Thursday, August 6, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 51

***Hey for whoever is reading this story on here, THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!!! This is the last chapter but I am going to write a epilogue so don't fret completely. Enjoy!!!***

The playoffs started and the Penguins were going full tilt and not planning on stopping until they had that big silver chalice in their grips.

Carrie could not go and cheer for Sidney and the Penguins for the first two rounds so she stayed at home and watched the games on the television with baby Zachery. The twins would go with Sidney and Natalie would watch them during the game so they could be there and cheer on their dad.

Carrie was able to make it with baby Zachery to the Eastern Conference Finals where the Penguins were playing the Washington Capitals with the Penguins have home advantage in this round. Of course there was the media coverage of the rivalry between Sidney and Alex. Sidney of course ignored all of it and went and played his heart out because it was determined to get that cup again no matter what!

Sure enough after five games the Penguins won and it was onto the Stanley Cup Finals again. This time the Penguins were taking no prisoners. They were going to be playing the Chicago Blackhawks. It was going to be a seriously tough series because both teams were very talented and obviously no one wanted to lose. Again the Penguins had the home ice advantage because they had been the top team in the NHL that season with the Blackhawks not too far behind as third overall.

The series began and it was close with the Blackhawks winning the first game and then the Penguins won the next three. Now they were back in Pittsburgh and everyone wanted to win it on home ice. Tonight's game was going to be crazy and Carrie knew it so she, Zachery and twins had given Sidney is space so he could get focused on winning the cup tonight.

Carrie was getting Ava, Aaron and Zachery ready for the game. Sidney walked into the twins room where Carrie was with the kids.

"Hey doll face can I help with anything?" asked Sidney as he walked over to Carrie while she was getting Ava situated. Zachery was sitting in his baby carrier and Aaron was playing with a toy.
"Yeah if you don't mind. Can you get Aaron finished dressed please?" Carrie said.
"Sure no problem sweetheart. Come here Aaron" Sidney called out and Aaron walked over to his dad and Sidney helped him into his jersey and getting his shoes on.

Finally the whole crew was set and ready to head to the car. Carrie and Sidney got Aaron, Ava and Zachery into their car seats and then they climbed into the Range Rover and headed off to the arena.

They got to the arena and Sidney helped get all the kids out and Sidney carried Zachery in his carrier while the twins held each others hands and stayed near Carrie. Sidney took Carrie's hand and held it as they walked inside the building.

The Crosby crew got to the lobby of the locker room and Sidney put Zachery down and looked at Carrie.

"Good Luck Sidney and just go for it because I believe you guys are the better team. I love you. Ava, Aaron give daddy kisses and then we need to go up to the box so we can watch the game" Carrie said as Sidney squatted down and the twins gave him kisses and good luck hugs.
Then Sidney got up and pulled Carrie to him and gave her a kiss too, "I love you too doll face. See you guys later." And then Sidney headed off to the locker room to get ready for the game.

Carrie then took her crew and headed up to the box to watch the game.

The game started crazy with both teams playing hard. The first period ended with no one scoring. Then the second period started with a bang as Sidney sent a pass to Kris and then back to Sidney who scored. A little while later on Patrick Kane came back and even up the score and that was it for the second period. The third period was quiet at first and then out of no where Max came and scored for the Penguins. There was still some time left and the Blackhawks tried to score but Marc Andre was like a brick wall. With a minute left the Blackhawks pulled Nikolai Khabibulin thinking that might help them even up the game and move to overtime but it did not and the Penguins won the Stanley Cup that year!

Carrie and all the kids were down on the ice with Sidney's parents. It was crazy on the ice but Carrie held Zachery in her arms while Trina held Ava and Troy had Aaron. Taylor was near too and of course Sidney grabbed Carrie and kissed her and then took Zachery out of her arms and kissed him too. The media surrounded Sidney again but gave him some space since he was holding Zachery. Natalie got the whole Crosby family together with the Stanley Cup on the ice and took several pictures. Sidney was ecstatic and of course so was Carrie it was amazing time. Finally everyone headed into the locker room and it was raining champagne and it was crazy so Carrie and Trina kept the kids near them while Sidney and Troy faced the craziness of the center of the room. Of course Sidney did grab Carrie at one point and pulled her into his embrace and kissed her for the billionth time that night.

"Congratulations Hot Shot" Carrie said smiling at Sidney.
"Thanks Doll Face. I could not have done this without you" Sidney said smiling.
"Hey I did what any loving wife would do and cheered on her extremely talented husband."
"You are an amazing cheerleader, sweetheart. I love you."
"I love you too darling" Carrie said as she kissed Sidney again.

Sidney then knelt down as the twins went and jumped all over him. They gave Sidney hugs and kisses too. Of course the whole Crosby family was thrilled and it was the best night ever. Sidney got back up and pulled Carrie into his arms and held her close thinking he was the luckiest guy in the world.

Sidney was so happy because he had an amazing family and friends. Who could ask for anything more than of course winning the Stanley Cup again which had accomplished with Carrie's strength and love.

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