Saturday, July 11, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 37

The Penguins season was decent and they made the playoffs but were knocked out in the Eastern finals by the Carolina Hurricanes. They were all quite disappointed because it would have been great to have a repeat of winning the cup a second year in a row.
Sidney had a really good season too and was the leading scorer overall in the league and that was a tough competition with his rival Alexander Ovechkin, who ended up coming in second.

Sidney and Carrie relationship was stronger than ever because they were communicating well and figuring out better ways to solve disagreements together. Sidney was taking out his frustrations in his workouts instead of on his family. They were planning on being married on June 30th. Everything was set and it was just now for the date to show up on the calendar. To every one's surprised Carrie was really calm compared to Sidney who was nervous as all get out.

The guys had all shown up for a few days of guy stuff before the wedding. And they could tell Sidney was one nervous man.

"Sidney what's your deal?" asked Colby as he splashing Sidney in the face while they were all messing around in the pool at Sidney and Carrie's house.
"Hey Colby cut that out" Sidney said as he went under the water and swam and pushed Colby's legs out from under him. Colby went down and it was water fight time now. Max, Jordan, Marc Andre, and Craig all joined in on the water fight. There was plenty of guys acting like little kids and having so much fun.

Carrie and the girls had been out shopping and they were heading back to Carrie's house for swimming and then there was going to be a cookout. Carrie's parents were in town and watching the twins which was a relief for Carrie and Sidney. When the girls got inside the house, they heard lots of noise coming from the backyard.

"I think they are having fun" said Melissa, Colby's wife smiling.
All the girls put down their bags and went to see all the commotion that the guys were making by the pool.

"Yeah Mel, you are right. They look and are acting like children. Look even Sidney is really getting into it too. Carrie are you sure you want to marry him?" joked Vero as she laughed.
"Sometimes I wonder but I love him so much and its fun to see him like this" smiled Carrie.

The girls went and got dressed into their swim suits and then headed out to the pool and joined in on the fun.

At one point Marc Andre suggested that they get the girls on the guys shoulders and then the girls try and knock each other off. Everyone thought that sounded like fun so everyone was paired up and the competition began. First up were Marc Andre and Vero against Colby and Melissa. That was a serious competition because Vero and Melissa were really having a hard time knocking the other one off and the guys were trying their best to keep the girls from falling. But in the end Colby and Melissa won. Sidney and Carrie were up against Jordan and one of Carrie's good friends, Melanie. It was a tough fight there too but Sid and Carrie won in the end. Finally there were only two teams left and it was Sidney and Carrie against Colby and Melissa.

Sidney and Carrie were huddled together at one end of the pool quietly discussing strategy before the final match was to start.

"Listen hear doll face, we can beat them. I noticed that I can talk some smack at Colby about when he was here a while back and trying to make breakfast and I think that will distract him and then you can knock Melissa down."
"Works for me. You just better hold on tight to my legs hot shot and I think we can win this."
They gave each other a high five and then Carrie with Sidney's help got up on his shoulders. Colby helped Melissa up on his shoulders too and then they met up in center of the pool where Craig was playing referee.

"OK guys we want a clean fight. Colby and Melissa are you ready?" asked Craig. They nodded, "Sidney and Carrie are you guys ready?" They nodded to Craig they were ready to start. "Ready, Set, Go!"

Carrie and Melissa grabbed each others arms and tried to knock off the other one. Then Sidney stared his smack talk, "Colby does Melissa know what a pitiful chef you are?"
"What?" asked Melissa, which gave Carrie her chance and she knocked Melissa off of Colby's shoulders and into the water. Carrie and Sidney cheered and starting calling out, "We're number one! We're number one!" Sidney helped Carrie down and then they hugged and Sidney twilled Carrie around in the water. Carrie leaned down and kissed Sidney. Craig then announced, "We have the winning team of Sidney Crosby and Carrie Addison. Congratulations!" Carrie and Sidney smiled and everyone cheered and clapped for them.

Finally after everyone was totally exhausted from all the swimming it was time for Sidney and Craig to start up the grill.

The girls went into the kitchen to get the rest of the food and started bringing it out to the table. Sidney brought over the hamburgers and chicken too. Everyone got their food and then sat down around the deck to eat and talk.

"Three cheers to the grill chefs" Max called out and everyone agreed.
"This is so much fun, Carrie and Sidney, what a great idea for all of us to get together and relax before the big show" Colby said lifting her cup to them.
"I agree and a toast to Sidney and Carrie. You guys are perfect for each other and we all love you two" Vero said as she too lifted her cup.
Then Melanie started to speak, "Sidney you need to give Carrie a kiss now."
Then everyone started chanting, "Kiss Kiss Kiss".
Sidney and Carrie kissed and then Sidney whispered, "I love you".
"I love you too Sid" Carrie whispered back smiling.

All their friends starting cheering and Carrie and Sidney laughed and kissed again. It was a fun evening for everyone and then everyone helped cleaning up and then they all headed home because tomorrow would be the night before wedding. And everyone needed energy for the bachelorette and bachelor parties that had been planned for Carrie and Sidney.

Carrie's parents were keeping the twins with them at their hotel so that Sidney and Carrie could have some peace and get some sleep because the next couple of days were going to be hectic and fun.

That night as Carrie and Sidney were laying in bed watching classic hockey games on NHL network. Carrie was not as enthused about the game and so she picked up her book an tried to read but she really could not concentrate with the television and Sidney making remarks about the game what should have been done or not done.
"I see that you can't stop playing the game no matter what" laughed Carrie as she put down her book.
"Sorry I just can't help it. Its just the way I am, a perfectionist about the game of hockey" Sidney sighed.
"Hey its one of the reasons you are you and I love that" Carrie said as she winked at him.
"Yeah I love you too now come here so I can hold you and we can snuggle. After all tomorrow we will be sleeping separately and that is going to be hard for me because I sleep so much better holding you next to me" Sidney said as he held out his arms and Carrie moved over so they could snuggle. Sidney turned off the television and they went to sleep.

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