Thursday, July 9, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 35

Warning Mild Violence and Language

The wedding plans were actually getting accomplished which was a thrill to Carrie because after all they had been through lately. Carrie was talking with Sidney's mother about flowers, food, photographer, decorations and other things. Carrie and Sidney had finally decided on a outdoor chapel near the water in Halifax that was private for both of their tastes. And the reception was going to be at a local hockey rink where dancing and dinner would be served. The cake was ordered and it was a chocolate and white cake with little hockey pucks, sticks and helmets as decorations. There was also going to be two little people on top of the cake and of course one would be Sidney in his tux with the number 87 on his back and Carrie as the perfect bride. Carrie also had the help of Natalie Lemieux which was awesome. Natalie was great at knowing people to help Carrie out with different aspects of the wedding.

Sidney in the mean time was busy playing hockey and trying to have another great season. The Penguins were playing decently but not like the blockbuster season before where they had gone all the way and won the cup. Sidney had stretches where he was on fire and scoring like a madman but then of course there were nights where he didn't even have one point to his name. But such is the life of a hockey player and so he made due. Sidney worked out like his normal madman self and when he got home he would help Carrie out with the twins and wedding plans.

Sidney, Carrie and the twins came home from a home game on night where Sidney had had a horrible game. He had been in the penalty box twice and had no goals or assists. Needless to say he was not a fun person to be around on the ride home. The twins were tired, cranky and crying and Carrie was trying to calm them down because she knew that Sidney was getting even more annoyed with all the noise in the Range Rover as they headed home.

"Carrie can you please quiet them now?" Sidney complained loudly to Carrie.
"Please don't yell at me about quieting the twins. Just because you had a bad game don't take it out on me or them. And for gracious sakes alive they are babies and you being loud is frightening them" Carrie explained as she turned in her seat to try to settle the twins down.
"They are giving me a headache with all that crying" Sidney said sounding pissed off.
"Tough bounce Crosby" Carrie said even though she had other words in her head that she really wanted to say but was keeping her cool.

The twins finally calmed down as they drove into the driveway. Sidney and Carrie brought the twins inside and headed straight for the nursery. Carrie could tell Sidney was still upset but he was doing his best to keep it on the inside until they finished getting the twins settled for the night.

When Sidney and Carrie got into their bedroom, Sidney started ranting again. Carrie was a little frightened by Sidney when this happened because Sidney grabbed her arms and kinda forced her to listen to him. She tried to get him to let go but he had a grip on her upper arms that she had a feeling might become bruises.

"Sidney you are hurting my arms. Let go of me now" Carrie cried out but Sidney continued ranting about the game and the twins.
"No listen to me. Are you hearing anything I am saying, Carrie" Sidney demanded looking at Carrie with a look that she had only seen when Jack was about to hit her. Carrie was struggling to get out of Sidney's grip which she finally did and ran out of the bedroom and into the master bathroom where she locked the doors. Carrie sat down on the floor and sobbed.

Sidney looked at the bathroom door and then looked in the mirror on the bedroom door and saw his face. He looked like a crazy person and no wonder Carrie had been scared of him. Sidney was furious at himself for hurting Carrie and he heard her crying in the bathroom so he went to the door and knocked.

"Carrie, sweetheart I am sorry for yelling at you. And I did not mean to hurt you. God I am such a dumbass and idiot. Please talk to me. You know I love you" Sidney said as he slid down the door and waited to see if Carrie would open the door. Sidney continued to hear her crying and all he wanted to do was hold her and protect her. After what seemed like forever Sidney heard a click of the lock. He stood up and tried the doorknob and it opened. When Sidney walked into the bathroom the sight he saw torn his heart apart. Carrie was sitting Indian style against the far wall hugging herself and sobbing. Sidney slowly walked over to her and sat in front of her and spoke, "Baby I am so sorry for getting all pissed off and taking it out on you. You don't deserved that and I never meant to scare you after everything. God I really fucked up didn't I?" Sidney said as he blew out a breath he had been holding in and then looked at Carrie, who had calmed down and was looking at him.
"You really scared me and that look made me think of when Jack would get ready to hit me for no apparent reason. I hate that feeling and never want to feel it again. EVER" Carrie emphasized.
"I never want to make you feel that way again. I swear on my life that I will never ever be Jack. I love you and care about you always and forever. I don't know where that part of me came from. Please Carrie please forgive me. I need you in my life" pleaded Sidney, who was looking scared and lost now.
"I swear that if you ever hurt me again or the twins that is it! True, we have been through a lot and love each other but I never ever want to see that part of you AGAIN Sidney because if you do that again you will never see your children or me. I forgive you! Am I making myself clear?" Carrie exclaimed pointed her finger into Sidney's chest.
"Crystal clear Carrie" Sidney said.
"I think tonight we need to sleep in separate rooms" Carrie said staring at her hands.
"I will sleep in the spare room so you can be near the twins" Sidney said as he looked at the floor.
"Fine" Carrie said getting up and heading into the bedroom to get ready for bed. Sidney followed and got what he needed and then walked out of the room but then turned back, "Goodnight Carrie".
"Goodnight Sidney".

That night both Carrie and Sidney had rough time getting to sleep. Sidney was tossing and turning thinking about what he had done and he felt horrible so he got and went downstairs to get something to drink and then he went into the den and found some movie to watch. Carrie got up too and went to the bathroom and then headed downstairs too. She found Sidney watching television in the den. Carrie walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water and then went to where Sidney was sitting and sat down next to him. He put his arm around her shoulders and she snuggled up next to Sidney putting her arm across his chest. They sat together and watched the movie and then they fell asleep together on the couch.

The next morning Sidney woke up and saw Carrie asleep next to him. They were cuddled next to each other on the sofa. It then hit him why they were asleep on the sofa and not in bed. Sidney shifted slightly and tried not to wake Carrie but he did anyway and she almost fell off the couch but Sidney caught her.

"Good morning" Sidney said with a slight smile.
"Morning to you too" Carrie said and surprised Sidney with a quick kiss and then she got up and headed into the bathroom. Sidney sat up and thought 'I guess things are cool now' and headed to the bathroom himself too.

Carrie and Sidney then got breakfast ready together before they got the twins up. Sidney went and woke the twins up and brought them into the kitchen and got them settled for breakfast. Carrie fed the twins with Sidney's help. Then she cleaned then up and together they bathed and dressed the twins for the day.

After they had the twins playing on the floor, Sidney told Carrie to get showered and dressed first while he watched the twins.

"Thanks Sidney"
"No problem and take your time we are fine and I am not going to practice today. I think we need some time together today. If that is ok with you?" Sidney asked.
"Yeah that sounds good to me" as Carrie smiled at him.

After they both had showered and gotten dressed, Sidney and Carrie sat down on the floor with Ava and Aaron and played and talked. They had a very in depth conversation about what had happened the night before and how things could be handled better. They kissed and made up and spent the rest of the day as a family playing and swimming and just having fun.

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  1. INTENSE! sid was an a hole lol but im glad he made up for it and that they're ok :)