Sunday, July 5, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 33

Wedding planning was going slowly because Carrie had not been feeling well. She had sneaking suspicious that she might be pregnant and the reason she thought that was that she felt the same way right before she found out she was pregnant with the twins. She was sleeping a lot more, constantly feeling nauseous and was not interested in eating. Sidney did not realize that Carrie was acting too different because she was doing a good job of acting that she was fine.

Finally one morning when Sidney was at practice, Carrie took a pregnancy test and waited. It would be great to have another kid but they had so much going on now that another kid might not be the greatest idea. And if she was pregnant then the wedding would have to be delayed until after this baby was born. Finally Carrie got up and went to look at the results of the test.

"Ugh positive" Carrie moaned as she threw away the test and then sat down on the bathroom floor. She put her face in her hands and cried. Carrie had not heard Sidney come home and walk into the bedroom and then rush to her side on the floor of the bathroom.

"Hey Carrie what's wrong" Sidney said as he hugged her. Carrie just continued to cry and tried to push Sidney away but he held her tightly.
Carrie finally took a few breaths and then moved away from Sidney and looked at him and then spoke, "I am pregnant."
Sidney looked at her confused and wondering why would she not be happy about them having another baby, "Why are crying about this? We both agreed that we wanted a big family so this is wonderful news. I am thrilled."
"Sidney, I am not sure I am ready at this moment to have another baby. I do want to have a big family too but I was hoping to wait until after we were married for more kids. Plus I wanted the twins to be a little big older as well. That's all" Carrie said as she finally relaxed.
"I understand what you are saying, Carrie but things don't always go as planned and now we are having another child and I hope you will be just as happy as I am. I love you sweetheart" Sidney said moving closer to Carrie to hug her. Carrie moved into Sidney's arms and hugged him back.

Sidney and Carrie decided not to tell anyone immediately about the new baby just because they wanted it to be their personal special secret that they only new for the time being. When they were ready and before Carrie started really showing they would say something.

But sometimes things don't always go completely the way you want it too. Carrie got really sick with the flu. And she was hospitalized and it was stressful for Sidney especially since he had to watch the twins and practice but luckily his mother came down to Pittsburgh to help him out. He was very thankful for his mother's help as well as the team was totally understanding with Carrie's situation. Sidney missed all of preseason because he was at the hospital with Carrie. She ended up losing the baby because of her being sick. That was hard on both of them and they grieved for the loss of their child.

Carrie blamed herself for the loss because she had been the one that had not been too thrilled about having another baby. Sidney kept telling her it was not her fault and that God had a reason for them not to have this baby. Carrie finally after a couple of weeks was able to come home but was told to take it easy, which she did, thanks to Sidney's mom staying with them.

"Thank you for everything Trina. You don't know how much I appreciate everything you have done while I was in the hospital" Carrie said as she and Trina were sitting on the patio outside relaxing while Sidney played with the twins in the backyard.
"Carrie we are family and I would do anything for you, Sidney and the twins" Trina said as she smiled at Carrie.
"And I know that you know about the baby" Carrie said as she bit her lip.
"Yeah Sidney told me and I so sorry sweetie. I know that Sidney wanted that baby but you too are so young and will have another baby sooner than you think."
"Yeah I know but did Sidney tell you that I was not thrilled when I found out I was pregnant? And how I felt it was my fault that I lost the baby?" Carrie asked as tears filled her eyes.
Trina sat up and moved to the sofa that Carrie was sitting in and gave her a hug and held her, "Sweetie its not your fault that you lost the baby OK. Things happen that we can not control and it was just not time for this baby to be here now."
Carrie calmed down as she listened to Trina talked to her and realized how nice it was to have Sidney's mom there because it was nice to have someone there to be her mother at that moment.

Sidney brought the twins over to where Carrie and his mom were sitting and gave Ava to Trina and Aaron to Carrie and then he sat down in a chair.

"Man these too are seriously full of energy but hopefully I got them tired so that they will go down for their naps easily" Sidney said looking tired.
"You guys looked like you were having lots of fun" Carrie said smiling and then kissing Aaron on the cheek. Trina moved Ava so that Carrie could give her a kiss too.
"Yeah we had a great time. I see that you two were having a pretty serious conversation over here. Is everything OK?" asked Sidney.
"We did and everything is fine, Sid" Trina said looking over at Carrie who smiled back.
"Yeah everything is cool" Carrie said smiling at Sidney.
"I am so glad to see that beautiful smile of yours again, Carrie" Sidney said.
"Thanks Sidney it feels good to smile and know that things are going to be fine in the end" Carrie said with a positive frame of mind that she had not had since she found out that she was pregnant again.

After that it was time for lunch so the five of them decided to go out to lunch. They had a nice time at the restaurant and then headed home. By then it was time for the twins nap so Sidney and Carrie got the twins ready for nap time. They actually did fall asleep very quickly like Sidney had said.

While the twins napped, Sidney, Carrie and Trina talked about the wedding plans. They discussed possibilities of where in Halifax they could have the wedding and then they talked about other wedding things too.

Trina stayed for another week and then headed back to Canada but said to Carrie and Sidney that if she was needed for anything just call her and she would be there on the next flight to Pittsburgh.

Finally things were getting back to normal and Sidney was finally able to play some hockey with this teammates. He had been missed but they knew that family is the most important thing in the world. Carrie was doing well and thanks to Sidney's love and understanding, came to the realization that it had not been her fault that she lost the baby. Carrie and the twins were glad to be at the hockey games and cheering on Sidney and the Penguins.

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  1. awww im so sad they lost that baby :( but good chapter eh :)