Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 34

Carrie was back into the swing of things after all the crazy things that life and thrown at her lately. She was on a roll picking out flowers and decorations for the wedding. It was a hectic time and she also had the twins to chase around because they were at the point of crawling everywhere.

"Good Grief, you two have more energy than the Energizer Bunny. Ava come back over here to mommy. Aaron put down daddy's remote controller please" Carrie said as she walked over to where Ava was to catch her before she crawled into another room where Carrie might not be able to see her easily. Carrie picked up Ava and moved her back to where Carrie was sitting and playing with the twins. Then she took the remote controller out of Aaron's hand which made him start crying. Carrie picked up Aaron and held him and kissed his cute little cheek, which calmed him for the time being.

"Man I can't wait until nap time when I can put you two crazy munchkins down for some peace and quiet" Carrie sighed as she put Aaron next to Ava and distracted them with some toys.

Lunchtime came around and Carrie had the twins are settled when her cell phone went off and she got and looked at her phone to see who was calling her. It was Craig.

"Hey Craig, can I call you back because I am in the middle of feeding the twins lunch and they really need their nap" Carrie said sounding stressed out.
"What's going on? Where's Sidney?" asked Craig sounding worried.
"He is at some Reebok thing and he said that he would be back before dinner but I am not counting on that so that is why the twins need their nap and so I can survive until Sidney does get home" Carrie explained as she tried to feed the twins while still talking to Craig.
"I will just come over there and I will help you. I really only wanted to hang out with my sister so I will see you in a few" Craig said as he got himself ready to leave.
"Sounds good see you soon" Carrie said and then ended the call and then continued to feed the twins.

About 30 minutes later the doorbell rang and Carrie went to the door, "Hey Craig."
"Hey Carebear" Craig said as he walked into the house.
"Well you lucked out because I was able to fed the twins and just got them down for their nap so it is now quiet and I am feeling a little bit better. Sorry if I was short with you on the phone but they were going crazy" Carrie said as they headed into the den and sat down on the couch.
"Yeah I kinda heard that in the background when we were talking and don't apologize about being short Carrie, I know its been a rough for you lately. I can tell that you seem in a much better mood which I know is good for everybody" Craig said.
"Yeah I mean I still miss my baby but I know that he or she is my guardian angel and I know I might sound silly but I think he or she was brought into my life for a brief moment to make me realize that life is precious and that Sidney and I are supposed to be together and we can make it through that we can make it through anything in our life as a family" Carrie said sincerely.
"Yeah I am just so happy that you are dealing with the loss of you baby so well. I am glad that Sidney is there for you and the twins. I know that I had my doubts at first because of who he was but I realized that he loves you so much and does everything for you and the twins. I was also impressed at the way he dealt with you being sick, the twins and his job and never complained at all. Carrie, Sidney loves you more than anything and that is all that I ever wanted for you." Craig said and then gave Carrie a hug.

Sidney had come home and heard the conversation but he did not want to interrupt so he quietly stood off to the side and listened. He smiled when he heard what Craig said about him to Carrie.

"Thanks Craig that was really sweet of you to say and I love Sidney very much too but right now I don't want to move because those two little kiddos exhausted me so I hate to kick you out but I think I need a nap too. I promise I will call you later and we can have lunch or something very soon" Carrie said as she got up and then Craig followed her to the door.
"I think that sounds like a great idea. Love you Carebear" Craig said as they hugged one more time and then Craig left and headed to his car.

Meanwhile Sidney had crept quietly into the bedroom and changed and then waited for Carrie in the den. Carrie walked back into the den and jumped when she saw Sidney chilling out on the sofa.

"Hey when did you get home?" Carrie asked as she walked over to Sidney and sat down next to him.
"Long enough to hear what Craig had to say about me" Sidney said smiling at Carrie.
"Oh wow you heard us" Carrie said.
"Yeah and I love you and you are lucky to have a brother like that" Sidney said as he took Carrie's hand and pulled her to his lap.
Carrie looked down at Sidney and they kissed.

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