Sunday, July 19, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 42

Sure enough it was time for Sidney, Carrie and the twins to head back to Pittsburgh so that Sidney could start training camp. Sidney was looking forward to seeing his teammates and getting back to the ice. Carrie was looking forward to seeing her friends and getting the twins involved in activities. She was lucky that Natalie knew people and places Carrie could take the twins so they would be entertained.

Everything seemed fine for the most part and Carrie and Sidney were back to their normal routine. Until one day when Carrie woke up one morning not feeling her best.
She tried to get up but was feeling nauseous so she laid back down. Sidney sat up and looked over at Carrie with concern.

"Doll face what's wrong?" Sidney said worriedly as he moved her hair from her face.
Just then Carrie quickly moved away from Sidney and ran into the bathroom where she threw up. Sidney followed her and grabbed a wet washcloth and handed it to Carrie. She wiped her mouth and then threw it into the laundry basket and then sat down on the bathroom floor. She looked at Sidney while she gently put her hand over her abdomen and smiled.

"Why are you smiling Carrie? You just threw up" Sidney said slightly confused. Carrie motioned for Sidney to sit next to her on the floor and he did. Then she took his hand and put it with her hand and looked Sidney in the eyes, "I think I might be pregnant again" Carrie said excitingly.
"Really" Sidney said happily.
"Yeah but I will call the doctor in a little while so I can be sure but I feel the same way I did before my other pregnancies so it is possible" Carrie smiled as Sidney looked down at their hands on Carrie's abdomen then he kissed her.
"I hope you are because that would make me so happy. Are you happy too doll face?" asked Sidney with some concern.
"I am very happy this time, Sidney. Very happy. I love you" Carrie said as she kissed Sidney again.

Later on that morning Sidney stayed with the twins while Carrie went to her doctor's appointment.

When Carrie got home she walked in to find a very clean house but noisy too and she found Sidney and the twins playing in the den.

"Hey Sidney you all seem to be having a great time here playing with toys" Carrie said as she sat down to join the fun.
"What did the doctor say?" Sidney said anxiously.
"I'm pregnant" Carrie said with a huge smile on her face. Sidney moved over to where she was sitting and pulled her into his embrace and kissed her deeply.
Carrie pulled back to catch her breath and smiled at Sidney, who looked extremely happy.
"How far along are you?" Sidney asked out of curiosity.
"I think you got my pregnant on our honeymoon because I am almost two months along. You happy about that Mr. Stud Muffin" Carrie joked as she poked him in the chest.
"OH yeah I am the man" Sidney boasted in triumph.
Carrie just shook her head and looked at the twins and said, "Daddy needs to have a party with his ego so maybe we need to go and have a snack before nap time."
Carrie started to get up and help each of the twins, who were now walking, and they headed into the kitchen and left Sidney on the floor, "Hey I don't have an ego! Ava, Aaron don't listen to your mom. I just awesome because I got mommy pregnant again!"
"You rock Hot Shot! Now can you help me with your children that I already gave birth too please! After all I am pregnant woman and I need your strong muscles to help me get this box of animal crackers opened" Carrie said sarcastically from the kitchen and Sidney got up and headed into the kitchen to help out. When Sidney walked into the kitchen Carrie batted her eyes and handed him the box of crackers, which he took and rolled his eyes and then gave Ava and Aaron some crackers.
"Thanks Hot Shot, I am so lucky that you can help me since you are THE MAN and I am just the little pregnant wife" Carrie emphasized and then started laughing.
"I am so glad that you are laughing at my silly comment and I will never live that down will I?" asked Sidney looking defeated.
"No you will not" Carrie smiled in triumph.
"Great" Sidney said as he helped getting the twins into the nursery for their nap.

After Carrie and Sidney got the twins asleep for their nap, they headed back into the den and sat down on the sofa.

"So Hot Shot what do you want to do while the twins nap?" Carrie asked.
"How about we just relax and watch a movie?" Sidney suggested.
"I like that idea a lot" Carrie said as Sidney turned on the television and they found a movie that they wanted to watch together.

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