Friday, July 17, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 40

Warning Adult Content

Carrie and Sidney arrived at the resort and check in and when they got to their suite, Carrie was in awe. The suite was huge and had an amazing view of the ocean. Carrie walked out onto the balcony while Sidney dealt with the bellman. She stood there and just took in the view. A few minutes later Sidney walked out onto the balcony too and stood behind Carrie and put his arms around her waist.

"This view is amazing" Carrie exclaimed as she felt Sidney come up behind her.
"Yeah its pretty awesome" Sidney said and then whispered something into Carrie's ear and she blushed.
"You are crazy Sidney and the only show that is happening will be behind closed doors with you and me only. No audience what so ever" Carrie said as she headed back into the room and Sidney followed her and closed the door to the balcony. When Sidney turned back around he did not see Carrie and then he heard her rummaging through her luggage in the bedroom.
"There you are. I go and close the door to the balcony and you disappear on me. What are you looking for anyway? You surely don't need anything to sleep in because you naked in the bed is all that is required now" Sidney joked as he continued to watch her rummage through the suitcase.
"Sorry hot shot but I want to take a quick shower before going to bed tonight. I feel all gross from being on that plane forever. Aha there is my shampoo" Carrie got up off the floor in triumph and smiled at Sidney, "Hey if you want to join me you can but I understand that you have other ideas about putting on a show for all the tourists on the balcony so I will just enjoy my shower. And maybe I should call up for that cute guy I saw in the lobby that smiled at me. I wouldn't mind sharing a shower with him. Hmmmmmmm, Sid you wouldn't mind would you?" Carrie said sarcastically and then sashayed her cute little butt into the bathroom.

Sidney was quite impressed with the performance his wife and just put on for him and quickly undressed and followed her into the bathroom. Carrie had the water running and was already in the shower when Sidney opened the door and walked in to join Carrie.

He came up behind and she turned around and looked at him, "Hey you aren't the cute guy from the lobby. Where is he?" Carrie said as she continued joking with Sidney.
"I am so sorry Mrs. Crosby but I am the only man that should be in here with you and whoever that guy is you keep talking about can kiss my ass. I am the only one that should be admiring this beautiful body of work in front of me. God, Carrie you are just so perfect in every way. I love you so much" Sidney said and he pulled her to him and then kissed her deeply. Carrie put her arms around Sidney's shoulders and held onto him tightly. They actually showered and then headed to the bedroom after drying off.

Sidney laid Carrie down on the bed and then laid down next to her. They were laying on their sides facing each other. Sidney moved some hair out of Carrie's face and then kissed her again. Then Sidney moved Carrie onto her back and he moved above her and then kissed her all over paying special attention to her breasts. His hands move and caressed her and Carrie gave into the amazing sensations that Sidney was stirring inside of her.

"Oh god Sidney yes" Carrie moaned as she grabbed onto the sheets of the bed. Sidney was enjoying making Carrie go crazy in a good way. He knew just where to touch and caress her so that her orgasm would be earth shattering. Sure enough Sidney fingers gently caressed her clit one last time and she cried out loudly and then looked at Sidney as he smiled at her. He held her as she shuddered and relaxed in Sidney's arms after the mind blowing orgasm that Sidney had given her.

"God Carrie you looked so beautiful while I was touching you. I love how easy it is to make you scream my name while we are having fun" Sidney said as he leaned down to kiss her deeply again.
"I think you need some attention too" Carrie said as she finally calmed down and moved her hand along his chest.
Sidney moved above Carrie again and Carrie moved her legs around Sidney's waist and he entered her slowly. Sidney moved in and out of her fast and then would change up and slow it down and bit. He flipped them so that Carrie was on top and she moved her hips with Sidney's help. Then Sidney flipped them so that he was on top again and continued moving in and out of Carrie until Sidney felt Carrie shutter with her second orgasm of the night and then he felt his too and emptied his seed into her womb. They held each other for a little bit and then Sidney moved off of Carrie and they snuggled together in the bed.

"Holy cow Sidney that was totally fun but I think the cute guy in the lobby might be better" Carrie playfully joked with Sidney.
Sidney did not look to amused with that comment and moved above Carrie again and then kissed her hard and when he pulled back so they both could catch their breath.
"Well if I am not good enough then I am sure there is some girl who would be thrilled to hook up with me after all I am Sidney Crosby, the new face of the NHL" joked Sidney and started to get up off the bed but Carrie grabbed Sidney's arm and pull him back to the bed and move above him and looked at him with a death stare.

"No way is another woman is going to touch your hot body but me! You are mine and only mine!" Carrie emphasized strongly as she straddled Sidney. He pulled her down and smiled and kissed Carrie and then said, "I like that you are so possessive of me. Its extremely hot. Now I come here closer so I can make love to you again and again."
"I love you Sidney" Carrie said as she moved into Sidney's arms.
"I love you too Carrie and am thrilled we are finally husband and wife. Its been something that I have wanted for so long and now its happened and my life is perfect" Sidney said as he kissed her for the millionth time that night.

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