Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Best Friends Chapter 49

Sure enough the river cruise helped the guys get back in sync. They started winning again and playing like a team wanting to win the big prize. Marc Andre had a couple of shutout games which really excited the guys.

Carrie and Sidney were getting ready for the new baby too. Carrie was due towards the end of March and the end of the regular season. Sidney knew that his life was going to get hectic but luckily his mom was coming down to Pittsburgh to help out.

Carrie and Sidney had decided to wait to find out if they were having a girl or a boy this time. They did know that it was only one baby this time which both Sidney and Carrie breathed a sigh of relief.

"Hey Carrie thank goodness your twin gene decided to chill this time" Sidney joked.
"Yeah I am glad it took a break because do you remember how sick I felt. That was horrible but this time though its weird lately when we are intimate, I get so nauseous right after wards. Maybe the baby is resentful that you get so much of my attention lately, hot shot" laughed Carrie and then saw the Sidney looked extremely hurt by that comment. Carrie went to grab his hand and he walked away.
"Sorry Sidney" Carrie called out as she heard Sidney walk out the back door. She decided to give him some time to himself and then she would go and find him and they could talk.

Carrie went and did some laundry and straightened up around the house. She checked on the twins who were napping. Carrie went out to the backyard and saw Sidney shooting pucks into the practice net they had set up. Carrie went and sat down on a chair nearby and Sidney looked up for a second and then went back to shooting the pucks.

"Hot shot I am sorry about what I said earlier. Please forgive me it was just a joke. I mean I joke about other things why did this make you so upset?" Carrie asked totally confused.
Sidney put down the hockey stick and walked over to where Carrie was sitting and sat down next to her.
"I guess why this joke hurt more was because its our baby. I don't want our children to be resentful of my time with you or them. I miss so much because of my job but I love playing hockey and being a father and husband. I have a crazy hectic life but I am trying my best to balance everything" explained Sidney.
"Hey I know you have probably the craziest life but you do an wonderful job of making everything work and I love you so much for everything. I hope you know that, Sidney. I apologized for that stupid comment I made and I know our children love you so much" Carrie said as tears filled up her eyes. Sidney stood up and pulled her to him and held her close, "I forgive you and love you too, Carrie".

That evening Sidney had another game so Carrie and the twins were all dressed up in their Crosby jerseys and cheering on Sidney. The Penguins won and so after Sidney was interviewed he came out and saw the twins chasing after Marc Andre and Kris Letang. Sidney noticed how Carrie and Vero were laughing as the twins were doing a pretty good job of getting Marc Andre and Kris. Sidney couldn't help but laugh too it was a sight to see his two year old twins were making two 20 something guys a run for their money.

"Hey ladies" Sidney said as he sat down next to Carrie on the sofa.
"Hey Sid" Carrie said as she continued to laugh at the silly sight in front of them.
"Hey Sidney" Vero said as she too watched.
"I think the twins are winning and boy do Kris and Marc Andre looked like their are about to pass out. This is hilarious" Sidney joked.

Finally Kris sat down on the floor like he passed out. Marc Andre followed Kris's lead and sat down too.

"Man you two have way too much energy" Kris said smiling as Aaron went and sat down in Kris's lap. Ava wandered over to Marc Andre and sat down in his lap.
"Yeah I don't know how you guys handle this and now with a new baby coming soon. My hats off to you guys" Marc Andre said.
"We work as a team and somehow pull it all together, right Carrie" Sidney said putting his hand on Carrie's thigh.
"Yeah we do somehow" Carrie said smiling at Sidney.

Finally everyone headed to their cars and headed home for the night.

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