Friday, July 10, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 36

Warning Language

The next day Carrie had decided to go and see Craig because she felt like she had been ignoring him and wanted to spend some time with him. They decided to meet up at a restaurant for lunch and then hang out after wards. Sidney had taken the twins to the Lemieux's house so that Natalie could watch them and he could get to practice. Carrie got to the restaurant first and waited at the table for Craig to arrive, which he did a few minutes later.

"Hey sis how are you?" Craig said as he gave Carrie a quick kiss her temple.
"I am good" Carrie said with a smile and she move her sleeve slightly and Craig noticed the bruise on her arm.
"What is that?" Craig exclaimed as he pointed to her arm.
"Nothing Craig" Carrie said as she moved her sleeve back to how it had been on her arm.
"Don't say nothing, Carrie! What did Sidney do to you?" Craig was now pissed off.
"Please Craig this is not the place to get into an argument."
"Carrie don't protect Sidney. If he hurt you I am going to take care of it! And he swore to me that he would never be anything like Jack and now maybe I was right all along and what about the twins. Did he hurt them?" Craig was looking like the veins on his forehead were going to explode.
Carrie started to get upset but did not want to cause a scene in the restaurant,"He did not hurt the twins. They are fine just like I am. We can talk about it after we eat. Let's have a civilized lunch for my sake please" Carrie pleaded as she tried to keep the tears from falling.
"Fine but we will talk later" Craig said still sounding furious.
Carrie took a few deep breaths and then tried to relax with her brother at lunch.

When they left the restaurant they headed back to Craig's condo, where they talked.

"Show me your arms now Carrie!" demanded Craig.
Carrie pulled up her sleeves so that Craig could see the bruises that clearly were big hand prints on her arms.
"What the hell! Did he hurt you anywhere else, Carrie? And don't you dare lie to me."
"No he did not hurt me other than grabbing my arms. I swear on my life, Craig."
"I believe you, Carrie. Why did he have his hands on you in the first place?"
Carrie sat down on the sofa and Craig did the same.
"You know he had a horrible game last night. And then Ava and Aaron were crying most of the way home after the game in the car because they were tired. Sidney was yelling about having a headache and he was just in a pissed off mood and I was the one in the end who he let out his frustrations on by grabbing my arms. He apologized to me because I told him if he ever did that again he would never see his children or me and I don't think he liked the thought of that" Carrie explained.
"I still think I need to say something to him and its not going to be pleasant but I will make sure we are not in public so nothing happens to his precious image. God right now I really want to punch his lights out."
"I don't think a fight is a good way to solve what happened with Sid and me ok. I love him and I think he really does believe that I would take his children away for good. I also know he feels horribly guilty for last night anyway so leave him be for my sake, please" Carrie said as she looked at Craig.
"Fine, I will let it go but I really don't want to but for you and the twins sakes, I will let it go" Craig said.
"Thank you" Carrie said as she gave Craig a hug.

As Carrie was leaving Craig's condo she called Sidney because she did not know who was watching the twins.

"Hey Sid" Carrie said.
"Hey doll face what's up?"
"I am leaving Craig's place so I was just wondering where are my precious babies?"
"Natalie is watching them."
"Ok then I will head over there and pick them up. Where are you exactly?"
"I am actually just hanging out with Marc Andre and Max in the locker room and need to shower before I head out. So then I guess I will meet you guys at the house. Hey did you and Craig have a nice time together?"
"I will tell you all about it when I see you at home but it was nice to hang out with him."
"Oh no he saw your arms then" Sidney said as he ran his hand through his hair.
"Yeah anywho let me getting going and I will see you soon" Carrie said as she hung up the phone and headed to the Lemieux's.

Sidney hung up his phone and threw it down in his locker. Marc Andre and Max both jumped and looked at Sidney with confused looks. Sidney rarely caused a major commotion so Marc Andre decided to say something, "Sidney is everything ok with you?"
Sidney looked up and saw the two of them staring at him with confused looks, "I kinda did something really stupid last night and I am not proud of myself."
"What happened?" asked Max as he sat down next to Sidney and so did Marc Andre.
"I don't want to talk about it" Sidney said sounding annoyed.
"Dude we are family here. We help each other out so what's going on?" asked Marc Andre.
"I hurt Carrie" Sidney said as his eyes teared up and he put his hands in his face.
"What?!" exclaimed Marc Andre and Max at the same time.
"I hurt her ok and I am not proud of myself. I am not that type of person. I don't hurt people that I love but I did and it really freaked me out!"
"Is Carrie going to be ok?" asked Max looking concerned.
"She is fine and we have talked. That is why I was not here the other day. We needed a family day and time to work things out" Sidney explained.
"How and why did you hurt Carrie?" asked Marc Andre.
"You know I had fucked up game the other night and then the twins were crying the whole way home and when we got home and we were alone I started yelling at her and then I grabbed her arms and now Carrie has a couple of nice bruises on her arms because of my stupidity" Sidney said.
"Wow that's surprising" Max said as he shook his head in disbelief.
"Yeah please don't say anything to anyone because I don't want this spread around and Carrie and I have worked things out. I already feel extremely guilty and she even threatened that if anything ever happens again that I will never see her or the twins and I believe her."
"We won't say anything Sid. We promise and if you need anything just let us know ok man" Marc Andre said and both he and Max nodded their heads in agreement about not saying a word to anyone.
"Thanks guys I really appreciate it a lot and now I need a shower before I head home to my family" Sidney said as he got up and gave both guys man hugs.

Sidney got home and heard Carrie and the twins playing in the den and he walked in and saw an amazing sight. Carrie was playing with the twins and all three of them were giggling and having fun.

"Can I join in the fun?" asked Sidney from the doorway.
Carrie looked up at Sid and smiled, "Of course, hey Aaron and Ava look whose here, its daddy" Carrie said in baby talk to the twins. Sidney came over and sat down next to Carrie and joined in on the fun.

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