling?" asked Leslie as Carrie went and sat down next to her.
"I am feeling good" Carrie said as she patted her now slightly showing pregnant belly.
"That's good to hear" Leslie said.
"Did you and Vero have fun at the spa?" asked Craig as he pushed a toy truck towards Aaron.
"Yeah we had a lot of fun and boy did if feel good to relax and get all pampered for tonight. Hey Leslie next time you need to join us" Carrie said as Ava got up and walked over to Carrie and then sat in Carrie's lap.
"Thanks Carrie, I think that would be fun" Leslie said as she smiled at Carrie.
"So who is watching these crazy kiddos while we are all at the dinner cruise?" asked Craig.
"Natalie gave me a name of a really good friend of hers so I called her. She seems really nice and has raised 3 children of her own. I have a good feeling after we talked so I am looking forward to meeting her and Sidney said that he actually had heard of her and her husband through Mario" Carrie explained.
"That's lucky for you, Carrie and I know how much you and Sidney depend on the Natalie and Mario. They have been so good you guys" Craig said as he got up. The twins looked as Craig and Leslie started to get ready to leave.

"No you stay" Aaron said as he got and ran over to Craig and grabbed Craig's leg.
"Hey kiddo, Uncle Craig and Aunt Leslie have to go but I promise we will come back and play more" Craig tried to explained to Aaron.
Aaron looked at him and then let go and looked at Carrie and walked over to her where she and Ava were still sitting on the floor. Aaron sat down next to Carrie and laid his head on Carrie's leg.
"How cute" Leslie said smiling.
"Those two love their mommy a lot" Sidney said as he walked in an surprised everyone.
"Hey Sid what's up" Craig said as he walked over to give Sidney the guy hug.
"Hey Sidney" Leslie said as she walked over to give Sidney a hug too.
"Its good seeing you guys and thanks for watching the twins so that Carrie and I could get ready for the cruise" Sidney said as Aaron got up and walked over to his dad, who picked him up.
"Hey no problem. I love my niece and nephew and would do this anytime for you guys" Craig said as he put his arm around Leslie.
Carrie helped Ava get up and then Carrie got up and they walked over to Sidney.
"Well speaking of that cruise, I kinda need to get all beautiful for it so I think we need to get a move on" Leslie said, "And we will see you two soon."
"Sounds good see ya shortly" Sidney said as he put down Aaron and walked Craig and Leslie to the door and then they left.

An half hour before Sidney and Carrie were to leave, Mrs. Andrews showed up. Carrie and Mrs. Andrews talked about the twins and other things. The twins liked Mrs. Andrews and so that made Carrie feel way better when she and Sidney left for the cruise.

As Carrie and Sidney were driving to the wharf where the boat was they talked about how tonight was going to be lots of fun.

"Carrie did I tell you that you looked absolutely beautiful tonight?" Sidney asked while they were driving.
"Yes you did but I love hearing that from you. And you looking pretty handsome yourself, hotstuff" Carrie said putting her hand on his thigh.
"Why thank you" Sidney said as he put his hand over hers on his leg and then brought it up to his lips and kissed her palm.

They finally got to the wharf and saw that everyone was heading towards a amazingly large boat. Carrie and Sidney headed where everyone was heading and boarded the boat and Carrie looked around and smiled tonight was going to be magical.

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