Sunday, August 2, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 48

***Sorry about this being a short chapter. Enjoy!!!***

Warning Adult Themes

The next morning Sidney woke up and watched as Carrie slept next to him. He moved slightly and Carrie felt him move and woke up too.

"Hey Sid don't move, I was comfortable and warm" Carrie complained as she moved so she would be in his arms.
"I know something that might make both of us quite warm" Sidney said seductively into Carrie's ear.
Carrie looked up at Sidney with a smile as he helped her out of her pajamas. He quickly pulled off his boxers and Carrie could feel he was very ready for fun. Sidney moved on top of Carrie and he kissed her. Carrie put her arms around his broad shoulders and held onto him tightly. Sidney then started kissing Carrie's earlobe and then her neck then moved down to her breasts some attention. Finally he kissed her abdomen and smiled as he looked up at Carrie and she smiled too. He moved back up and kissed her lips and moved her legs apart and slid into her slowly and started to move in and out of Carrie. Sidney changed his speed, sometimes slow and sometimes fast. It was driving both of them crazy but it felt wonderful. Sidney continued to make love to Carrie and finally he felt her body squeeze his and she cried out as her orgasm hit her. Sidney thrust a few more times and then felt his body shutter too and then he swore under his breath as he collapsed onto Carrie. They held each other for a little bit and then Sidney moved off of Carrie but pulled her so that she was still in his arms. Carrie leaned over to kiss Sidney and then the moment was killed because Carrie felt a major wave of nausea hit her and she jumped up and ran into the bathroom to throw up. Sidney being the wonderful gentleman he was brought Carrie her pjs so she could get dressed. Carrie put her pjs back on and clean herself up and put her hand on her abdomen and looked at Sidney.

"Obviously the baby wanted some attention" joked Sidney as he rubbed Carrie's abdomen.
"I guess so" laughed Carrie as she shook her head.
"So are you ok?" asked Sidney.
"Yeah and now the little attention getter is making me hungry. Man being pregnant does really weird things to me" Carrie said.
"OK you go and work on making some breakfast and I will go and get 'Frick and Frack' up and changed, OK" Sidney said as he pulled Carrie in for another quick kiss.
"I like that plan, Hot Shot" Carrie said as they headed out of the bedroom.

Carrie got breakfast going as Sidney took care of the twins. They all sat down at the kitchen table and had an enjoyable breakfast.

After breakfast Sidney and Carrie got the twins dressed for the day and then they each took turns getting ready themselves. Like Coach Dan had said they had a later practice today so Sidney enjoyed his morning with his family. Then he headed off while Carrie and the twins decided to take a walk and then play in the pool.

Lunchtime came around and Leslie and Vero showed up to hang out with Carrie and the twins. They ate and played and talked. Then Carrie put the twins down for a nap and while they were sleeping she and the girls hung out and talked about their guys and the rest of the season. Finally Vero and Leslie headed home and Carrie decided since the twins were still sleeping she would take a nap too. Carrie slept until she felt the bed moved and when she felt a kiss on her lips. She opened her eyes to see Sidney smiling at her.

"Hey sleepyhead how was your nap?" Sidney asked getting comfortable next to Carrie.
"Wonderful especially the part where a handsome prince kisses me to wake me up" Carrie said smiling.
"I guess then that handsome prince must kiss you again" Sidney said leaning in for another mind blowing kiss.
After the kiss, Carrie smiled at Sidney and said, "I love you Sidney."
"I love you too Carrie" Sidney said.

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