Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 43

Warning Adult Themes

Carrie and Sidney decided to tell everyone about the new baby as soon as they could. Everyone was thrilled about the baby news.

"Man Sid is the only thing you do in your free time is get Carrie pregnant?" joked Max as they were waiting for their turn for a passing drill.
"No, we do other things" Sidney said trying to sound annoyed but could not pull it off and Max caught on and started laughing.
"You are pitiful, Sid, trying to be all mad at my comment and you are so thinking of Carrie in the bedroom right now. Now that is a thought, Carrie in the bedroom" Max said still laughing.
"You are NOT thinking of my wife naked Max" Sidney said as he pushed Max so that he would fall and he did right onto his butt. Sidney then gave Max the death stare and Max said, "Sorry man. I have erased that image and will never think about that again. Sid you got my word, dude!"
"Thanks Max I appreciate that and the only one thinking of Carrie naked is me" Sidney said in triumph.

"Hey would you two kids stop playing and get your butts in gear and try the passing drill now!" yelled Coach Bylsma, who did not look too happy at Max or Sidney.
Max and Sidney took their turns with the drill and then got back to business with their teammates.

When Sidney got home after practice the house was quiet. He had called Carrie at one point during practice and they had chatted for a little bit and then she said that she had errands to finish up so she said she would see him after practice.
Sidney was kinda worried but he had seen her car in the garage so where was she and the twins. He checked all over the house and no one was around so he decided to call her again.

"Hello Sidney" Carrie said.
"Hey beautiful where are you guys? I just got home and you are not here but your car is here" Sidney said sounding concerned.
"I took the twins for a walk around the neighborhood. And we will be back in a few minutes."
"OK because I was starting to really worry for a moment."
"We are fine and we will see you very soon. I love you."
"I love you too."

Sidney hung up his phone and then went and decided why not go for a swim in the pool so he did just that.

When Carrie got back with the twins, Sidney was not in the house but when she looked out of the windows of the den she saw him. He was swimming around in the pool so she walked out there with the twins holding her hands.

"Hey Hot shot are you enjoying your swim?" Carrie asked while keeping the twins close to her.
"Yeah I am. Come and join me" Sidney said with his persuasive smile.
"Let me get these two kiddos down for their nap and I will see you shortly" Carrie said with a wink. And then she went off and got Aaron and Ava situated for their nap and then Carrie went and got into her swimsuit. She grabbed a towel and the baby monitor and headed out to meet Sidney in the pool. Sidney smiled when he saw his wife walk out onto the deck and then join him in the pool. Carrie swam over to where Sidney was standing and put her arms around his neck. Sidney wrapped his arms around Carrie's waist and pulled her close for a quick kiss.

"Hey dude how was practice this morning?" asked Carrie smiling.
"Fine except for the fact that Max and I got into trouble with the coach" Sidney confessed.
"What in the world did you two do to get in trouble because that does not sound like you at all Sidney?"
"Max was saying something about all you and I do is have sex and then he was talking about how he was picturing you naked and needless to say I did not like that so I pushed him down onto the ice."
"Sidney Patrick Crosby, I can't believe you pushed Max onto the ice. I really do appreciate you defending my honor and dignity. You are so sweet and perfect and I love you so much and I think you should be rewarded" Carrie said and then kissed Sidney deeply.
"How do you plan on rewarding me?" Sidney asked suggestively into her ear and then started to nibble on her earlobe and then kiss her neck.
"I think you have already started for me" Carrie laughed because she was seriously ticklish and Sidney knew this quite well. He continued his assault on her neck as he hands moved to unhook her swimsuit top and took if off of her. Then he threw it on the side of the pool and moved so he could look at her.

"Do you know how amazingly beautiful you are?" Sidney asked her.
"I do because you keep telling me over and over which I am not complaining about what so ever. And do you know how sexy you are?" asked Carrie seductively as she felt Sidney work on removing the rest of her swimsuit. She helped him out and then stepped out of it and then helped him out of his swim trucks quickly.

Sidney held her close and then he picked her up and entered her quickly. Carrie gasped as he entered her but then relaxed. Sidney moved in and out of Carrie and it felt so good. Sidney started a faster pace and then Carrie leaned over to kiss Sidney so that her screams were stifled as her orgasm hit her. She was not interested in having the neighbors know that she and Sid were making love in the pool. Sidney felt Carrie's orgasm and then his came quickly after wards as he emptied his seed into Carrie's womb. They held each other for a few minutes and then Sidney pulled out of Carrie and then kissed her again.

"Now that was different Siddo, not that I am complaining but it was fun" Carrie said as she held onto Sidney to keep the close contact of their bodies.
"Yeah that was fun and thanks for my reward for being your knight in shining armor" Sidney said as he held Carrie.

A little bit later on Sidney started round two of his reward again in the pool. He picked up Carrie and she hooked her legs around his waist and then he slowly entered her. Sidney moved slowly this time and it drove Carrie bananas but it felt so damn good.

"Oh god Sidney" Carrie moaned as Sidney continued to drive her batty.
"Yes baby...oh...good god almighty" Sidney swore as he continued to move in and out of her.
Finally he felt her tighten around him and she kissed him hard on the lips as she hit her second orgasm of the afternoon. Sidney's orgasm can soon after Carrie's and he swore again, "Damnation doll face, that was unreal."
"Wow twice in a such a short time but then again you are a very talented man that is for sure. Love you Hot shot."
"I love you too Carrie."

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