Saturday, August 8, 2009

Best Friends Epilogue

Sidney and Carrie enjoyed watching their kids grow up after Sidney finally retired after many years in the NHL and several more Stanley Cups. He was now an assistant coach for the Penguins and was very happy with that. Aaron played hockey just like his dad in college and then was actually drafted into the NHL by the Montreal Canadians as a goalie. Ava played hockey too in college and went to play for the USA woman's team for the Olympics. She also worked as a photojournalist on the side for the Pittsburgh Penguins since she could not play professional hockey like Aaron. She was a center like her dad and was an amazing goal scorer. Now as for Zachery he was more like his mom and was a communications major in college and decided to be a sports commentator for NHL. He loved to talk and interview people. All the Crosby kids ended up being very successful at something they loved and that was the most important thing that Carrie and Sidney wanted for them.


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